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Are You Original? Article by Lea Hamann

Are You Original?
Articles - Lea's Blog
Written by Lea Hamann
Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Yesterday a lady told me that she is about to start a new business as a massage therapist. She learned a lot in the courses she took and now she can't wait to start. Unfortunately she met some people with rather old beliefs about starting something new.

'You have to make a business plan first', said one person. 'Did you already register yourself as a massage therapist? Do you have a practice where you can do the massages?' The questions just kept coming.

This is how she felt before: Relaxed, curious, eager to start, maybe a little unsure.

This is how she felt after the avalanche of questions: Afraid, numb, paralyzed, ready to drop her new project.

Artist: John Grillo, Serotica
So in a matter of moments, we can lose the true connection to what we are doing and get into a fear storm of the mind. Wow! And from my point of view I have to say that most people are constantly going around spreading fear. It's very likely that you will be met with fear and rejection while you start your new business adventure.

This summer one leaf of a potentially harmful plant was found in a packet of rocket (a very tasty kind of salad) in Germany. And Germany went crazy. Imagine what fear can do with one leaf of salad! During the whole summer nobody bought rocket. Fear can paralyze us. Fear can distract us from our own truth. So what can you do when you meet people that are more than happy to spread some fear and make you feel panicky? Tell them 'no thank you' and walk away. Don’t let them spoil the joy that you feel about new things that are evolving in your life.

artist: feng chiang jiang

During our session the lady came back to her original feeling of happiness about starting her new adventure. And instead of asking fear driven people what to do - she started listening to her soul. And her soul told her a different story. She discovered that her soul has a very simple and very truthful idea about starting her business. And it's not like everyone else would do it. It's not the linear path that the mind would like to chose (boring!). It's original. It's extraordinary. I marvel every day at the fact that everything I needed to start my work was a phone. And I already had that. All the other stuff, the website and my seminars - came much later without any struggle. It came because the time was right.

And where do you go, when you chose a doctor, a painting for your living room, an architect to build your house? Do you call Mr. Normal who does it like everyone else, who will cringe at everything that is not mediocre and grey? Or do you want to hire someone who has soul, who has character who is authentic and original? I would rather hire this person!

It's interesting that some so called business people advise us to do things that cause the opposite of becoming successful.

Find your own way. Don’t think it through too much. Let your soul show you the easy and graceful way. Maybe you feel self conscious at first, because so much of yourself becomes visible. But on the other hand - isn't that beautiful? We want to see you. Not another generic person who tries to fit in.

So my thought of the day is: be original!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Message From Isis ~ New Breath Article by Norma Delaney

Message From Isis
New Breath™ Articles by Norma Delaney

'Isis is willing to be the embodiment of pure creativity.
Every moment, creating, creating new.'

This is our time to connect. In this connection I will transmit a vibration, as well as words, just for you. You can best prepare yourself to receive by settling back into your chair, and begin the receiving of your Conscious Breath.

Just keep sinking deeper into your belly, deeper into your belly. Will each one of you take a moment to let yourself sink deep into your belly? Yes, this is the pure way, sinking, sitting in the bowl of your belly. Each human has this sweet space; you can sit in your belly.

This space is in truth the chalice. The exquisite chalice that people went hunting for forever. This chalice, much like the hipbones of you hold your sacred space, for it is the sacred home of you. Your Soul of you, this Sacredness that is you.

As you sink and let your consciousness melt come home. Home to being held in the cradle, the cradle/chalice of this exquisite energy of you. Yes, it will caress you and hold you if you sink deeply into this sacred space. Your soul is such brilliant miracle, way beyond the comprehension of a limited mind.

Earlier I was telling the story of an abused child. It is so important to notice that when you are physically abused, the soul will help you leave the physical body. Don’t you know that’s one of the reasons you have a third eye? It’s a great trap door. Escape, run away, get out of here. Stop being in the body are the key energies the soul will transmit to the human. They’re hitting the body; it’s painful, it hurts. Get out of physical experiencing. Use your psychic ability to sit above the body, to not feel.

The soul lovingly says: “Come, I’ll help you. Together we can be gone.” The physical body is then vacated partially. You cannot completely disconnect or you would be dead. Just the raising up to the shoulder level or above is enough so that you no longer feel. You go numb; you go to sleep. Sleep for a small child many times seems safe; it is like being in death. For this young child who is being traumatized physically. Or if a child is in a household with very noisy energetic parents who emit great boisterous sounds, many times the sounds bombard the physical body and so the child will go to sleep, and leave the body.

This ability is to maintain survival. Survive, run away from all of this that bombards the physical self, is the primary way the Soul helps a human. The Soul knows the human needs time to evolve. The physical says: “Wow! This is way too many feelings, too much pain, I must leave.” The soul says: “I’ll show you how.” So the soul wraps around this space that allows us to go away, go hide, yes. It is a survival mechanism that is so brilliantly created. It is a tool that the soul uses so that we can survive being in a physical form, a physical body, until we mature. Once we evolve and learn how to be in a body, fulltime we begin the experience of a divine human, not a limited fearful human.

This earth world is the world of duality. Humans play both games, dark and light, to experience the fullness that is offered. The fullness to know what it is to be limited; the fullness of being empowered and truly remember: When we awaken we remember what it is to be an authentic creator!

By living fully humans play both halves of the game. Then as you look across the way and see another human playing a game, you can have compassion. Having had the experience allows compassionate awareness.

Games are amazing learning tools for these children parts of each human. And as you have compassion for yourself, compassion for being human, and compassion for others transformation begins.

Only the courageous and brave are willing to be a human, did you know that? You are most amazing! Yes. This is why we urge you, please honor you, please honor the brilliance of you for daring to be in physical form, to taste, to touch, to smell, to hear, to be this alive one that you are, to pretend you have forgotten everything. It is very brave to pretend but its part of the game.
Yea! You pretend so wonderfully! Whether it’s pretending that your key won’t open a door or pretend you don’t understand, it is all hiding you from you. For whatever, the pretend is to keep you playing your games as you evolve, as you bloom into who and what you truly are.

A small child often wears the costume of its mother to say: “Look at me; I’m pretending to be all grown up.” And you smile, laugh and to acknowledge the game. Then you will say: “Oh! You are doing so well.” It is the same with the other games, that cause physical pain. You continue until you realize: "I do not have to keep inflicting pain anymore. I could love me. I could love me. Am I willing to love me so much that I hear this brilliant truth coming from the core of me?"

Yes, this is an amazing discovery, the willingness to be the fullness of you.
Some of you have heard us tell the story about daring to be the Sheppard. The Sheppard is the one who stands bravely and tall so all of the sheep, the aspects of self can see the Sheppard as he or she stands steady saying: “Come, come, I am the Way Shower.” That is what the Sheppard is. The Sheppard is the doorway, or way shower for all the sheep, the aspects of self. Are you willing to be this voice of authority, this leader for self? Are you willing to be the one who inspires the sheep to come home? Every little aspect of you can come home. Come home because you have such unconditional compassion and love.

These are not words you can speak casually. You must demonstrate it. Every day the Sheppard and the sheep live together; you must remain consistent and demonstrate it. It is not what you say but it is the living demonstration. Every day, by staying home in the sacred core of you, be the true Sheppard for yourself. This is the new strength of living fully. Whether you are playing the game called Moses leading the many, whether you are playing the game of being the Sheppard to the sheep of aspects of self, your new sacred personal flock called your New Life.

This is the journey offered to every human. Stay the limitation you believe you are, or dare to allow you to become who you truly are, as an awakened Divine human.

In the time of me, Isis it was our goal to be the embodiment of our Soul/human. This is basically what is offered now. Let the love affair between the Soul and its human creation flow and grow.

Come, come, you can always be safe with me as the Divine Human, becomes the new theme song. Be the light of safeness and love, unending. Every fiber, every sheep aspect, every memory, every belief, every game of me falling into love and coming home.

When they look into this space of you, this voice of authority, the alpha leader of you, are they inspired to trust or are they just sitting hoping and pretending? Maybe this time we can trust you, you will not run away.

Know it! It is the declaration that you are done with running away. You are willing to be all that you are. Yes, willing to stop saying I choose and be the new choice. Now is the time to demonstrate it. Are you willing to be all that you are to inspire the aspects of you? Be authentic for all of the game playing parts, the stories and adventures of the history of You?

Is that not what Moses did as he looked into the face of each of those who followed him? He consciously announced “Come, for you are but a part of me. Come, I’ll show you a new way. I’ll show you a new way to truly live.” He asked many “Are you willing to come with me?” We will leave this space, where we used to live, the land of stories and rules and oppression and we will wander together. But I promise to lead you, to lead you in a new way that you might see and remember who and what you really are.

A human who is a vibration of endless creativity.We call this the pathway of Radiance. The path of Radiance will go before, if you allow this new you to be the True you who is living in this body in this lifetime.

All to see who are willing to see with their soul eyes not the silly limited human eyes, for those eyes have been trained to see with fear. As you remove those glasses and see from the soul eyes, we see the path of Radiance that is laid out before you. You will lead them to live as a new dynamic human.

Moses did this earthly demonstration to inspire many. Awaken! Awaken to see your path before you. Are you willing? Are you willing to stop being the sheep who follow, to be the Sheppard who leads? Are you willing?

This is all that is the teachings of Isis. Isis is willing to be the embodiment of pure creativity. Every moment, creating, creating new. Every moment, willing. And then, the invitation is: will you?

It is not that Isis is the final answer. She comes only to inspire. If you are willing to be this fountain of endless creativity, will you? Breathe this soul vibration, this brilliance of all that you are, endless, compassionate creativity.

Breathe so deeply, receiving, receiving the dazzling rays of creativity. Will you allow? Will you allow? Yes, for Isis wants to share this gift for you to embody into physical form and be here now.

As the leader of this Isis gathering, we, compassionately loving, invite you to be the brilliance of your Soul flow. Like many things, in life like day and night, for in this realm of duality there is always a beginning, a middle and an end. Much like your garden flowers. There is a bud, full bloom and then they go back to sleep to return to the earth again.

So it was with the original School of Isis. The flowing of the Isis teachings that said: dare to be, dare to be this living embodiment. Dare to be, not to follow, not to copy but to be. Be, this vessel of pure creativity. It is very different, from how the mind describes creativeness.
Are you willing to be the embodiment of this Soul that you are, and brave enough for others to see the authentic you? Do not run away, do not hide, do not fear that you will overwhelm them for in truth you will inspire them when you shine. Receive this compassionate love that invites: Come, come follow me.

All Moses said was, I am not grander than, or better than. He invited others to awaken. He urged, come, come, I do this to remind you, you can do it too. So above, so on earth “Be the authentic one called you” in human form. I am this isness that is heaven and earth coming together to be the fullness, radiating for others to see. Inspire, awaken, awaken, remember who you really are for your Soul does know.

The more you breathe with your Soul to hear her, to feel her, to receive and fall in love with who you really are, this doorway opens. Your Isis energy is only inviting: “Will you be who you really are?

Will you dare to be the isness of all that is, the fullness, the truth of you? Are you willing to be so brave to inspire the others to remember who and what they are?”

For in this time, in this vibrational space, there is the fullness of knowing you will be safe to awaken, safe to awaken now. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Come deeper into your belly if you are feeling the fear. That is a lie; the fear is a lie. Do not be afraid, you will not be harmed in this lifetime. It is safe to awaken now, to be who you really are, for heaven and earth are coming together for this inviting you to flow into the greatness of all that I you are.

Isis comes at this time to urge you to be willing to dare to embody into who you truly are, the Divine Human. Dare! Dare to awaken. Dare to awaken. Dare to bloom that they might see, to be inspired, to remember. “Ah! It’s only me!” Awaken! Awaken to this greater truth, this greater truth. A breath at the time, a breath at a time.

For the flowers in their brilliance demonstrate over and over: they bloom a breath at a time, a petal at the time, a breath at a time. They do not explode in one moment of time. They do it gently, gently.

So we invite you too: one step at the time, one breath at the time. Yes, yes, yes. Standing on the brilliance of your soul, she will hold you tightly, saying: “Come, open to us, open to us to be all that we are, the “is” of the universe, the “is” of all “is” to flow into me. Daring that I might be, for you to see.” Nothing more, nothing less.

So much more than this little mind can comprehend. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Do it very compassionately, compassionately. Yes, a breath at a time, a breath at a time. Yes.

Yes, thank you. Thank you for letting us share with you. Thank you.
Copyright © Norma Delaney 2004-2010

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The Full Bloom by Margo Renay Sullivan ~ Video Creation by Arass9

The Full Bloom

The amazing simplicity and elegance
of Water and Florals is the opening of
Our Hearts.

The inner waves.
The conscious feelings.
No woo~woo or special mantras.
Just the love of being.
The particles of living.
The tools of loving.

Are there new tools to create with?
New Blossoms?
New Lifestyles?
New Joys?
New Energy?
New Examples?
New ME?
New YOU?

In every breath.
In every water drop

~margo renay sullivan~

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Where Dreams Are Created ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

Where Dreams Are Created

The Most Delicate of Blossom Seeds
Often Withstand the Greatest of Storms
To Create a New and Wiser Perspective...
For They Move Easy in the Center of the Winds
Where Dreams are Created.

-Margo Renay Sullivan~
image: jonathan earl bowser.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Secret Treasure Within ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

The Secret Treasure Within
©Margo Renay Sullivan – January, 1993

The secret is within all of us.
There are men and women
who search the world
With the sole intent—
Of crossing the world’s plains
So as to return to boast

of their phenomenal discoveries
And warn of golden treasures
that we’re missing.

Other men and women
cloak the imagination
Of their higher minds
and their own stillness
With perceived walls
of insulation.

So thick in depth—
Even the powerful cries
of the Sacred Heart
Can not penetrate.

These sounds bounce and echo
Back and forth against the inner soul
Shielded from the outer world.

Still, others seek eternal vitality and youth.
The drive dominates their thoughts
and troubles their souls.

These men and women
interrogate the elders—
Who radiate life through a knowing Presence
and an open heart.

These seekers repeat the question…
What’s your secret?

Our human body and soul and mind and heart
Finds its own destiny.

And we free ourselves
of such ancient methods.

Laughter ~ Lightness ~ Levity ~ Actively Being
Our own secret treasure within all of us…
The Gift of Sovereign Love.

Copyright © 2008-2012 by Margo Renay Sullivan. All Rights Reserved. Unless Otherwise Noted.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Goddess Gardens ~ A Visual Inspiration ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

The Goddess Gardens ~ A Visual Inspiration
 "The Solutions cannot be found at the same levels
they were created at..."

Just ask Mother Earth.
Big Goddess Sentinent Being Gaia.
The infinite and the finite
create stillness and movement
in one Creation...
True Creativity combines the
Divine Body of Consciousness
at its most precious expression and expansion
in form as The Conscious Human Being.

image: jean luc bozzoli

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Goddess Gardens: What Does Stuck Energy Look Like?

Stuck Energy
Have You Ever Had that Stuck Energy Feeling?
Don't Let The "Old Stones" Block your Circle Of Love.

With Love, Light, and Great Laughter!
Margo Renay Sullivan

Photo Credit: Reflections ~ Sun Valley, Idaho

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

'The Quantum Leap of Life' ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

'The Quantum Leap of Life'
~ Margo Renay Sullivan, 2012

The New Energy Human
The New Starseeds
The coccooning IS ending.
The New Energy Human IS the Living Creator ~
The New Energy Human IS Profoundly Curious ~
The New Energy Human IS Conscious and Aware.

The New Energy Human IS an Explorer of Potentials ~
The New Energy Human IS Vibrationally Discerning~
The New Energy Human IS Open to All New Experiences ~
The New Energy Human IS Freedom In Expression.

The New Energy Human IS moving
with gentle yet powerful action...
Without compromising Sovereignty
or The New Apps of the MacroHeart.

The New Energy Human IS Simply Bridging
from the MicroHeart to the MacroHeart of Creation.

88:88~222~ 11.11 ~ 12.12 ~Margo Renay Sullivan~

Creative Confidant Collections.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Feminine HeartBeat ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

The Feminine HeartBeat
by Margo Renay ~ May 2008

Love has no opposites…
Only different degrees
Of expression and expansion.

Diamonds have no flaws
Only natural variations
Of crystalline geometry in formation.

A Mother’s heart has no needs or conditions…
Only the perfection of the purest desires
For harmony and balance
That discovers and flows
With the unseen forces of Life itself.

 Heart Consciousness Collections.
Creative Commons License