Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Gaia Auroras ~October 24, 2011

AURORAS IN THE USA: A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth on Oct. 24th at approximately 1800 UT (2:00 pm EDT). The impact strongly compressed Earth's magnetic field, directly exposing geosynchronous satellites to solar wind plasma, and sparked an intense geomagnetic storm. As night fell over North America, auroras spilled across the Canadian border into the contiguous United States.
"Wow, wow, wow! These were the best Northern Lights I've seen since 2004," says Shawn Malone, who took this picture from the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan:
Brian Emfinger

Image taken: Oct. 24, 2011
Location: Ozark, Arkansas, USA
Details: Unbelievable! Thank you Spaceweather! I just happened to click on your site and saw the alert... I ran out and put my camera out and immediately saw reddish aurora. I ran out into the field and within a few minutes the Aurora went crazy! .... and this from near Ozark, ARKANSAS!!!! Canon T1i
Ozark, AK USA
Elliot Severn
Image taken: Oct. 24, 2011
Location: Alfred, NY
Details: Fantastic shot of tonight's aurora from the all sky camera at Alfred University in western NY.

Alfred NY USA
Paul Robinson
Image taken: Oct. 24, 2011
Location: Boulder, CO, USA
Details: Clouds were a problem, the green band was easy to see, but color in the red rays was difficult except for about 10 minutes around 7:35 pm MDT (01:40 GMT Oct. 25th)

Boulder CO USA

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Reflection of Our Presence ~ Excerpt of Message from AAMichael & Linda Dillon

~♥~ The Reflection of Our Presence ~ an excerpt from a Message from ÄÄMichael.

AAM: Because now you are at a place — and when I am saying this I am saying you, beloved {Steve Beckow} — are at a place of integration. And when we say the integrated self, we mean all the pieces — your soul design, all your aspects, your oversoul; your highest self, your inter-dimensional self; all beings that have exhibited elsewhere, shall we say, yo...ur mental, your emotional, your psychic, your etheric and your physical; your ego, your personality; everything you can think of that has been and is a part of thee, is all of you.

They are not separated. They are bigger — you are bigger — than you imagine. But when it comes to this place of integration, it is working harmoniously as one unified being. So it is not that the choice of your higher self would be different than the desires or actions of your human current self or the parts of you that you have called back to yourself, that have been from other realities or dimensions.

~ via Linda Dillon from AA Michael {gift to Steve Beckow-October 11, 2011}~

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Think ~ Adamus Saint Germain & Talia Ganel Joya

New Think
"You can’t think New Think. You can choose it, you can be it, you can experience it, but you can’t think it, because the moment you start thinking it, then it’s old think. So it doesn’t really matter.

Now, usually I give my warnings after I ask you to make a choice. This time I’ll give the warnings first. If you truly choose New Think, (a) you will get it; (b) it’s going to mess you up, but good.

In your old think, You’re connecting to something else ...... It kind of always works the same, and it’s kind of always using the same patterns, the same logic, the same techniques to derive at results.

New Think does not do that. It is not associated thinking. It doesn’t have anything to associate with. It has no prior record at all. Eventually, it will, but it won’t. You’ll learn that New Think actually destroys records. It doesn’t like records. It doesn’t like patterns. It doesn’t really like structure for longer than just enough to experience it, and then it moves on!"..........~Adamus
 By: Talia Ganel Joya


A Light Adventure ~ by Nicky Hamid

A Light Adventure

Making the Shift consciously is like leaping into an infinite... unknown with total joy and benevolent expectation.

The Great Shining.
I think you are amazing.
~Nicky Hamid

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Light of Life ~ The Poetic Visions of An Artist

A ♥Heart Consciousness Note: Here are two short amazing and inspiring videos that reflect our natural photonic or sub-atomic particle design. The entire experience on Earth is composed of such intelligent design. These two videos reflect the scientific or quantum compostion from a Artistic and Poetic Vision. Watch The Light of Life and The Light of Life II. ~margo renay sullivan

Push pause on the music box before playing videos.

The Light of Life

Life is transparent, warm and swirls randomly like a soft light. And it constantly changes... Life illuminates itself and then it begins to illuminates a new life. A sprouted mass of innumerable lights become a flow before long, and then become the part of the life-throb of ages. That ties life, this moment now.

Music:Debbusy "clair de lune"
Piano:Naomi Yaguchi

The Light of Life II

Another short movie about light, bio-luminescence and bio-photons- not in a scientific sense; it is the poetic vision of an artist. Inspiration came last week while working in my garden: I have been overwhelmed by the blossoming of the first flowers (snowdrops) and the sparkling sunlight.

Alex Tiuniaev, the track is called "Tree Dreams";
free download on the website of Earth Mantra Netlabel:
Original Source: http://earthmantra.com/unreleases.php

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Vibration of Change via YES and via NO ~ by AAMichael and Steve Beckow

A Heart Consciousness Note: This is an excerpt from a 'Conversation' with AA Michael and a Wise and Peaceful Warrior named Steve Beckow. The importance of such a conversation is evident to some and deemed outrageous and crazy to others. And that is quite all right. Just as there are millions of experiences and perceptions, so this holds the very same truth-I hear the words and frequency of their conversation. Yet the external scenes around the world and the external manifestations of humanity desiring self empowerment and self love is growing. AAMichael mentions a KEY WISDOM about how to say NO to create an energy shift or change consciously. I am posting his wisdom here for emphasis.

The Excerpt:

AAM: It is the rallying point. The piece of the puzzle is the growth. It is the growth of so many people simply saying, “No.” It is the power of No. Very often, humans have come to understand — particularly the light holders, light workers, have understood quite clearly the power of Yes. But they have not fully embraced or understood the power of No. And so, as the numbers grow, as that shift takes place, then the political inaction will see where their support really is. And support in that sense is in numbers.

SB: So we need to get out there.

AAM: And understand: to get out there in peace. To get out there in peaceful resistance. It is the rebirth of hope in so many ways that is so encouraging. And that is why the Company of Heaven has not come in and just done clean-up. We would rather do it in partnership.

SB: All right. What do I say to those who say that “no” is negative?

AAM: “No” is not negative. It is part of the definition of the dimension and the reality and the experience that you are having. You do not say, “Oh, yes, you may trample on me, you may trample on my rights, you may take away my freedom.” Those are innate rights. This is your birthright. It is why you have come. It is to know the joy of physicality. It is to know the evolution, not only of your species, but of the entire planet, of this entire organism. “No” has come to mean refusal, or departure. But when you say “No, this is not acceptable behavior, this is not of light,” it is part of that pulling down, it is part of the destruction. People are very afraid of this word. They are almost as afraid of the word of destroy as they are of surrender. And you know what? Those two are very intimately connected.

“No” is simply saying, “Change course. Not allowable. Not of love.”

Original Source of Comments: http://stevebeckow.com/2011/10/archangel-michael-on-nesara-opposing-the-cabal-and-ascension-part-13/