Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I AM LOVE with Fresh Eyes ~ aka Margo Renay

LOVE is within...
LOVE pulses your entire energy body
in surround sound.

That is the true component
or key that sparks all AND
each inspirational particle
of creation...
IT exists in all.

The rays...
The diamonds...
The golden drops...
The harmonics...
In balance AND grounded...within.
Profound and Speechless JOY.

A Special Heart Conscious Note to the Universe:
Quantum Fresh Eyes will land somewhere...
I am patient...I am listening
for inspiration and intuition
to sing to me its highest potential
heart space...
as the sun drops its particles...

Know that chemia (alchemy)
is transformation and inclusive
of your FULL ESSENCE...in this realm.
je t'aime.
Merci beaucoup.

♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥

Monday, November 22, 2010

'Don't Force The Process' ~ Reposted Article by Lea Hamann

Don't Force the Process
Articles - Lea's Blog
Written by Lea Hamann
Tuesday, 13 October 2009


'Why does it take so long to connect with my soul? Why doesn't it just happen right now?'

During the last week, many clients essentially asked: "Why does it take so long to connect with my soul? Why doesn't it just happen right now?"

This is another peculiar thing about being on earth. Things seem to take more time down here. It's not enough that your mind knows that you want to connect with your soul. It takes time. Walking this path of reconnecting with your soul brings so many changes. Your body has to change to adapt to the presence of your soul. Your mind will step in the background and your whole mental system will be less important. Much more information will be processed on a new intuitive level.  All the parts of your life that have been attached to the outside world have to be turned inward to your soul.

'How much trust has to be established before you can receive something from your soul?'

You believed that money has to come from the outside world? Now you can start receiving money directly from your soul.

You believed that love and appreciation has to be given by your partner or family? Well, your soul wants to fill that space in your life from now on. But think about the magnitude of this change.

How much trust has to be established before you can receive something from your soul?

Would you let go of the control over your entire life and just hand it over to someone else? I don't think so. There is a deep trust that has to grow between us and our soul. Only then can we start to have this more intimate connection.

"It is a Soul and Organic Process..."

I would also encourage you to let go of past experiences with your soul. Maybe you had a flash of awareness of your soul some years ago that changed your life. This was beautiful, but you will never go back there.

You and your soul have evolved. The natural process of becoming closer with your soul doesn't happen with thunder and lightning. It is a slow organic process.

"Would You Rather Have a one-night stand that is very intense...but doesn't fit into your LIFE? "

Would you rather have a one-night-stand that is very intense but doesn't fit into your life - or a long and fulfilling relationship that becomes part of your everyday life? It's worth giving yourself more time. Don't rush this beautiful process.

The impatience of the mind that wants to make things happen instantly is not your best friend right now. Listening to your soul, enjoying the stillness within you and being proud of yourself are very good friends.

It resembles the slow and steady growth of plants. There are no flashes, it's just a beautiful natural process. We don't want to have these overwhelming flashes that disappear quickly. What we really want is a deep and permanent connection. Think about relationships.
'And make peace with it. It's enough.'

Try to see the steps that you take every day. Try to become aware of your own growth. Receive what you can from your soul right now. And make peace with it. It's enough. Trust me!

Friday, November 19, 2010

27000 Text Messages in One Month? Does Technology Inspire More or LESS?

Reminder: push pause on music box below before playing the vid story.

Technology: Does It Inspire More or Less?
This is a facinating video story from the New York Times that really peeked my interest and sparked a simple question. Does technology Inspire More or Actually Less Freedom?

A student with 27000 Text messages? In One Month? Is it an Invasion of the 'Ipad' Snatchers or a tool  of creation still finding its place in our societies? As a former producer and creator using voice and video, I understand fully the conflicts. I used to hear such statements as 'What ever happened to a good book?' Or 'TV will corrupt our youth!' or 'Why do we have to pay for TV?' Or '$1 million for a lousy film? No way!'  Well,  quite right. Now there is a new WAY. :)))) :-) 

My own lineage so to speak arrises from combining the 'tools' of wild or non-linear (right brain) inspirations in tandem with the tools of symbols or colors/numbers applied (left brain) in physical expression.  Simply put? Inspired concepts communicated on a visual/audio platform. Now, I have really examined this actual idea. And so do you. It is like our human experiences.

Whaaatttt? Yes. Our Conscious Presence (Inspired Heart Concepts) infused into our manivested  or created Human Body.  It's an amazing production. 

A beautiful production. Even the simpliest 'story' expressed through these platforms and on this stage is a profound profound unconditional love story. 

Why not open the theatre doors and trust the human spirit to really seek in its own chosen style...to share how to be the teacher and the student~the loving consciousness of wisdom garnered~no matter what age you are?

Yet the question still remains and lingers. Does Technology Inspire You? Make it Easier to Be You? Imagine the Whole You? Or simply just overwhelm You? Like a foreign language or custom? That is the Quantum Question for the Day.

A quantum ~♥~ heart note:  ~ margo.renay.sullivan~ November, 2010
Copyright © 2008-2010 by Margo Renay Sullivan. All Rights Reserved. Unless Otherwise Noted.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mobile Media Apps Expose New Potentials of Imagination at SFMOMA

Body Paint by Mehmet Akten ~ designboom
A Special ~♥~Heart Consciousness Note: The Use of Multi-Media and Mobile Technology together with the Museum Arts' Leadership can Inspire A Local Community whether that community exists in a museum or on line or still in the imagination. The simplicity is evident and the sharing is profound. Those who adapt to the moving technologies will inspire creative design freedoms as never experienced before. These are just a few examples of the waves and waves of instant resources and communications that manivest NOW. ~aka.margo.renay.sullivan~

SFMOMA Rooftop Garden; Photo: Henrik Kam

SFMOMA Announces Rooftop Sculpture Garden App for iPad
Continuing to pioneer use of new media and technologies, SFMOMA launches mobile gallery guide for iPad. Release date: April 2, 2010; Today the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) announced its interactive Rooftop Garden App for iPad is now available on App Store. The app is an enhanced version of the Rooftop Garden App for iPhone and iPod Touch, a multimedia guide originally launched in January 2010 on the occasion of the museum's 75th anniversary. From the museum that brought visitors the very first handheld multimedia gallery tour back in 2001 comes a new way to explore modern and contemporary art.

 The Rooftop Garden App for iPad lets visitors get up close and personal with both the artworks and the careful planning that went into creating the entire Rooftop Sculpture Garden experience. It provides access to the garden from all angles, with commentary about the sculptures, an interview with the architects, plan drawings of the space, a musical response by saxophonist George Brooks, a video feature on the people behind the Rooftop Coffee Bar featuring Blue Bottle Coffee, and remarks from SFMOMA Director Neal Benezra on the finished space. The iPad app, in particular, has improved user-feedback capabilities for Twitter and makes other user's Tweets visible, deepening the two-way communication between the museum and its global network of followers.

"The traditional audio tour is ripe for reinvention," says Peter Samis, SFMOMA associate curator of interpretation. "While traditional tours still appeal to many visitors, members of Gen X and the Millennials identify with personal technology as a lifestyle choice and are looking for interpretive experiences in the museum to reflect this reality. Our Rooftop Garden guide mobilizes a trove of information for on-demand use, with contextual material on tap to meet visitors where they are, both physically and conceptually."

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of the mobile application were developed in close partnership with NOUS-guide, a leading Vienna-based firm that has pioneered innovation in the mobile space, including a deployment of 900 devices in over 30 languages for the European parliament. This is their first collaboration with a major U.S. museum. The Rooftop Garden App for iPad is available for free from the App Store on iPad or at www.itunes.com/appstore/.

An Early Adopter of Technology
Reflecting the Bay Area's renown for pioneering new technologies and ways of thinking, SFMOMA is widely acknowledged as a leader among museums worldwide for using technology to engage audiences of all ages, both on site and online. From its original website—one of the first launched by a U.S. art museum—and prizewinning interpretive CD-ROMS of the 1990s to its innovative podcasts and multimedia gallery tours of the 2000s, SFMOMA has consistently forged new models for museum education by developing in-house expertise in rich-media tools that enhance public understanding of modern and contemporary art. The advent of the Rooftop Garden iPad app furthers this commitment to online culture and technological advancement, and to fostering meaningful dialogue with audiences.

SFMOMA first established an Interactive Educational Technologies (IET) program in 1994, putting it at the forefront of museums developing interactive educational features on art. The following year, in celebration of the opening of SFMOMA's Mario Botta–designed building, three new IET programs launched, among them a kiosk-based interactive guide to the collection called Making Sense of Modern Art. SFMOMA's first public website also went live in 1995, making the museum one of the earliest institutions to embrace this medium.  Two years later, in 1997, SFMOMA won numerous awards for its in-depth CD-ROM feature Voices and Images of California Art, one of the first multimedia productions published by an art museum.

Image:  Dan Evans Jr., Seattle WA
 In 2000 the original Making Sense of Modern Art was reinvented, this time vastly expanded as an online broadband Flash feature to elucidate important artists in the collection as well as larger themes of art from the last century. SFMOMA again broke ground in 2001 with Points of Departure, the first art museum exhibition to use handheld PDAs and touch-screen kiosks in the galleries offering rich-media content instead of the typical audio tour.

Responding with increasing sophistication to the presence of digital media and new technologies, SFMOMA has continued to stretch the boundaries of multimedia education in recent years with its award-winning podcasts, custom content for Virgin America's in-flight entertainment system, and Artscope (sfmoma.org/ projects/artscope), an online visual browsing tool co-developed with Stamen Design in 2008 that allows users to explore 4,654 works in the museum's collection.

Alexander Calder, Big Crinkly, 1969; Collection SFMOMA,
© 2010 Calder Foundation, New York/Artists Rights Society
(ARS), New York; photo: Ian Reeves

Most recently, in January of 2010, SFMOMA introduced Making Sense of Modern Art Mobile™, the next generation of its award-winning interactive guide to the collection. Now delivered on elegant touch-screen devices, it lets users explore more than five hours of commentary, artist interviews, texts and images, audio and video clips, visitor responses, documentary photographs, and a wide range of other archival material on more than 150 artists and artworks—all interactive, free of charge, and delivered through an elegant and intuitive touch-screen interface.

SFMOMA Mobile Media ~
Videos, Podcasts, Audios, Interactives What am I looking at? How was it made? What was the artist thinking? Get inside the minds of artists and scholars with our wide range of educational multimedia:

Videos let you see and hear artists firsthand as they talk about their work, their influences, and their creative processes.

Podcasts bring you illuminating audio and video interviews with artists, curators, and visitors as they respond to the works on view and in the museum's collection.

Audio commentaries drawn from our mobile tours, interviews, and other recordings offer unique takes on SFMOMA artworks and the artists who made them.

Interactve features tell the stories behind the art through zoomable images, texts, and interviews with artists and art historians.

SFMOMA Rooftop Garden; Photo: Henrik Kam

SFMOMA welcomes more than 650,000 visitors annually, and more than 46,000 students visit each year. Since opening its South of Market building in 1995, SFMOMA has added more than 13,000 works to its collections, 95 percent of which were donated, doubling its holdings to 26,000 works. At the same time, SFMOMA's family programs have increased five-fold, teacher training programs have increased six-fold, and gallery tours have expanded to 1,800. SFMOMA has mounted a series of exhibitions that have drawn both record attendance and critical praise, including recent exhibitions by Diane Arbus, Olafur Eliasson, Eva Hesse, Frida Kahlo, William Kentridge, Sol LeWitt, Richard Tuttle, and Jeff Wall.

Original Source: http://www.sfmoma.org/

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Creative Adventure: 'Hope For the Trees' ~ Laura Sullivan

The Inspirational Magic of Instrumental Music Speaking From the Heart~Lines:
Be With It. '...the delicate music of my sister...and the warm video embrace of my brother that soothes any world and speaks to our breathing trees of the living..." ~aka.margo.renay~

Rugen Island Germany, credit: s.issebrimberg

Laura Sullivan - 'Hope for the Trees'

Push the pause on the Sovereign Music Box Below before playing VID.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Repost: Life Is Love In Action ~ aka Margo Renay ~ Creative Core Collection (4)

Life Is Love In Action
by Margo Renay ~ July 2008

Life is Love in action
the soft movements
that blossom and unfold
when the eyes are turned
one blink…then two
and Love appears again.

Life is smiles in action
the energy of your emotion
in the simple acts of kindness
and the entire world melts
slowly…then generously
and Love appears again.

Life is the beauty of your Love
at birth you are present with
and the graceful walk
in your journey alongside
those you give life to…
fashioned infinitely
through your eyes…
your smile…and your grace.

Love never leaves…
it appears again and again
from within YOU.

A quantum ~♥~ heart note: ~ margo.renay.sullivan~ , November 2010. Copyright © 2008-2010 by Margo Renay Sullivan. All Rights Reserved. Unless Otherwise Noted.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Senses From Heaven ~ The Creative Core Collection (1)

Senses From Heaven
Margo Renay 1993

I have faith in my own sense of love
And who will receive the soft joys of its touch
Souls that can soften any eyes of pain
And ease the path of the free spirit within
With love that is allowed to soar
From heaven’s winds.

I have faith in my own sense of happiness
And those who can share the glistening sight
Souls that can reflect diverse visions in one moment
That shall lift the wings of that once broken
With passion that is nurtured
From heaven’s soil.

I have faith in my own sense of truth
And who is capable of hearing even in perceived silence
Souls that garnish their own voice with compassion
That shall guide to a paradise still of dreams
With no reward expected
From heaven’s throne.

I have faith in my own sense of trust
And those who protect from running aground
Souls that never turn off the beacon to safe port
Where the mind and the heart can speak in freedom
And the only anchor is embedded
In heaven’s own virtue.

My own sense of heaven travels in the company
Of such defined love, happiness, truth, and trust
Achieved within
And to be asked to share these gifts
From heaven’s own breath of life.

A quantum ~♥~ heart note: ~ margo.renay.sullivan~ November 2010. Copyright © 2008-2010 by Margo Renay Sullivan. All Rights Reserved. Unless Otherwise Noted. (original: 1993)

Innovation ~ Halogen TV: Be the Change..Example: A 'Gifted" Musical Savant

A Special ~♥~ Heart Consciousness Note:
This is an amazing innovation using multi media resources to communicate a grand vision for our new realities...to expand our inner playful scenes together with practical productions and practical use of the media. Halogen TV enlists and shares the many potentials and many avenues of change in a natural and yet powerful movement that entertains and educates.

Reminder: Push pause on Sovereign Music Box before playing the Vids.

From The Halogen Website:

Halogen TV is an empowering television network that entertains and motivates individuals looking to be the change they want to see in the world. Halogen TV is a network that’s about much more than entertainment. Our aim is to be a platform for social good where people can connect with their purpose and with each other. This is our story …Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian political and spiritual leader who lived at the turn of the 20th century and is attributed to a lot of inspiring quotes, including “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

We couldn’t agree more.

The truth is that change is everywhere. People are waking up to the many and myriad needs around them and taking positive steps to help make the world a better place. The difficulty is that everywhere you turn there’s a new need, cause or request for donations. Needs are global. They’re local. They’re everywhere and they’re overwhelming. All the noise on the Web and in the media leaves you unsure about what to support or if it will even make a difference. You want to use your talents, skills and money to give back in meaningful ways. But where should you start? Consider Halogen your filter.

Our network and website tell the stories that matter to people looking for information, inspiration and ideas on how to make a difference where they are, with what they already have. We’re a multi-author collaborative community where our viewers have a voice alongside the newsmakers and trendsetters. We provide the latest and best news of positive social change around the globe and give you the inside track of how to get involved.

So connect with us, and together, let’s be the change.

Excerpt from 'Gifted Musician Rocks Social harmony in LA'
“I’ve had to teach his teachers how to teach him,” he said. “I’ve had to teach his employers how to train him… you’ve heard the expression ‘the light’s on but nobody’s home?’ In their case, they’re home. It’s simply our job to find the light. They’re hard-wired different. That’s all.”

A Musical Savant ~ Musical Genius Using Rock n'Roll to Communicate.