Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Calling For The Divine of Your Design ~ Sananda

♥Note from Sananda/Yeshua
via Judith Coates ~ March 30, 2011

'Beloved one, you are love incarnate, and any little piece of circumstance within your life that is not joyous, happy, you take that little piece and you love it. You love it to the place where you find peace—p-e-a-c-e—with that p-i-e-c-e that has been bothering you. You love it until it is transformed.'

A ♥Heart Conscious Note:
Simply Put? ~ ahhh yes, well always in perfect rythmn and in your timing. You know that Grand Love. Why Now? Well...someone had to remind you. Again. And I just happened to step forward. Again.{smiles} As Love, Your Heart seeds the blooms. Again and Again.
With immense love and conscious compassion always. Guess Who? ~♥♥~

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