Friday, December 16, 2011

The Speechless Heart ~ Margo Renay

The Speechless Heart
The heart speaks.

The hands touch.
The universal love exchange.
In quantum layers.
speechless yet filled
with miracle potential.
~♥~ margo renay

image: Jae C. Hong AP

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 'Feel~O~Meter" ~ Smiley Face Reflects the City Mood

'fuehlometer' ('feel-o-meter') or 'public face', an installation in germany by richard wilhelmer, julius von bismarck, and benjamin maus. The work of german artists richard wilhelmer, julius von bismarck, and benjamin maus, 'fuehlometer' ('feel-o-meter') or 'public face' is an interactive art installation that reflects the mood of the city via a large smiley face sculpture. ~
landscape (left) and detail (right) views of the sculpture

Measuring 8 meters (26.25 feet) tall, the face is composed of steel and neon tubes, installed atop a lighthouse in lindau, germany. a digital camera along the lake captures the faces of passersby, which are then analyzed by a computer program and classified as either happy, sad, or indifferent. the cumulative results determine the expression of the sculpture, whose mouth and eyes shift accordingly via a system of automated motors.

'fuehlometer' is installed atop a lighthouse along the lake

Original Source: http://www.designboom/, 13.12.11 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Conscious Creator ~ Mariko Mori: 'Tida Dome' ~ Adobe Museum

A ♥Heart Consciousness Note: The Adobe Museum is an amazing holographic on line expression of arts, technology and design expanding into our physical world. I will share a few more blogs and notes on their digital creations.
'Journey to Seven Light Bay' by mariko mori~
'Tida Dome: Journey to Seven Light Bay' by japanese artist Mariko Mori is now on display at the adobe museum of digital media (AMDM). The exhibition is a digitized understanding of 'primal rhythm', a sculptural work by mori partially completed in a small bay of miyako island in okinawa, japan (the physical installation opens on december 22, 2011).

The first portion of 'primal rhythm', a 'sun pillar', has been installed, while the second segment, 'moonstone' has been digitally conceptualized in her work displayed at AMDM which you may view here.  

As one enters the site, they are greeted by a glowing white orb, the 'tida dome' accompanied by a soundscape composed by ken ikeda, with narration by mariko mori. The visitor may then choose to read a statement by curator tom eccles, enter and learn about 'tida dome', or view the body of work belonging to the artist.

Once the viewer is inside, they seem to swim through the shallow waters of the bay, reaching the home page for the installation which is divided into three video segments, 'journey', 'winter solstice' and 'changing tide'. Mori's artistic influence draws meaning from the connection between our highly technologically based modern world and nature- 'primal rhythm' being a 'lasting testimony to the beauty of our surroundings'.

still from 'journey'
  Part of Mori's process was finding the prime location for the sculptural installation based on the interaction of light and her works at solstice.

In 'journey', Mori's search for a site in which to implement 'primal rhythm' is detailed. she aspired to find a space which could adequately accommodate the winter solstice light. She decided the sun pillar should be lit from the back, casting a shadow onto the moonstone, similar to a sundial.

still from 'winter solstice'~
when the tide is high, the moonstone glows blue

'from the beginning of time, the sun of the winter solstice has been believed to be a symbol of rebirth.' -mariko mori
'Changing Tides' details the necessity of the moonstone. the sculpture will float in the bay, shifting gently, with its color transitioning with the tide. Low tide being red and at high tide becoming blue with a range of five other shades between the two extremes.

still from 'changing tides'~
when the tide is low, the moonstone glows red

''Primal Rhythm' is a prayer for harmony and peace for every living being on earth.' -mariko mori

Original Resources: Design Boom
Photo Credit: all images courtesy of the adobe museum of digital media and mariko mori.

Mariko Mori: Tida Dome Installation ~ 
Adobe Museum of Digital Media (AMDM)

A Whole New Production ~The Renaissance Project ~

The Renaissance Project is a global platform dedicated to the celebration of creativity, culture, technology, story and the common bond that links us all--our humanity.

The Renaissance Project is an open invitation to become one of a global constellation of filmmakers and bloggers dedicated to documenting their city's contribution to the Worldwide Renaissance in the age of new media.

Taking advantage of the internet, low cost digital filmmaking, overwhelming cooperation and our global interconnectedness, The Renaissance Project presents inspiring original micro-documentary films and blogs about our favorite creators (artists, activists, innovators, filmmakers, designers, coders, musicians etc.); all using digital technology to challenge the limits of creative expression.

By completing The Renaissance Project 3-step rite of passage, you or your organization will represent your city as a Seer of the Worldwide Renaissance and join a global network of like minds contributing original micro-documentary films and blogs to tell our generation's collective story.

Are you a Seer? I AM.
Simply exquisite.
♥Heart to ♥Heart shifting.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Repost:The Colors of Midnight ~ CC Collection Series (29)

The Colors of Midnight
Created By aka Margo Renay Sullivan
~ December 2008
At the midnight mark of the sequential event 12~12~12
When the sun is shining around the sphere’s corner…
I pause to immerse and integrate.

My universal skies are still aqua blue…fluid aqua blue.
As nature’s energies scatter clouds in formation
Now ready for the Angelic Presence to create new forms.

The earth’s moon of complete fullness
Magnifies the clarity of the moment…
In rhythm with a pink and golden wink.

For even when most believe
The sky is at its darkest
My Heart’s eyes feel and see anew…
The softer version of daylight.

A Creative Core Collection Series (29)
~♥~ We have moved our 12:12 CC DNA encoding to the now moment...12:12.92 ~ 12:12.11

Creative Commons License by Margo Renay (Sullivan) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Update: The Sophia Series ~ Year 2 ~ The Return of Merlin

~♥~ A Heart Consciousness Note: I share this updated energy post with immense Love and Smiles, From My High Heart Energetic Signature and Breath...~Margo Renay Sullivan~

The Sophia - SeriesYear 2 ~ The Return of Merlin
December 7, 2008
by Lea Hamann

And so we begin together...

as I, Sophia, come into this now moment. To each one of you who is here today, sharing this space and this moment with us. I begin this gathering by inviting you to come to rest right where you are now. In the place that you are right now. In your life that you live right now. In your body that is your home right now.

Allow yourself to come to rest. Allow yourself to be present. Our meeting takes place here on this earth, not somewhere else in another space - but right here on this earth, in this now moment. My energy is more present than ever before. Some of you who have been working with me and my energy have noticed how much closer I have come. You have noticed how easily you perceive my energy, how easily you can be in contact with me. And I invite you to feel and to perceive how the feminine energy arrives on this earth in waves, in her own rhythm.


We look back on the year 2008; it was a special year, a turbulent year, a year with so much happening for so many of you, in such a short time. And one of the reasons for this is: for the very first time the feminine energy has reached a certain degree, a certain level that has allowed her to come into the consciousness of an increasing number of humans. An increasing number of humans have opened up to perceive the feminine energy. An increasing number of humans have opened up to receive their own feminine energy again and to let it flow. This has made an enormous difference for the earth, an enormous difference for you, an enormous difference for nature, for the animals, and for the rhythms regulating this earth.

And I, Sophia, invite you to step back for a moment and just observe, observe your own path you have walked. Observe the path of this earth and also the path of the feminine energy. A couple of months ago we shared with you that 18 women had kept alive the feminine energy during the time when the feminine energy had been so far away; they had kept her flowing.

I, Sophia, invite you to feel how in such a short time so many more humans have opened within them this portal of the feminine energy. And these humans are not only females anymore; there are also males who have opened themselves for this balanced and loving energy. Today alone there are 103 humans on this earth who have become conscious. Suddenly aware that, there is something inside of me that wants to grow. There is something inside of me I want to bring forth to blossom. This portal that is connecting me with the feminine energy, this love of the Goddess - I want to open it again, I want to experience it again, I want to be it again.

And so it is a day of joy. A day of joyful celebration when we look at just how far we have come. When we look at what we have experienced, look back at the things that were - and look ahead at the things to come. You see: it is only the beginning. This gentle blossoming of the feminine energy you have observed during the last year is just the beginning. The beginning of a new and balanced time, the beginning of a new era. A great expansion, a great change becomes possible for this earth you live on when the feminine and the masculine energy unite. Now that the feminine energy is allowed to take her place, and the masculine energy is allowed to take his place, this deep love, this deep stillness, creates the potential for a new kind of coexistence.

You see: if the feminine and the masculine energy unite, something new will come into being. Something new that cannot be controlled, cannot be predicted - something so completely new that it doesn’t obey any of the old laws. A new era comes into being, a new time, a new abundance in your own life.

And I, Sophia, am part of this way, part of this change. I am with each one of you who allows my presence. It doesn’t matter where you are on this wonderful earth – it doesn’t matter at all. I am with you, breathing with you, offering you all my patience, my being, my love. My love and compassion watches over you and knows everything is exactly as it should be - even if at times you aren’t able to see it. Even if you forget amidst your everyday life who you really are. Even if you leave your centre, your stillness, your safe space within over and over again. Even if you sometimes stop breathing and receiving the love of your own soul: I will be there. In every moment, in every single moment I am there to invite you: let your breath flow again. Let this love touch you. Let yourself sink into your body more deeply than ever before.

Some of you are wondering about today’s topic. What is the reason for our meeting? And I invite you to feel that today I am speaking to you in a new way. Much of what I am saying is directed to your inner ears, to your inner perception. It is meant for your inner feeling. For those of you who focus outside of yourselves using your physical ears and physical senses it will be dull because you’ll miss part of the energy. If you focus only on the physical senses and are trying to figure out what it means and what direction it is leading in, you will miss part of the beauty, part of the vitality of what I am saying.

I, Sophia, invite you to be daring today and allow yourself to open your inner ears again. For you see; so many of you have closed your inner intuitive ears. You began in your first months, your first years on this earth to slowly close down these fragile inner ears. Allow yourself to feel how you have blocked these ears.

With your inner ears you are able to hear the words of your soul. With your inner ears you know and feel your own rhythm, the rhythm of your breath and the rhythm of your life. Your inner ears help you to be in balance with your soul. They are the portal to your soul and they are also a portal to the feminine energy. They allow you to hear what is not being said, to hear those who are not able to speak. To listen, to hear beyond anything you believed you could hear. To hear how the world is breathing, to hear how the oceans are moving. To hear the sound of the human souls on this earth.

To hear the human feet touching the ground while walking from one place to another. To hear the growth of a rhythm from so many feet all over the earth moving, touching the ground, making sound. To hear the growth of plants - the shoots of grass, the blossoming of flowers. To hear the flow of water below and above the ground. To hear the fall of raindrops somewhere on this earth right now. To hear the raindrops fall. To hear. To hear so much more than ever before. To hear your partner right now although he is not speaking out loud, although she is not talking. Your partner is constantly talking to you, telling you about his situation, where he is going, what is important to him, what is happening right now.

Your children are talking to you. Oh, they haven’t yet forgotten how to talk and to listen on this intuitive level of the soul – this level I, Sophia, invite you to feel again today. Your children are constantly talking to you. Talking and talking and talking – without using words. And so many parents don’t hear them. They don’t hear them because these children don’t use words. They don’t speak an ordinary language. But they are constantly trying to communicate with you.

They try so desperately to share: Listen to me, hear me, listen to what I want to say to you. Listen to me. I want to tell you who I really am. I want to tell you what frightens me, what brings me joy, what I long for. Listen to me.

Open your inner ears, slowly and gently, give permission for the pain and the resistance to melt. Allow all the harsh words you perceived, all the harshness you experienced to melt. Allow so much love to flow through your ears. Allow your inner ears to let go, to come to rest and to become soft. Allow your inner ears to expand again, to hear again. To hear what your soul is telling you.

Oh, some of you believe that you are not able to hear your soul. You think you need an interpreter. You think it is weird, it is not appropriate to hear what your soul is telling you. There is a kind of shyness. And I invite you to feel – who forbade you to hear your soul? Who told you a long time ago that you are not worthy? That you don’t have the right to hear your soul? Who told you to close your inner ears? Who tried to force you to shut down this very natural communication with your soul? Who tried to prevent you from hearing your soul? Hearing how your soul is talking to you with every breath. Hearing this sound deep within you.

It is a sound, the voice of your own soul that wants to always be present, arising so gently from within you. Words cannot describe this sound. You are invited to hear yourself again. To perceive your own energy in this way. To feel: this is my voice, the voice of my soul. And I have the right to hear myself. I have the right to open up my inner intuitive ears again after such a long time. To open up my ability to hear again.

Some of you work in professions where it is your task to listen to other humans, to hear their stories and their issues. To talk with them about it. And sometimes it was so hard for you because you realized there was something missing: I try so hard and yet I can’t really hear the other one. I cannot really understand him. There is a gap between me and the other human. And even if I try really hard, I can’t seem to fill that gap.

I, Sophia, invite you to allow your inner ears – this incredible ability to really hear – to expand, to let them re-open again for you. For you alone. It has nothing to do with your mind. It is not something that you strive for or force. It is a gift you may receive, if you wish to. The gift of hearing again – hearing again at such a deep level.

Yeshua came to this earth to hear. He came so close he became human in order to really hear. How does it feel for the humans? How does it feel to live their lives in these bodies? How does it feel when they are sad? How does it feel when they believe they are all by themselves, alone? I want to hear it. I want to perceive it. I want to be fully and completely there. Fully and completely there. He allowed himself to hear the desperation of humans, the cry of loneliness, the cry for help. The cry of humans: we don’t know where we are anymore! We have forgotten where we came from and where we are going. We believe we are so alone and so lost.

And he allowed himself to be there, to be there on earth, in order to listen. To be there and to listen. To hear the souls talking to him. To hear the animals talking to him. To hear the depths of the earth talking to him. To hear and hear. He did not come to this earth in order to help or to save or to change anything. He came to this earth to be it – this never ending love that doesn’t want anything else but to hear you. To be with you.

Some of you have already realized that in fact, Yeshua is our guest today. His energy comes in so lovingly and so fully into our shared space. He loves you so dearly. He uses this time, Christmas time to come so close. To come so close to you. To listen to you. To listen to your soul. Not the shallow words we sometimes use so carelessly, but the deep authentic voice within you.

This deep truth within you. He comes so close to hear your soul. To perceive your soul together with you. This is his gift for you today. Do you want to allow Yeshua to hear your soul? Do you want to allow him to hear what you are experiencing, where you are going? Where you are right now? Today, right now in this moment? Or do you you keep your door closed and say: I can’t possibly be so close with Yeshua. I haven’t the right. I must hide again and continue playing the game of being unworthy, unloved, unimportant, incomplete.

Let yourself feel. Let yourself perceive how much Yeshua loves you. It doesn’t matter to him whether you believe you are worthy or not. He sees right through the mask you wear, right through the role you play, right through all the harsh judgements you make about yourself. I am not good enough, my body is not beautiful enough. I am not rich enough. I should be someone else. I’m doing it all wrong or I’ve done something terribly wrong. I’m not able to be who I really am for there is something that holds me back.

These are all the favourite hiding places of humans, the hiding places where you can stay small. Where you are able to disappear, where you are exactly the same as everybody else is. Where you can go along with the crowd, keep up appearances and stay just as small and miserable as everybody else is.

But Yeshua is coming in to talk to another part, another aspect within you. He is coming in to listen to another voice within you. A voice you haven’t heard for a long time. A voice you haven’t perceived for a long time. He is coming in to hear this voice deep inside of you. This voice that is continuously talking:

I choose to live. I choose to be on this earth, I choose to be in this body. I choose to feel joy, I choose to be alive, I choose to start being my true self. I choose to be my true self. More and more. Let the old mask fall away. Let the old hardness melt and let my true self come to the surface. Myself, more than ever before. And it doesn’t matter what other humans think about me, if they understand me or not. I want to be myself so badly. I want to do what really feels good to me. I don’t want to lie anymore. I don’t want to act any longer. I don’t want to stay in a relationship that is hurting me, where I am abusing myself. I don’t want to do work that I only do because of my belief that I have to. I don’t want to despise my body and oppose it any longer. I don’t want to only survive any longer. I don’t want to fight any longer.

Something deep inside of you is saying: I want to awaken. I want to be so much more than ever before. I want to go where nobody else has ever gone before. To take the first steps on freshly fallen snow where nobody else has ever walked before, where nobody else has ever breathed before.

I, Sophia, and I, Yeshua, invite you on this day during Christmas time to feel: what is the deeper invitation of this occasion? What is the deeper invitation for you? Just as Yeshua came to this earth and allowed himself to hear the voice of his divinity – can you give your permission to be here and perceive your soul talking to you? Your soul wants to communicate. Can you allow the misunderstanding between you and your soul to heal? It has caused you to close your inner intuitive ears. Will you dare to listen, dare to hear what lovely music, what lovely sound emerges from deep inside, deep within you?

Let yourself hear what form of receiving love takes place if you allow yourself to re-open you inner ears. It is such a helpful step on your way. And some of you have already started to let these ears melt, given your permission to become silent and listen deep within you. Not using your mind - but using these lovely intuitive ears that were open once before. That were so connected to the love of your soul once before. That were so filled with this sound of who you truly are once before.

Can you give your permission to be connected to your soul on this level, no longer separated, no longer alone, but so close that you will be able to hear what your soul wants to tell you, to hear what it wants to share? And it may be that in the beginning your soul won't use words because words often go straight to the mind. It may be that in the beginning your soul will communicate only a sound. A sound, a rhythm, an energy you might recognize. And as soon as you start opening these inner ears again you will start hearing the voice of your soul, and you will also start hearing the voice of the soul of other humans. You will start hearing the voice of their divinity.

I invite you to feel - what level do you want to hear? Do you want to remain on the surface where all the drama is played? Where lies are told, where judgements are made, where despair flourishes? Or do you want to start listening deeper, going deeper within? It is a decision only you can make. It is also a choice about how you want to encounter other humans. Do you want to hear their endless stories, their criticisms, the fear that is driving them? Or do you want to listen deeper within and feel how their soul sounds, who they truly are and begin admiring this expression of God, this expression of love standing right in front of you?

How do you want to be with yourself? How do you want to be with other humans? Do you want to remain on the surface and uphold the ideas, the beliefs inside this cage that you believe to be your life? Suffering, harshness, coldness, loneliness? Do you want to stay there with your perception, with your presence?

Or do you want to be in the arms of your soul? Even if you don't know how this will work, how this will be possible – all you have to do is choose. Do you want to experience the wonder of life or do you want to miss it?

I, Sophia, am here to support you. To support this deep inner being that you truly are. I invite you more earnestly than ever before to come to rest within you. To come to rest within. To open your inner ears and start to perceive yourself in a new way. This is the invitation, an opportunity offered to you. And during our next gatherings we will talk more about the connections and the portals between you and your soul that want to open, that may now be opened. There are so many chances to come closer to your soul, to meld with your soul and never be alone again. To realize that you are so much more than the human self you have been focused on. So much more than this body sitting in your chair right now. So much more than your story that you have been experiencing, so much more than that. It isn’t that we are degrading your being human – on the contrary.

We invite you to let the human you are to sink into the fullness of your soul, so that the human you are and the soul you are will be able to live together, to breathe together.

For this is the lifetime to integrate all things, to dissolve polarities and allow them to become one again. Masculine and feminine, the human self and the soul, within and without - all these things long to meld together. And you are invited to allow that to happen. You are invited to discover the balance and the love of your own soul. To perceive it and also to enjoy it.


And so we want to continue with yet another special invitation. A special invitation to those of you who are in a male body. This is an invitation for you to remember how you are also connected to the feminine energy. This is an opportunity for you to realize that it isn’t true that only women have feminine energy - but that men and women are equally connected to the love of the Goddess.

And during these times of healing and remembrance it is not only appropriate for the souls in a female body to remember their connection to the feminine energy, but also those of you in a male body who have been filling the role of Merlin for such a long time – the role that the masculine energy has taken on in this playground of the feminine.

It is time for you to remember – and to say “Yes” in a new way to all that you have always carried deep within you. The energy of Merlin is the masculine energy giving permission to also be connected to the feminine energy. The energy of Merlin comes from the old days, holding a balance between the feminine and the masculine. It was said that the energy of Merlin is the one that fills life with magic.

And we want to invite you to feel how this energy of Merlin is a beautiful form of masculine energy. The energy of Merlin is very special. Merlin is not afraid of the feminine. Merlin is not afraid to come close to this portal of feminine energy and to let the love of the Goddess flow through him into this world.

Merlin is not afraid to be connected to the earth. Merlin is not afraid to talk to the animals, to be connected to them. And during these times when the Goddess is returning, so the energy of Merlin is also returning to this earth. And we have invited this energy into our safe space today for you to feel, for you to perceive his arrival in a new way.

He has been part of so many nature religions. He has been part of Shamanism; he has been part of the old Celtic culture. Merlin has been present in this region for so long. And the Goddess and those working with her energy have also been connected to the energy of Merlin, felt him and given permission to hear him.

I, Sophia, invite you to welcome this energy and to celebrate that he is returning to our circle. The energy of Merlin is such a deep energy of love. His love is ready to support others, ready to assure that the feminine energy is honoured and perceived.

Merlin is coming in to ease the way for the Goddess - ease the way into this world, into this now moment. Merlin is not a servant - he is free, sovereign. Merlin is not bound by any law - he is just here with all his love.

And many of you listening today, being in a male body: You also carry this quality deep inside of you. It is love that makes you special. Love that honours you and invites you to let it flow. To no longer believe that a man doesn’t have the right to let love flow, to work with the energies of nature, with the free-flowing feminine energy.

To no longer stay behind the wall that tells you because you are male you don’t understand these things. But to arrive in this place, in this place where we welcome you and acknowledge you and honour you exactly as you are. Exactly as you are.

Allow yourself to stay out of your mind right now and not analyze what you are feeling, what you are perceiving. For many of you several different feelings have been addressed - fear, anger, longing, joy… all of these are present. Give yourself some more time to feel, some more time to perceive. Merlin, the wise one, is coming in to share part of the way with us. And he is welcome. So welcome, more than ever before.

And you are invited, if you like, in the days that follow, in the months that follow, to pay attention to the energy of Merlin. You may choose, if you like, to acquaint yourself with the energy of Merlin in a new way. Merlin will help you to re-open and to hear your intuition.

Merlin is balm for this world as the masculine energy is still finding it quite difficult to trust again, to come to rest again, to find balance again. Merlin supports the masculine energy in finding a new rhythm, a new pride, a new joy within him. Merlin is coming in now at precisely the right time, the right moment.

And you are invited to receive from our gathering today whatever you would like to take. And all the things that are uncomfortable for you, unpleasant for you, simply leave here. Leave it here for another time, for another moment.

And so we draw to a close this gathering, this shared time together. It is so appropriate that we walk into a new year together with the energy of Merlin. Into a new year when so many things will become possible for you. Many things you have only dreamt of will become possible. This will be a year of stillness, a year of deep healing for you. The deepest wounds will be allowed to heal. The earth will be allowed to heal. The gap between masculine and feminine energy will be allowed to heal. A new era will be allowed to begin - a little more in each moment. And we shall accompany you on your way with all our love, with all that we are.

And so we begin together...

Translated into English by Joya
Edited by Eva Smarda Carney


© 2008, Lea Hamann, K√∂nigstein im Taunus

You may distribute this text freely on a non-commercial basis. Please include the information in its entirety, including these footnotes.


About channeling:
Channeling is about receiving energy. It is an invitation for you, dear reader, to open for more of yourself and become more conscious. As you read this text you are most welcome to decide for yourself what feels right for you and what doesn’t. There is no such thing as an absolute truth that is valid for everyone. There are many truths and you may choose the one that resonates with you today. On your path of spiritual awakening this may indeed change. Sophia’s extends her love and support if you wish to receive it, right where you are in this moment - you don’t have to do a thing in return.

About Sophia:
Sophia is a feminine energy supporting the awakening and evolution of humanity with her understanding and wisdom. Her messages are simple and profound. Lea Hamann has been working for some time in her personal and professional life with Sophia’s energy. In 2007 Lea started to channel Sophia publicly. Sophia has accompanied us since then in monthly channels called the Sophia-Series. She assists us in rediscovering the feminine energy of our soul.

Feminine energy doesn’t necessarily mean being female. Both men and women have a feminine part of their soul. This feminine principle helps us to receive abundance, to develop our creations and to live our life in deep trust. In today’s world most humans have a tendency to be imbalanced as they rely much more on their masculine energy. Sophia has emphasized many times how important it is to be connected to the feminine energy in order to enjoy a loving and balanced life.

The monthly channels of the Sophia-Series are available free of charge on the website You are invited to let yourself be touched by Sophia’s love.

About Lea Hamann:
Lea Hamann, born in 1982, works as a teacher and compassionate guide to humans on their path of spiritual awakening. She teaches conscious breathing and the re-connection to the feminine energy through private sessions and workshops.

Sophia’s wisdom is an inseparable part of Lea’s work. Sophia’s love is always present in her sessions and workshops. Lea Hamann lives together with her partner Matthias Kreis in K√∂nigstein im Taunus, Germany.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Creative Confidence Series ~ {No. 2} Repost: "Why Do We Need Artists In This World? ~ Margo Renay

A ♥Heart Consciousness Note: I recently had a very interesting conversation with a gentleman who defined 'Artists' as EMOTIONAL~And I thank him for this perspective. Why? Is it my experience or my truth? I thank him as it prompted me to express how I FEEL ABOUT Creativity...Now this man lives in another country than I and is sharing from his experiences on earth and his daily life...and the world around him includes very few creative least in this moment. I do not choose to assume. Either way, I am very grateful for the Question and perspective as suddenly my Soul Presence arrived to encourage a larger perspective for both of us to consider and evolve. Can you feel your own views at some level in such a question? So why do we need artists and designers in the world?~margo renay sullivan

What is An Artist?
"You have FORGOTTEN THAT THIS WORLD IS DIVERSE and Creative and very connected at this moment ~ far far beyond your mind's GAMES. Now of course, You are welcome to play them. I wish you the best visions you desire to create. I recommend you begin with CURIOSITY~not assumptions. Otherwise, You are carrying an old backpack. CONSCIOUS Innovation arrives through music and design and art EXPRESSED. ITS Not the Emotions. You have unwisely assumed that ARTISTS are emotional and YOU ARE NOT...Indeed!

TO open your eyes beyond the old worlds ~ Here is another view of the wise and experienced DESIGNER of this world you have chosen to experience:
  • They are quite CONSCIOUS.
  • They are often engineers ~ and technology based and can Improvise no matter what.
  • They create the food you eat and the music you listen to or romance with.
  • They create the car or train you drive to work.
  • They are multi-dimensional and can RUN CIRCLES around the human mind.
  • They are accepting and yet vigilant in their pursuits.
  • They are young and colourful and vibrant~no matter what the body they walk in.
Now I could find a THOUSAND EXAMPLES of how design and creativity is woven into your DNA. For without music and the arts and the architects of this world~the alchemy and the sciences would lie dormant. Simply put, OUR WORLD WOULD LACK IN POTENTIALS for Balance and for evolution and conscious growth. I AM GRATEFUL and I honor these artists and designers that reflect the ESSENCE OF I AM. ~♥~


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♥The Creative Confidence Series ~ via Margo Renay Sullivan This is a Series of Blogs about Creative Consciousness and Creative Confidence. What is Creativity in Our World? Does it still exist in this now moment? This series will feature viewpoints and perspectives from the active visual artists and musicians, engineers, designers, educators, architects and chefs and so many other reflections in this world of Creative Endeavours. ~margo renay sullivan~

Creative Confidence Series ~ {No. 1} ft. David Kelley, IDEO

♥ The Creative Confidant Series™ ~ via Margo Renay Sullivan This is a Series of Inspirational Activities about Creative Consciousness and Creative Confidence.

What is Creativity in Our World? Does it still exist in this now moment? This series will feature viewpoints perspectives from the active visual artists and musicians, engineers, designers, educators, architects and food designers and chefs and so many other reflections in this world of Sensual Creative Endeavours.

David Kelley
Founder and Chairman of IDEO; Founder of Stanford
Interview on {Discovery Channel}

♥What is curiosity? "Curiosity is just a strategy for learning. I think we're inherently set up to learn stuff, and people who have curiosity just want to learn. And I think it's the highest level of anything you can do -- is have that mindset of "I want to learn more."

♥What makes you curious? ~ "What makes me curious is I've just learned in my life that turning over rocks, and looking under them and taking things apart leads to the most fun that you ever have. As a kid, I would take apart the piano or take apart the radio in the car. And sometimes I'd put it back together, but you just learn so much from looking in new directions."

♥What inspires you? ~ "What really inspires me is my students mostly in that they have all this energy and they have all this curiosity, but they have no framework to put it in. And so it's great being the old guy. I can build the framework and then watch how amazing the things are that they come up with -- it's just like, "I would never go that way!" I have a friend who says the eggs teach the chickens, which I always thought is a great way to think of it."

♥Can anyone be creative? ~ I think creativity is something that everybody has. Look at kindergarteners. They all have this ability to come up with things that are new to the world because they're not blocked in any way. And so I think that ability to leap to new places is what I would call creativity.

Creativity in our culture seems to be in trouble in that everybody thinks it -- you have the gene or you don't have the gene. And I think this is really wrong. I think everybody is creative. And we have this problem that we block creativity. Kids, when they're young, it's something opt out of being creative. It's just easier. It's the same with "I'm not athletic."

A kid says, "I'm not athletic" and then they don't get evaluated anymore on how good a basketball player they are. So some large percentage of kids opt out of being creative by saying "I'm not creative." And that's a way -- a strategy -- so that the teacher doesn't say, "Oh, that's a poor drawing of a horse, Johnny." They don't get critiqued if they say, "I'm not creative." And I think this is a really big problem that they've gone down that path. And so later, by the time they get to me in the university, they've already locked in that they're an analytical person; they're not a creative person, and we spend the time to try to unlock that.
♥How can we unlock creativity? ~ The way you get someone to be confident in their creative ability is to -- you give them an experience that surprises them on how creative they really are. So I probably can't talk you into thinking you're creative. I can't talk you into playing the piano well, but I can teach you. And the way that people buy into owning their creative confidence is that we sit them down, we put them in a situation and we help them. We give them the right water and fertilizer and soil and sunlight. And then we get them to see that they are capable of making these leaps.

And once they've surprised themselves, then they get excited about it. I think a lot of people have walked around thinking of themselves as analytical people for a long time and that they're not creative, but once they actually have experienced that, it's a rush. "Oh, I can come up with these wildly creative ideas." That really leads them to be confident, and they do it more. And they use it in all the decisions in their lives -- not just with respect to their work.

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David Kelley ~ Backstory 

David Kelley’s electrical engineering degree from CMU landed him in the engineering departments of NCR and Boeing, where he eventually discovered that the rigid world of corporate design was not for him. Through a friend, he learned about Stanford’s Joint Program in Design, and happily returned to school.

After earning his master’s in 1978 he started his own design firm, vowing to only work on cool projects with people he liked. The company he founded became IDEO, a worldwide leader in the user-centered design of products, services and environments. IDEO is recognized as much for its process and culture as for its work. In May 2004 a Business Week cover article, “The Power of Design,” profiled IDEO and its work helping companies change the way they innovate.

David also began teaching design at Stanford in 1978, and became a tenured professor in 1991. David now heads Stanford’s, and he is on a mission to add “design thinking” to Stanford’s existing competence of teaching analytical thinking. This will result in students who create delightful design experiences and embrace and promote a culture of innovation.

In Stanford’s 100-year retrospective on the people who most epitomized its tradition of academic excellence, David was recognized for encouraging “the melding of can-do spirit with limitless imagination.” In 2000, he was honored with the annual Chrysler Design Award and elected to the National Academy of Engineering, which recognized him for “affecting the practice of design.” In 2001 the Smithsonian Institute presented David and IDEO with a National Design Award. In 2002, he was named the Donald W. Whittier Professor in Mechanical Engineering. Most recently, David received the 2005 Sir Misha Black Medal for his “distinguished services to design education.”

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jumping in Art Museums: Iranian Emerging Artists Jumping!

Jumping in Art Museums: Iranian Emerging Artists Jumping!:

Don and Hedieh jump for the Bilateral Trace: Four Emerging Artists From Iran exhibition at the Strohl Art Center in Chautauqua, New York. ...