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Biodiversity ~Respect the Balance ~ Enviromental Inspiration Design

shortlisted poster designs - iida awards 2010

biodiversity: respect the balance! pedro teixeira
Design Boom iida 2010

'biodiversity: respect the balance!' by pedro teixeira

'biodiversity: respect the balance!' by pedro teixeira from portugal and 'thinking green map' by lianwei tay from singapore are two of the shortlisted entries from more than 4000 participants in the 'iida awards 2010' competition, organized by designboom in collaboraton with incheon metropolitan city.

composed of a visual mosaic of fish, mammals, and plants, 'biodiversity: respect the balance!' aims to illustrate and promote the importance of balance in our global ecosystem.

designer's own words:
'the starting point for the conception of this project was biodiversity and its importance to the well-being and balance of the planet. I intended to create a clear and appealing design that could illustrate and promote this concept in any part of the world. accordingly, I developed a design that reveals a world of biodiversity in which this is the fundamental matter of its existence and which, therefore, should be preserved, keeping its balance. from a visual perspective, this poster can be seen in two ways: on one hand, globally, in which we perceive the globe in its geography; on the other hand, from a perspective of detail in which we understand that it is constituted and constructed by a whole of great biodiversity.'

biodiversity: respect the balance! pedro teixeira
'thinking green map' by lianwei tay
'thinking green map' includes the images of trees and foliage to a standard map to  consistently remind users of the presence of green in their city.

'thinking green map ~lianwei tay
Design Boom iida 2010
designer's own words:
'maps are used to present information to people but maps convey more about the importance of other things rather than the importance of trees. making people forget about the presence of trees even though they are all around us. 'thinking green map' is an idea, making the presence of trees felt in everybody's daily life, so that people can thank more about trees whenever they use the map or when it is presented to them.'

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Ask Saint Germain ~ About Infinite Intelligence ~ via Alexandra Malimay & Dan Bennack

Keith Allen Kay ~ 'Inspired Transformation'
Ask Saint Germain (ASG) ~ About Infinite Intelligence 
Joy and Clarity
Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack

We receive many requests for guidance from our subscribers. Some of these come to us during private channeled sessions with Saint-Germain, others are sent during webcast events, and still others come up during our online workshops, or at retreats that we hold at different times of the year. We like to share these questions-and-answers with you, our subscribers, because they are often helpful to many people. This is always done with the permission of our clients.


Keith Allen Kay ~'Wealth Abundance'
Question: "How do I find clear access to my own source of Infinite Intelligence?"

Saint-Germain: You are asking us about finding a clear connection to the source of your own Infinite Intelligence. Infinite Intelligence is an attribute of your Divinity. It is something different than, but related to your human intellect.

To answer your question, I would like to lead you to the place where intellect merges with the deeper compassion and wisdom that lie within you. You see, intellect, while highly prized in the modern world, is a little overrated.

When intellect is not allied with other attributes of your Divinity, such as compassion and wisdom, then it can be easily commandeered by the ego. But when intellect is guided by your Divinity through the qualities of compassion and wisdom, then it works best for you, and it serves you intelligently.

When human intellect is directed by the compassionate wisdom of your Divinity, then it provides you with a portal of access to the Source of Infinite Intelligence that is the Mind of the Creator.

To begin to access Divine Intelligence, first become silent. Quiet the intellect with all its worries, and let go the preoccupations of your ego. You don't need to project yourself into the world by trying to impress anyone, or even yourself. Just connect to the essence of Who You Really Are, – connect to your Divinity.

As you do that, something inside of you will shift, and you will begin to open widely to the place where wisdom, compassion, and intellect provide you the information and guidance you need. It will flow to you from the Source of Infinite Intelligence.

That information will be clear and easy to understand because you will not be driven by ulterior motives, but just by your willingness to be informed by that Higher Mind. Thank you for your question.


Keith Allen Kay ~ 'Make More Money'

Question: "Can you please share your insight on the energy of the New Consciousness center and school that we are creating, and the potential for funding from sponsors?"

Saint-Germain: This is a wonderful idea that you are initiating and co-creating together. You have connected to an energy that is ready to be manifested on Earth, and that will serve humanity in acknowledging your Shared Divinity.

You have put a lot of creative effort into this project, and others have helped you. I would encourage you to continue to follow your intuition regarding this project, and to take the steps that you feel inclined to take. You are well-guided in this.

Now, if at some point you don't feel that there is anything more you can do to advance the situation, that doesn't necessarily mean that the project isn't evolving nicely. You see, this project was created first in the non-physical realms. And while it stands complete there, here on the Earth, there are still ideas coming to you that need time to be developed and implemented.

Many times, human beings like to advance things sooner than they are ready to evolve. So, be patient with the changes that are coming, and allow this project the time it needs to evolve at a pace that suits it. Everything will be fine, and the financial support that you are calling, will come when it's necessary. Don't assume that this project will only come into full manifestation through the acquisition of funding in the way that you are expecting it.

This project already exists in the non-physical realms because it is a part of your energies, and you are involved with it so intimately. So, stay with it, and watch it grow before your eyes. Taking part in the process of growth is a grand experience in itself. Enjoy it! Thank you, indeed, for being committed to offering this to the world.


About The Joy and Clarity Partners:

Alexandra Mahlimay was born in Transylvania, Romania. She is an empath and conscious channeler of angelic beings, ascended masters, and spirit guides. As a child, she enjoyed being outdoors, feeling the earth beneath her feet, and marveling at the beauty of Nature.

In school, she discovered that her greatest sense of joy came from helping others. This led her to obtain a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Applied Sciences in Merseburg, Germany.

Her professional experience includes crisis counseling and refugee assistance. Alexandra is multilingual, speaking Romanian, French, German, and English.

As an adult, Alexandra rediscovered a childhood gift. She began to communicate again with Spirit. In 2004, she channeled publicly for the first time, giving voice to Miriam (Mary Magdalene), Saint-Germain, Kuthumi, and Yeshua (Jesus).

At present, Alexandra divides her time between writing, workshop development, and private sessions. In her session work, she assists clients in opening up clear lines of communication to their sources of Divinity. These include spirit helpers, guides, and ascended masters, but more importantly they involve the Soul and Higher Self of the client.
Dan Bennack is a native Texan from the United States. After obtaining his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Michigan State University, he worked for twenty years as a conservation biologist in tropical Mexico and in the Chihuahuan Desert of the United States. Dan also has experience helping rural communities with environmental problems and has served as a refugee resettlement specialist. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

Dan’s conscious spiritual path began as an adolescent, when he was drawn to the works of Edgar Cayce. Since then, the love and wisdom of many have guided him. He affirms that the greatest source of inspiration available to him is his Higher Self, the “God Who Lives in me, as me.”

In 2007, Dan began a trip around the world to meet spiritual adventurers he had come to know through various Internet forum groups. During his travels, he shared moments with friends from North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

In Romania, Dan met Alexandra Mahlimay, whom he married and with whom he now shares his life, love, and service to Divinity. You can see their wedding pictures here.Dan's current passion is writing, developing workshops with Alexandra, and teaching the core truths in their channeled materials.

The Joy of Living ~ Alexandra Mahlimay
2010 © Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack. All rights reserved.


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Inspirational Design: 'Spread Your Love' by Hamed Kohan of Iran

'spread your love' by hamed kohan -
'seoul cycle design' competition shortlisted entry

'spread your love' by hamed kohan of Iran 

'spread your love' by hamed kohan from iran is one of the shortlisted design entries from more than 3000 participants in our recent designboom competition, 'seoul cycle design 2010', organized in collaboration with seoul design foundation. the tire design features heart-shaped knobs that create playful tracks on the streets. a series of corresponding bike racks are distributed throughout the city.

designer's own words:
'simple as love, strong as love.'

'tire treads in different colours'  by hamed kohan of Iran

'corresponding bike racks' by hamed kohan of Iran
Original Source:

A Heart Consciousness Note:  Very very clever web site Mr. Kohan and what Energy. Take a Look. It is almost a 'satire' on perception. I just loved it! ~♥~