Friday, September 30, 2011

A Milky Way Expression of Gratitude by Ruto

A Milky Way Galactic Expression
by Ruto

Gratitude: We call our galaxy the Milky Way Galaxy because of the nurturing of a mother's milk. Each one of those stars out there is a representation of each and one of us. Beyond that we are the galaxy, and the universe. Our mother has manifested herself as planet Earth, and our father as the Sun. We are living inside of Mother Earth to experience this life which is constructed by light, frequency, and polarity. We are here to become the co-creators of this universe. We are so much more than what we were led to believe. We exist beyond this earthly incarnation. We are eternal beings, and nothing exist beyond our infinite and eternal soul. ~Ruto

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Create. Celebrate. Sing. Dance. A Fresh Eyes Approach.

~♥~ Our Creations can be adapted and transformed IF we have a Fresh Eyes Approach. image by ryan novelline~the cartoon dress.

~♥~ I AM. I enjoy Harmonies and Music for it resonates from the expanding dimensions.

~♥~ Now to add Source to the Symphony. Integration and balance step by step. ♫♫

~♥~ The Balanced Dance ~ Free Will Flowing and Always in Motion with the Breath ~ Life.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Music For A New Eon ~ AOMUSIC via Richard Gannaway

A ♥Heart Consciousness Note:
I am sharing this amazing group of Creators that my own brother Eric introduced me to recently with a special gift for my 'birthday'. The profound compositions and musical extensions and expressions flowed with such simplicity and yet of mathematical genius. AO Music colloborates with children and musicians worldwide. This is a natural state of joy where technology and tonials shift consciousness into so many exquisite potentials.
~margo renay sullivan~


Youth - the vibrant, unguarded human presence & easiest example of beauty, hyper-intelligence & naturally occurring brotherhood

The present cycle of change and its simple need for lightheartedness & tolerance

The singularity of Music, Color, Shape & Movement

The overwhelming evidence that any natural system, unobstructed, is UNITY, is MUSIC, is LOVE

 The Primary Creators:

An extraordinary pan-cultural musical experience, produced, composed & performed by four international recording artists ~ Richard Gannaway, Jay Oliver, Miriam Stockley, Sandeep Chowta).

AOMUSIC is vibrant, cinematic & intoxicatingly rhythmic—described by critics as "astonishing" (see reviews)... The immediate freshness of this sound is vitalizing—a true universal expression, unlike anything ever produced...

Key ingredients in AOMUSIC's unique expression are deep rhythmic textures, powerful vocal ensembles from children throughout the world & the dynamic multi-layered vocal tracks of Miriam Stockley... Refrain lyrics are often a variety of ancient languages or carefully crafted phonetics, chosen for their shape... The impression is fresh & exotic from any place on the earth...

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who is Really Chatting in Your Consciousness? by Margo Renay

A♥Heart Consciousness Note: I am reposting a recent response to a community interaction I chose to engage in on the overall topic of Spiritual Teachers and Guidance. Here is a part of my response that flowed through me.

"Universal Rules and Knowledge is readily available everywhere right now and many many channels are tapping into it rather easily and attaching names to the channels. And its oke to do so if it feels right for that moment. However, from my perspective, lots of channeled knowledge is not always wisdom garnered. So each of us much listen inside no matter what name or vision is seen.

And to really be active in this fast paced world as a divine human angel, you have to express through the human experiences or examples from your natural big heart energy. And know that its oke to 'try on new ideas' like a new wardrobe or new approaches that may not fit into the old doctrines. And 'the ego' can jump up and down at any time in ALL OF US and say omg...that will be a problem...or you will be a problem if you say this or speak this or try this. Now, from a larger view, this type of feeling-and then actions can lead to success for all that desire to express who they are.

It is more in the feeling or conscious space {quantum creative intelligence} that we all can access. However, at first, it feels like a million broadband waves or broadcasts to choose from. {In truth, it is} It's an energetic feeling or vibration that we all resonate and carry within us-especially in our hearts ~ and it can be experienced fully. Its trusting it and getting used to it: that is the real challenge. That is the energy that flows thru me clearly that I trust and know-as LOVE.~♥~ {smiles of generous amounts}" ~margo renay sullivan

Friday, September 9, 2011

An Amazing Gift ~ Big Soul Jack Vidgen from Australia

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YES I AM (Original) ~

Can't believe this is happening
I wanna shout it to the world
I don't want for anything
This is my diamond
This is my pearl
I can take the world off your shoulders
Throw your troubles to the wind

I can see the sun shinin' bright
I'm gonna make it all right
Yes I Am
You are like a star in my night
I'm gonna make it all right
Yes I Am

I always remember the way that you sing to me, loving me, holding me and making me feel like everything's alright.
I ain't gonna play with your feelings or make you feel like your dealing with someone who doesn't believe in your love.

I can see the sun shining bright
I'm gonna make it all right
Yes I Am
You are like a star in my night
I'm gonna make it all right

We're gonna
We're gonna
We're gonna make it

You are like a star i my night
I'm gonna make it all right
Yes I Am

2011 Jack Vidgen

And here is some of the backstory...

Monday, September 5, 2011

9/11 Investment Banker Dances Into a New Life ~ Ney Melo

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Former Investment Banker turns to Tango after 9/11 Survival
By Jeff Girion, Yahoo! Staff | Yahoo! 9/11 10th Anniversary Site – Fri, Sep 2, 2011

Growing up in the South Bronx, Ney Melo had one dream: Working on Wall Street.

He had watched the popular Michael Douglas film growing up, and had known friends who aspired to incredible salaries. His Ecuadorian mother and Dominican father encouraged him to reach for the pinnacle of American society, and they enrolled him in private schools.

After choosing a "practical" accounting major in college, Melo soon found his way downtown to a career in New York City's famed financial district. He embraced his new Wall Street career, and lived the life of a workaholic investment banker.

"It was 12 hour days. . .or more," Melo recalls. For a while, the energy of the lifestyle excited him: "I loved being in the center of everything."

In 2001, Melo was employed at Lehman Brothers, commuting by subway to the World Financial Center. He still remembers the World Trade Center towers soaring overhead, into the clouds.

"The towers were the icons of New York City," Melo says.

"Working there every day was an incredible thrill." Melo's long days of analysis and number-crunching came to a halt on September 11, 2001.

For Melo, it was an almost completely unexpected turning point in the course of his life.

"It [started off as] a normal-enough day," Melo says, "and yet everything changed so quickly."

That morning, a co-worker's yells pulled him out of his cubicle, located on the 24th floor of a building directly across from one of the towers. Smoke and a tornado of paper poured from a huge hole in the North tower. Soon, he was fleeing into an elevator, heading to the ground floor, his mind churning.

His days, he soon realized, had become an unending blur of report-writing and analysis. The sudden shock of the tragedy unfurlingthat morning forced him to re-evaluate his priorities.

"I still remember walking up the West Side Highway and looking back and seeing the towers burning," Melo says. "It's just a sight that I'll never forget."

Jennifer Bratt and Ney Melo.

He found himself laid off months after the tragedy, and Melo looked for something to keep busy. He found that in dance classes. First he enrolled in salsa classes, which he had tried before, and then a poster led him to tango, which quickly became his passion.

Melo started lessons at Dance Manhattan studio, and soon became a self-described tango addict. He danced by day in classes, and sought out tango dance parties -- called milongas -- at night. His former Wall Street workmates couldn't understand his new passion, and they grew even more skeptical when he flew to Buenos Aires to learn tango in its native culture.

In Buenos Aires, Melo says he approached tango systematically, using the work habits of an investment banker. He made spreadsheets of the various tango classes and milongas he wanted to attend, and he immersed himself completely in the dance.

Back in the United States, Melo soon found himself a tango partner in Jennifer Bratt. The two began taking master classes together, and began a life of teaching tango -- in New York City and around the world.

Since then, Melo's life of teaching and performing tango has given him a number of rewards, including the ability to share his unusual passion with others.

"Tango is a difficult dance to learn," Melo says, "and I love giving people the chance to have a magical experience on the dance floor."

These days, Jennifer and Ney have a new kind of partnership: They are expecting twins.

But the two of them still find themselves at milongas throughout New York City. One of their favorites is Triangulo, a dance studio solely dedicated to the Argentine tango.

"Tango is actually a community," Melo says. "Anywhere in the world you can find people dancing tango."

Interested in learning tango in New York City? Melo recommends Dance Manhattan and Triangulo.

Video produced by Jeff Girion. Production by Josh Kesner, Chris Ward, Stephen Napolitano and Anne Lilburn. Post-production Audio by John Adams. Graphics by Howard Kim for Yahoo! Studios.