Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If They Could Love ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

IF THEY COULD…LOVE©Margo Renay ~ February 1998If they could sip
one ounce from the cup of passion
from which we drink
it would quench their thirst
for understanding love.

If they could view
one moment of the vibrant rainbow
from which we radiate
it would satisfy their longing
for understanding beauty.

If they could wear
one piece of the unique cloth
from the collection of our merged souls
it would tender their desire
for simulating patterns.

If they could savor
one spark of the intense energy
from the power of our blended flesh
it would inflame their hunger
for generous sensuality.

If they could capture
one drop of the flowing pools
to which we have returned to flourish
it would soothe the aches and settle the restlessness
of past and future.

If they could…as we have.
The unseen promise is…
We will.

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