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Update: The Sophia Series Year 3 ~ Gentleness ~ The Feminine Energy ~ via Lea Hamann

♥HEART CONSCIOUSNESS NOTE:The Sophia Series is Representative of the Feminine Core Energies Now Emerging for Integration into Our Collective Body of Consciousness. The Series is Facilitated by Lea Hamann and is Inclusively Guided by and Represented by 18 Original Energy Signatures in concert with The ONES known as The Magdalene; Quan Yin; Sophia; Isis; MotherMary; Yeshua; The Merlin of the Camelot Dimensions and A Supportive Team of Master Energies. I Encourage You To Please Use Your Own Inner Discernment and Inner Truths to Guide You With LOVE...Honor...and Immense Gratitude.

Let Go Of The Drama ~
The Inner and Outer.
Be Gentle and Patient in the 'Waiting Room'~
Often Called the Void.
Where IAM Presence Quietly Arrives ~
In Natural Balance ~ To Express.

©Margo Renay Sullivan, 2009
8 - Gentleness
The Sophia Series - Year 3
Sunday, 04. October 2009
Facilitated by Lea Hamann

I’d like to take this time to talk to you about Gentleness; in order to invite you to get a new feeling or perhaps your first feeling for this energy of “Gentleness”.

Gentleness is an energy that emerges when you feel safe, when you become still, when you come closer to your own soul, to your own source. Gentleness can be found whenever you don’t force yourself, whenever you don’t force others, whenever you simply are.

This is an element that is currently missing on your earth; this gentleness that allows us to take each step more slowly. That allows our bodies more time to heal. That allows us to move more gracefully. That allows us to speak more tenderly, to let our words become a bit softer, a bit more loving. This gentleness is something that is missing, that is missing within the lives of most human beings.

Most people have learnt that when you are aiming to reach a certain goal it doesn’t matter how you go about achieving it. The main thing is that you accomplish your goal. It doesn’t matter how rough you are, how badly you treat your body, if you ignore your feelings or upset others in the process.

The main thing for most people is to reach their goal, whether it is a financial goal, a fitness goal, a career goal. Even a relationship, finding a partner can be a goal that they strive for.

I invite you to perceive what happens when you allow more gentleness within your life. Gentleness is this loving element that lets you know: you don’t have to achieve this goal immediately. You can allow yourself more time. You can be more considerate of yourself, more considerate of the feelings of others. You can begin to be more gentle with yourself.

Observe yourself when you want to reach a certain goal, a certain destination; observe how you get there: do you walk gently? Do you allow your body to move gently so that your muscles don’t cramp, you don’t get winded and you keep a calm and loving balance within yourself?

Or do you rush where you are going and arrive with sore legs, wheezing and stressed?

Gentleness begins whenever you put yourself first within your life. For example, when you get up in the morning – is it about rushing out to your car to get on the road as soon as possible? Is it about making your family’s breakfast quickly and leaving for work as fast as you can? Or do you take your time to perceive yourself and to feel what is important for you, what would be loving for you each morning?

When are you number one within your life; not what you want to achieve, not the goals that you want to reach? How often are you - the human being, the feeling You, your soul, your body, all that you are – your first concern? How often are you the first priority within your life? How often do you take time to be with your feelings? How often do you take time to perceive if you feel hot or cold? How often do you take time to perceive what you would really like to eat, to perceive what would be loving for you? How often do you take time to perceive if your schedule, the daily routine that you follow every day is still appropriate for you?

How often do you allow yourself to feel the moment – what would be loving for you in this now moment? Would you like to sit or to lie? Would you like to move or be still? Would you like to go and do something or would you like to simply be?

How often is it about you within your life? About enjoying yourself and allowing your actions to flow smoothly from one to another throughout your day?

Can you begin to accept more gentleness for yourself? More gentleness, more warmth that may allow you to feel more secure within yourself. To no longer feel exhausted, drained and powerless.


This gentleness that you give yourself strengthens you and allows you to blossom. This gentleness even helps you to bring the essence of your soul onto this earth.

You see: it’s not your self-control, your self-discipline, your strong will that invites your soul to come here onto this earth but this gentleness, this warmth. It is this willingness to be compassionate with yourself that allows for true growth.

This gentleness is present in all of nature that surrounds you. The scientists who examined nature with only their analytical eyes thought that nature is cruel and destructive; that nature is “survival of the fittest”. That is only one aspect of nature.

The more gentle you become within your life, the more love and gentleness you accept for yourself the more you will discover a new quality within nature that was invisible to you before. You will perceive the fragility, the patience, the warmth, the love, the allowing part of nature. You will see the feminine energy, this tender love everywhere in nature. She lives in the rocks, she lives in the water, in the plants and the animals.

And not until you begin to feel her within yourself, within your life - not until then can you perceive her in the external world. Until then this remains invisible to your eyes.

It’s the same with people who haven’t accepted gentleness for themselves and then look at society, look at situations in our world and see only harshness, cruelty and competition. The gentleness that lives within all things remains invisible to them. And this remains invisible and hidden until they begin - deep within themselves - to let gentleness return within their lives.

It is this gentleness that you accept for yourself that will change the world around you.

Now you may ask whether this gentleness that you perceive today has always been there. Were these beautiful things, this New that grows – were they always there and you just couldn’t see it while you were struggling and being so hard on yourself?

Can it be that the world around you is created anew with each breath that you take? And can it be that the more loving you become and the more gentleness you accept for yourself, the more loving and the more gentle the world around you will become?

Are you like the sun who shines his rays onto this earth; brightening this earth, allowing things to grow, bringing spirit and new potentials onto this earth? Are you the source of your life, the creator of your world? And if so, does it make sense to complain about the world around you and keep fighting it – or does it make more sense to begin to change, to become more loving with yourself, to become more gentle with yourself?

If you breathe in more love for yourself, if you allow this gentleness to return within your life – does the external world around you transform into a more gentle world as well, into a world that has more space for patience, for safety and security, for stillness? Could it be that the world is sleeping within you? And when you wake up and let your love flow again the world around you wakes up and lets her love flow again too?

There is a wonderful correlation between you and the world around you. And it’s not as clear-cut as some people would have you believe. The world is not necessarily a “mirror”. Nor are you necessarily responsible for all that happens around you.

I invite you to set aside these beliefs, these games of the mind and discover for yourself. Create your own experience of how the world around you begins to transform as you change. And your mind doesn’t have to understand it: Did I cause this change? Would the world have changed even without me changing? Your mind is not able to grasp this properly.

But deep within you can begin to create your own experience: If you bring more gentleness into your life, if you put yourself first within your own life: how does the world around you respond? What do you feel will be the answer?

You see: you already know from your past experience what happens if you abuse yourself; if you disregard your needs - your need for warmth and safety and security. You already know how cold and cruel the world can be. You already know how the world responds when gentleness is absent from your life.

And so I invite you to consider and to experience what happens, what changes when you begin to let gentleness return within your life.


Gentleness is a form of love that belongs to the feminine energy. It is a form of love that we need in order to grow. A form of love that is currently missing on your earth. This gentleness is so necessary, is so essential for your development.

Some of you may laugh and wonder what’s so important about it. Maybe you think it’s silly to spend so much time on the topic of this “gentleness”. Maybe you think gentleness is just for kids or simpletons who don’t know any better. Maybe you think: I have no need for this gentleness. I can manage my life just fine without it. I’m doing okay without taking special care of myself, without all this gentleness.And your mind actually does believe that you’re better off not worrying about taking care of yourself but paying attention to what’s expected of you, what you must accomplish, what you have to prove to yourself.

For your mind all of these thoughts are much more important. It’s much more important to achieve something, to be someone. Reaching your goal quickly is much more important than how you get there.

And I want to invite you to observe: what happens when you are harsh and cruel with yourself? What do you create? What do you let grow within your life with this behavior? When you sacrifice, when you push yourself past your limit and do things that hurt you: what do you bring into your life with this behavior?

Do you really believe that you can attain the abundance that you hope for when you’re not loving towards yourself? Do you really believe that you can find this wonderful prosperity that you imagine way off in the distance when you are stingy for what lies in your heart?

Do you really believe that you can get what you desire, what is loving, what is fulfilling for you when you are harsh and cruel with yourself, impatient with yourself? What do you really achieve by being impatient? What do you create when you bring impatience – and impatience – and more impatience into your life? Your life is a part of nature. Your life is a garden. And what happens when you bring this impatience, this harshness, this cruelty into your garden; these vibrations, these energies that influence everything that grows?

Perceive your creations. Perceive the plants that are touched by this impatience, this harshness, this cruelty. What happens to them? How do they grow? Which fruits do they bear? How much love do they produce when there isn’t anything other than these vibrations of harshness, of lack, of sacrifice in your garden?

Allow yourself to feel: each moment of your life you influence your creations, you influence everything that grows; you influence the quality, the love, the sweetness of the creations that want to grow within your life. How much time do you allow for your creations to ripen? How much gentleness do you give yourself while your creations grow? How much love, how much encouragement, how much warmth do you give yourself daily?
Yeshua (Jesus) didn’t say “You will know them by their fruits” just for the sake of saying it.
Now you don’t have to start judging whether you’re a good or bad person by what creations are appearing in your life – that’s the foolish misinterpretation of this metaphor that came afterwards. But you can begin to notice how much love a person is willing to accept for themselves. You can begin to notice how much gentleness a person allows themselves by what is appearing in their life.

The life of each human being is a garden. And you will be able to sense how people care for themselves; whether they are open and loving or harsh and cruel with themselves. You will know by their creations.


Human beings are beginning to learn that it doesn’t make sense to struggle to achieve results, to struggle to reach a goal. They are beginning to discover that it matters more how you treat yourself while your creation grows.

Today’s research is beginning to consider what happens when an embryo grows in the womb of a mother who lives with this harshness, struggle and fear within herself. And so every day this unborn baby receives this message, feels this energy of harshness, struggle and fear.

The research is beginning to show that it’s not only important to eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise and do all the right things but more importantly – how much gentleness this mother accepts.

How much gentleness does this mother-to-be allow? How much love, warmth, safety and security does she accept for herself? That is the message that her unborn baby receives – every day. It either receives the message of harshness, struggle and fear or it receives this loving vibration of gentleness and warmth, safety and security – every day.
Your creations listen to you. Your creations will either thrive or stop growing depending on how much gentleness you accept for yourself.
The research is also beginning to discover that just because a baby is born physically healthy it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a mentally healthy, happy, balanced baby – that it has a true chance to live a loving, secure life. What really tips the balance is the inner attitude of the mother during and after the pregnancy. And if the mother creates even a tiny drop of the vibration of gentleness each day this tiny drop of gentleness will allow a “cushion” of love and warmth and trust to ripen within this new human being that will never be lost. It might get buried underneath some painful experiences but this cushion of trust that has grown deep within will never disappear entirely.

And so I invite you to consider this example and ask yourself: what kind of mother are you for your life, for your creations? Even if you are a man, allow yourself to experience and feel: what kind of mother are you for your life, for the new life that is growing within you right now?

Can you allow yourself to accept more gentleness, more love and warmth for yourself? Can you begin, breath by breath, to be a mother who puts herself first within her life, who puts her own well-being, her own contentment, her own happiness first because she knows: if I am well, relaxed and content I will radiate this calm, this safety, security and love into the world with each breath, radiate this into my life, my family, my work, all my projects, my body, into all that is.

But if you won’t put yourself first, if you only focus on attaining your goals, performing your best, meeting other’s expectations of you – what energy do you then radiate into the world? What hardness, what emptiness do you radiate with each breath? An emptiness that touches everything, that touches everything that exists within your world.

What kind of message do you want to bring into this world? What kind of person do you want to be? Do you want to be a source of love? Do you want to be a person whose life is carried by gentleness? Do you want to be the vibration of gentleness and tenderness that is so needed here on earth, that is so needed within your life?

You decide. You decide with each new breath. You decide within each new moment what kind of mother you want to be for your life. This word “mother” doesn’t refer only to infants, to children. Can you perceive that all of your creations are like children that come into this world and want to grow and thrive and let all the beauty they carry within them emerge?


It doesn’t matter whether it is a beautiful child or a beautiful project. It doesn’t matter. The process is the same. The energetic dynamics are the same.

And it is so very important at this time that human beings – both men and women – remember again what the feminine way of creation really is, what the feminine way of bringing the New onto the earth means. It’s so important that men and women remember this loving way that allows their creations to grow with so much more love, with so much more abundance, with so much more beauty, with so much more joy within their lives again.

You don’t have to work more. You don’t have to rush more, or expend more energy. Maybe it’s time for more gentleness within your life. Gentleness that may hold you, that may be felt in everything that you do, in every step that you take. Gentleness that invites you to become slower, to become more compassionate with yourself, to become more considerate of your feelings, your wellbeing – every day.

Maybe it’s time to no longer focus only on the goals of your mind but to also perceive the path that wants to arise within you and through you each day. And what kind of path do you choose for yourself? Is it a gentle, loving path or do you still choose the harsh and cruel path? The path of scarcity and lack. The path where you place everything and everyone above you, where you don’t have any value, where you are unworthy of love and warmth, safety and security.

You choose. You choose the quality of your life for yourself. And it doesn’t make you a better human being. You become a different human being. Gentleness will change you, will transform you, will allow the beauty within you to come to the surface and sparkle, will let your creations grow in a flowing and graceful way.


Gentleness. Gentleness is the energy that I would like to invite you to play with in the coming month. Gentleness is the key, the key for becoming a more loving mother for your life, for your creations and for yourself.

This is my invitation for you. To accept more gentleness for yourself even if your mind doesn’t really understand how that will work; your soul holds so much gentleness for you that there is no way you can miss.
Give yourself permission to begin to accept more of this loving gentleness for yourself.

Translated into English by Silvia Striebeck. Edited by Eva Smarda Carney,

About channeling:
Channeling is about receiving energy. It is an invitation for you, dear reader, to open for more of yourself and become more conscious. As you read this text you are most welcome to decide for yourself what feels right for you and what doesn’t. There is no such thing as an absolute truth that is valid for everyone. There are many truths and you may choose the one that resonates with you today. On your path of spiritual awakening this may indeed change. Sophia’s extends her love and support if you wish to receive it, right where you are in this moment - you don’t have to do a thing in return.

About Sophia:
Sophia is a feminine energy supporting the awakening and evolution of humanity with her understanding and wisdom. Her messages are simple and profound. Lea Hamann has been working for some time in her personal and professional life with Sophia’s energy. In 2007 Lea started to channel Sophia publicly. Sophia has accompanied us since then in monthly channels called the Sophia-Series. She assists us in rediscovering the feminine energy of our soul.

Feminine energy doesn’t necessarily mean being female. Both men and women have a feminine part of their soul. This feminine principle helps us to receive abundance, to develop our creations and to live our life in deep trust. In today’s world most humans have a tendency to be imbalanced as they rely much more on their masculine energy. Sophia has emphasized many times how important it is to be connected to the feminine energy in order to enjoy a loving and balanced life.

About Lea Hamann: Lea Hamann, born in 1982, works as a teacher and compassionate guide to humans on their path of spiritual awakening. She teaches conscious breathing and the re-connection to the feminine energy through private sessions and workshops.

Sophia’s wisdom is an inseparable part of Lea’s work. Sophia’s love is always present in her sessions and workshops. Lea Hamann lives together with her partner Matthias Kreis in Königstein im Taunus, Germany.

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'Infinite Eyes of the Dove' ~ by Margo Renay Sullivan ~

Infinite Eyes of the Dove...

Passionate Expressions.
Artistic Impressions.

Eternal Flights.
Inner Lights.

Loving Shadow Dances.
Practical Romances.

God/Goddess is Creatively Active As

Always In Motion.
Even When Stilled
At the Beaute' of Life.

Created by aka Margo Renay Sullivan
December 2009
A Heart Consciousness Collection Series II

Creative Commons License by" Margo Renay (Sullivan) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

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Re~Post: AOMusic: The Creative Adventure via Richard Gannaway

A ♥Heart Consciousness Note: I am sharing this amazing group of Creators that my own brother Eric introduced me to recently with a special gift for my 'birthday'. The profound compositions and musical extensions and expressions flowed with such simplicity and yet of mathematical genius.  AO Music colloborates with children and musicians worldwide. This is a natural state of joy where technology and tonials shift consciousness into so many exquisite potentials.
~margo renay sullivan~


Youth - the vibrant, unguarded human presence & easiest example of beauty, hyper-intelligence & naturally occurring brotherhood

The present cycle of change and its simple need for lightheartedness & tolerance

The singularity of Music, Color, Shape & Movement

The overwhelming evidence that any natural system, unobstructed, is UNITY, is MUSIC, is LOVE

AOMUSIC - "One Kaleo" from the 2011 album release "...and Love Rages On!" from AOMUSIC on Vimeo.
Push pause on Music Box before Playing Video.

 The Primary Creators:

An extraordinary pan-cultural musical experience, produced, composed & performed by four international recording artists ~ Richard Gannaway, Jay Oliver, Miriam Stockley, Sandeep Chowta).

AOMUSIC is vibrant, cinematic & intoxicatingly rhythmic—described by critics as "astonishing" (see reviews)... The immediate freshness of this sound is vitalizing—a true universal expression, unlike anything ever produced...

Key ingredients in AOMUSIC's unique expression are deep rhythmic textures, powerful vocal ensembles from children throughout the world & the dynamic multi-layered vocal tracks of Miriam Stockley... Refrain lyrics are often a variety of ancient languages or carefully crafted phonetics, chosen for their shape... The impression is fresh & exotic from any place on the earth...

Push pause on music box before playing video


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What is Your Natural Talent? ~ Sir Ken Robinson

What Is Your Natural Talent?

A ♥Heart Consciousness Note: This is one of the most remarkable talks from Sir Ken Robinson I have listened to. It IS inspiring to my spirit yet sprinkled with a little humour at our human assumptions and I found my Whole Being listening. It is one of those moments when you realize that the platforms are unveiling. As Sir Ken says 'Life is not Linear. It is Organic...' Our Educational systems must reflect the same. Simply put, our children's spirit in all of us must be passionately inspired to participate instead of expected to. And that is An un-expected JOY!
"Very many people go through their whole lives having no real sense of what their talents may be, or if they have any to speak of.” (Ken Robinson)

Sir Ken Robinson
TED2010 TedTalks ~ February 2010

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From Sir Ken Robinson's PERSONAL BLOG:
In 2006 I spoke at TED about developing children’s natural powers of creativity and imagination. Returning to TED in 2010 I wanted to focus on the need for a radical shift in education more generally. Reforming education is rightly seen as one of the biggest challenges of our times. In my view, reform is not enough: the real challenge is to transform education from a 19th century industrial model into a 21st century process based on different principles.

Current systems of education are based on the manufacturing principles of linearity, conformity and standardization. The evidence is everywhere that they are failing too many students and teachers alike. A primary reason is that human development is not linear and standardized, it is organic and diverse. People, as opposed to products, have hopes and aspirations, feelings and purposes. Education is a personal process. What and how young people are taught have to engage their energies, imaginations and their different ways of learning.

jose de bara ii
 In this talk, I make a passing reference to fast food. Let me elaborate briefly. In the catering business, there are two main methods of quality assurance. The first is standardizing. If you have a favorite fast food brand, you can go to any outlet anywhere and know exactly what you will find: same burger, fries, cola, décor, and attitudes. Everything is standardized and guaranteed. By the way, this “cheap” food is also contributing to the most costly epidemic of diabetes and obesity in human history. But at least the standards are guaranteed.

The other method of quality assurance are the star ratings guides, like Michelin. These methods do not prescribe what’s on the menu, when restaurants should open, or how they should be decorated. They set out criteria of excellence and it’s up to each restaurant to meet them in their own way.

They can be French, Mexican, Italian, Indian, American or anything else. They can open when they choose, serve what they like and hire whom they want. In general they are much better than fast food and offer a higher standard of service. The reason is that they are customized to local markets and personalized to the people they serve.

jose de barra ii
 Education reform movements are often based on the fast food model of quality assurance: on standardization and conformity. What’s needed is a much higher standard of provision based on the principles of personalized learning for every child and of schools customizing their cultures to meet local circumstances.

This is not a theory. There are schools everywhere that demonstrate the practical power of these principles to transform education. The challenge is not to take a single model to scale but to propagate these principles throughout education so that teachers, parents, students and principals develop their own approaches to the unique challenges they face in their own communities.

Standardization tends to emphasize the lowest common denominator. Human aspirations reach much higher and if the conditions are right they succeed. Understanding those conditions is the real key to transforming education for all our children.


Who IS Ken Robinson?
Ken Robinson: Author/Educator

Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson challenges the way we're educating our children. He champions a radical rethink of our school systems, to cultivate creativity and acknowledge multiple types of intelligence.

Why you should listen to him:
Why don't we get the best out of people? Sir Ken Robinson argues that it's because we've been educated to become good workers, rather than creative thinkers. Students with restless minds and bodies -- far from being cultivated for their energy and curiosity -- are ignored or even stigmatized, with terrible consequences. "We are educating people out of their creativity," Robinson says. It's a message with deep resonance. Robinson's TEDTalk has been distributed widely around the Web since its release in June 2006. The most popular words framing blog posts on his talk? "Everyone should watch this."

A visionary cultural leader, Sir Ken led the British government's 1998 advisory committee on creative and cultural education, a massive inquiry into the significance of creativity in the educational system and the economy, and was knighted in 2003 for his achievements. His latest book, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, a deep look at human creativity and education, was published in January 2009.

"Ken's vision and expertise is sought by public and commercial organizations throughout the world."
~BBC Radio 4~


The Original Talk from Sir Ken Robinson
Ted Talk Series ~ Feb. 2006

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