Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Master Class of Creation {Part II} ~ by Nicky Hamid

The Great Shining

Part II: Creating in Your Love and Power-A Master Class

And now... beloved Master I am daring you. Daring you to stand in front of a blank canvas you have manifested and start painting. And to start painting it without a plan, without any rules or preconceived notions, without looking into the past or consulting anyone else. A painting that springs from within yourself. A painting coloured by Love and expressed through joy and playfulness. A painting that is guided by trust in first response, without mental mind intervening.

So here are some suggestions (your process will take you somewhere totally unique) in demonstrating your creative power to yourself. Take that canvas (a universe unto itself) and think of all your FB friends (whether you have 30 or 3000). You take any one of them. Hold them in your heart and choose a colour from a colour palette you have manifested. Now make a mark on your canvas and let the friend, bathed in your love express themselves in your universe for this moment. You will be drawn to a place and space immediately.

Now continue with all your FB friends one by one. It may take you hours, or days or weeks but you will be guided and your measure for each session will be your aliveness and enjoyment and the resultant peace and fulfilment. There is no hurry. You are not completing anything. Even when your Universe appears full there is always room for more for it is an infinite Universe. It is the creative unfolding of your love, which knows no boundaries. Let the creation on the canvas build itself, have no plan. From moment to moment, person to person, you have no conscious design, only the trust in yourself and the trust in the being of each of your co-creators.

It is a “We” creation springing from the I AM.

It is more, much, much more than an “art work”. It is an affirmation of your creative power (5th and 6th dimensional beingness expressing in a 4th and 3rd vibrational dimension).

In Part I we spoke about your power to create and here we are asking you to step forward into your power. To walk the talk. Not to become an artist (you already are) but to manifest your love by making a conscious mark in your world. A quantum undercurrent that touches the Heart of our collective.

So bare with me a while longer for some further suggestions.

1. Manifest for yourself a large piece of drawing paper or a canvas. You could ask your angels or intend yourself that it arrive to you in a surprising and unusual way, rather than, go out and buy it, but that is OK too.

2. Choose a medium to colour with. Felt tipped pens, crayons, oil pastels, coloured pencils, paints (acrylic or oil). Having at least 30 colours available ( or potentially available with only a few paints) will give you more choice. Oil pastels can be cheap and can be smudged so that colours can be blended if you are not attracted to paints.

3. This is only one suggestion if you do not know where to begin. Since the Universe expresses itself as curved, wavy and circular forms take a colour or a pencil and draw a continuous curved line weaving all over your blank space until you are satisfied.

4. Now go ahead and choose a FB friend, taking them into your heart, letting a colour choose itself to you, and then allowing yourself to be drawn to an area on the canvas/paper, then making a mark, or design, or strokes, or shape in that place until you are satisfied with the expression. Avoid as much as you can giving it any judgement or description in your mind. Just enjoy the doing of it. Become immersed in the action by watching something unfold. There are no rules so you can change colours as often or as little as you feel.

5. Do the same for all your FB friends.

6. It does not have to be done for your FB friends. You could do this whole creation for your friends and family, or for all the people in your community that you meet and know at least by face, or for the various aspects of a world event you are transforming, or for all the animals, or the waters of Earth, or the trees and forests, or your own body community, etc….ect…..ect.

7. If you prefer you could create your Universe through collage but I suggest that you omit the use words since they are not as fluid the way we generally used them.

8. Above all play and enjoy. It is not about creating a masterpiece it is about expressing a Master piece. What child has not enjoyed colouring in at some stage of their life?

 The Magic:

And when you are done there is not just a painting or drawing in front of you. It is an energetic imprint on the fractal of Creation. A tonal harmonic from your Soul Song. And it touches Creation and all your FB friends, each according to there own resonance. And FB will never be the same because your creation will have created a momentum that will add to its power to connect and unify through love. This is your magic your power. And you had better believe it Master.

And your marks are coloured glyphs initiated in the Language of Light as reflections of your Soul Song and they touch your world and are available to everyone and have a special signature resonance to those whom you have intended and directed your love.

Paint Master, paint.

I Love You
by Nicky Hamid


Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Text Message from the Cheerleader of LOVE ~ via Judith Coates

May 26, 2011
via Judith Coates

~♥~The Big Big 'OMG tweeter' ~aka THE Cheerleader of Love~♥~

Beloved one, often you have to work with patience because it is the collective belief that there is a linear process of time. One thing will happen and then another thing builds on that, and another thing and another thing as it goes along. But in truth, you have already written the ending, and it is a very good ending. The ending is the realization of at-One-ment, atonement. :):):)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Peaceful Warrior ~ The Amazing Human Angel Story of Potential ~♥~

A ♥Heart Consciousness Note: This story, 'The Peaceful Warrior' written by Dan Millman (book and film)reflects the story of 'impossible' to 'i m possible'... this story touches the very essence of our potential and fresh approach to the reality of our whole being. When I watch these actors, I am immersed for that moment in this story. It is amazing to me. I have met humans in my life just like these.

In my personal story, I have read three or four of Dan's books including one of my favorite ones, 'The Life Your were Born To Live', based on simple numerical or quantum birth numerology we have used to guide and remember our chosen stories. It is not set in stone ever. We are the screenwriters and directors that choose the characters, the lines, the sets, the dramas, et. al...and if we want to write a whole new story, we do. Thank you Dan Millman for your exquisite gifts to us as an example of the whole enchilada expressed. ~margo renay~

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The Peaceful Warrior Excerpts ~ Part One:

The Peaceful Warrior Excerpts ~ Part Two:

The Peaceful Warrior Excerpts ~ Part Three:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

'Something beautiful for God' ~ {and You are God Also} ~ by Nicky Hamid

“Something beautiful for God”
This is a phrase spoken by Mother Theresa that has... always stayed with me.

We are an expression of the Source of All That Is. Journeying through stars and galaxies worlds and dimensions of infinite variety, with potential of unlimited experiences. Minute replicas of the void in expansive expression of pure love, light and sound. God exploring Self.

And so you, your life, your being and your doing, whatever it may be, is something beautiful for God.

Can you imagine this, can you feel yourself this way, can you see the preciousness of you and the expression that is your life sweet brothers and sisters? Do you feel the tears well up in this knowing.

This is what you are, you have been, and will always be.

SOMEONE BEAUTIFUL OF GOD, of Creation, of Source of the One.

So Shine On
I Love You
By: Nicky Hamid.

Sing your Heart Songs
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Feel Your Own Q-Energy Without Mirrors ~ Margo Renay

A ♥Heart Consciousness Note: My Personal Journal Notes ~ How to Feel and Flow the Instant Manivestations or Quantum Energy Vibrations ~ Without Mirrors. or Examples.
To witness what you hope to experience or expect to create, You must hone and raise your vibrations to truly match such a New Expression or Experience.

Simply Put, You are already creating It. So why is it not Happening? You are not consciously allowing the new vision to appear. Instead, you are creating what you want from your sub-consciousness visions or old experiences just with a slight vibrational change or actions. (As Adamus has repeated many times.)

In even simpler terms, where is the distortion in your 'inner MUSIC or tones' that is interfering with INSTANT or fully conscious manifestations? Are You truly observing and envisioning? Or just limiting a potential based on the old beliefs and experiences buried deep into the DNA core?

What if The Universal Expression or aka.Space Brothers/Sisters YOU ask to be here can manivest their quantum energy in each of these 'fleurs' in this field...its just energy, remember?

Who said that size means power? For the Adamantine or Energy Sparkle exists in the Macro and the Micro... and those unseen sparkles may be collectively conscious and aware too. Hmmmm? Try that 'hat' on for a moment. oui? Its a big hint to allow the solutions waiting to arrive to now be seen.

'To have chosen LOVE as its guide, let all behold its rising resonance and the sound of the heart nurtures every tear...and alchemizes all clear.'
~This Note is a Initial Inspiration by AAMetatron and Sananda Energies and My Quantum Divine Presence.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan: The Feminine Architect for Changes

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Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan:
The Democratic Deficit and the Reinvigorated Movement
for Freedom and Justice Across MENA
at the Skoll World Forum 2011 in Oxford, UK

Queen Noor at the 2011 Skoll World Forum
Queen Noor of Jordan is, in the words of Jeff Skoll, an international public servant and an outspoken voice on issues of world peace and justice. In her keynote speech at the close of the 2011 Skoll World Forum, Queen Noor provided deep insight into, “the most remarkable example of large-scale socio-political change. since the fall of the Soviet Union.” She explores its causes, including the “democratic deficit” described in the 2010 UN Arab Human Development Report, and the implications of this, “reinvigorated pursuit of freedom and justice” across the Middle East, North African region.

Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan
Why Should We Listen To Her:

Yahoo Images

With beauty, class, and eminent sophistication, Queen Noor has transitioned from American architect to Jordanian queen to world stateswoman. Born in 1951 in Washington, D.C, Lisa Hallaby excelled in academics and was part of Princeton University's first co-ed class, graduating with a degree in Architecture. As a young architect working on the Amman International Airport, she met King Hussein of Jordan. After she converted to Islam and took on the new name Noor (meaning light), the two married in 1978, and they had four children.

As queen, she has not only been a charming and brilliant symbol of the Middle East's connection to the rest of the world, she has also campaigned for international justice and security. She has served with dozens of Intergovernmental and Non-Governmental Organizations on many initiatives, including the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, the International Commission on Missing Persons, and Conservation International. She is also heavily involved in education as president of the United World Colleges and Chair of UN University International Leadership Academy.

Larry King and Queen Noor
Following King Hussein's passing in 1999, she has continued to serve the nation with her step-son King Abdullah and his wife Queen Rania and work for worldwide causes. As one of the globe's most cosmopolitan leaders, she splits time between Amman, Washington, and London, and gives nearly a hundred speeches a year for myriad worldwide causes.

"My life journey among American and Middle Eastern cultures has taught me that the foundation for constructive partnership already exists, embedded in our common moral heritage -- in the teachings of the Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths. We must be aware, however, that Arabs and Americans express common moral values with different cultural voices and vocabularies. The relationship between the United States and the Arab world includes some of the oldest and most durable relationships of the 20th century; but also, has been plagued by some of the most recurrent misperceptions and intemperate violence of modern history."

Skoll World Forum 2011; Her Majesty Queen Noor, Jordan

"... I've seen it around the world, in the poorest countries and in countries riven with conflict, ... It is women who are the key to breaking out of poverty, breaking out of stagnation.
... It's women who can contribute to achieving real security -- not bombs and bullets and repressive governments."
"There are many different challenges that have to be faced in the region today. I, as a humanitarian activist, despair that in our region where 75% of the population in the Arab world is poor and getting poorer, and where infant mortality rates and basic human development indicators are in many cases far lower than in any other region of the world, in spite of considerable progress made in the last several decades, where there is so little, where our political freedoms are also among the lowest in the world and the participation of women - these are they areas where we should be concentrating the resources, that are instead going into arming the region, that has the highest per capita consumption of weapons in the world. And that has guaranteed no security for anyone."

Support Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan's Foundation.