Monday, May 10, 2010

The Unconscious Perception ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

Poverty of the Soul ~ The Unconscious Perception
Margo Renay Sullivan ~ December 2008

The Peace and Abundance so many desire arrives without judgement of its very nature or how the miracles appear. Instead, acceptance with unconditional love provides the platforms for a Sovereign Heaven on Earth to manifest.

For these foundations to spring forth, the inner heart and inner intelligence found in the high heart must be in full balance without reservation. It is the journey that creates the master...not the other way around.

Inspired With the Energies of Sananda/Yeshua.

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This perception is rabid and moving silently through all that are denying their precious gifts ~ from THE HEART. These gifts never never arrive through the golden coins or through the mind's mirror or fixation on the physical.