Friday, June 29, 2012

A Creative Confidant Whoosh! Note ~♥~ Particles of Love by Margo Renay Sullivan

A Creative Confidant Whoosh! Note

Particles of Love
Never underestimate Your Own Power
of Adamantine particles Commanded by LOVE.
For denial is but simply the desire to continue life
as a struggle and of conflict.
Thus creating a mis-trust of your creations
and yes, they are your creations.
Yet, these expressions
will lead to self love and trust.
~margo renay sullivan~
June 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

Innovative Musical Artiste': Owl City ~ New Release

♥Heart Consciousness Note: The Artiste' within is destined to compose and sing its own harmonics. It is one of the magnificient treasures of experiencing life in the physical realm. From my perspective, it is the healing nature of music that sparks and then advances an inner peace. Are there more complexities to life and Gaia and the Cosmos? Of course. Are there millions of other expressions of the Creator? Of course. Are we a genuine expression of the harmonics or music? YES. This artiste' Adam Young is so inspired to use consciously the technology and his voice to open the channels we all each hold and dance to within our creations. ~margo renay sullivan~

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2010 Release: Legend of the Guardians

The Film In Tandum:

Friday, June 22, 2012

What is The Quantum Field? Contemporary Magi Expression

artwork by ~ 'Trust'

The Quantum Field:
The Quantum Field is a term from quantum physics. Quantum comes from the Latin word quantus for “how much”. In quantum physics a quantum particle is the smallest particle unit that is involved in an interaction. A quantum particle is considered to be an indivisible particle. For example, a photon is a quantum particle of light. On the largest scale, the universal, the universe itself is a quantum particle of all there is.

The concept of quantum field at the universal level then is that of the indivisible wholeness of the universe, or Quantum Holism. In this system, all possibilities exist within the smallest of quanta, or particle, thus all information may be accessed from the whole and explained in a relational fashion. This is the meaning of microcosm and macrocosm, the whole is contained in the parts and the parts represent the whole.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

A Creative Confidant Whoosh! Note ~♥~ 'Wisdom' ~ August 2011

A Creative Confidant Whoosh! Note

is only the mind's linear collections of experience.
is its benefactor for all fragments, forms and aspects
of your Soul signature.
©margo renay sullivan

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Integrating With My Presence ~' impossibly beautiful'

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Note For a Child
 'impossibly beautiful'
Light of Aidan ~ 2011

'I am the question and you are the answer
I am the lyric with words, who, like dancers,
Need you, the melody, to give life to my song
I am a boat in the sea all alone
You are the North Star, guiding me home
I'm the explorer and you are the treasure I seek

And how can I dare to believe
I wake from this dream to see
Impossibly beautiful, you walk beside me
And all that I see in you
I just want to be with you
Impossibly beautiful, but beautifully true
I am a Japanese house made of paper
You, like a hurricane, lay me to waste
Here in my brokenness, everything changes but you'

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Conscious Creative Gift That You Are ~ Created by Margo Renay Sullivan

The Conscious Creative Gift That You Are
The Gift That You Re-Member Within
Is The Gift That You Are...

And Share With Another...
And Another
And Another
The Radiant Solutions
Flowing From The Unseen Love Particles
Of Your Life ~ Force In Expression...
Micros To Macros.

Simply Put, You Can Flourish
Into Worlds Upon Worlds
Starting From This Point Of Perception...

And So It Is.
And So You Are.
And So You Become.
With Every Breath.
With Every Smile.
With Every Loving Expression. 

With Loving Smiles and Dancing Eyes...

I Am That I Am.
I Am Love.
And So Are You.
a.k.a. Margo Renay Sullivan

Written by Margo Renay Sullivan
September 2009

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Inspires Your Soul? ~ ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

WE have asked the question.
What Inspires Your Soul?

Surely, more than just a lecture and a whisper. Surely more than another's princely cloak. Surely, more than what has already been unveiled and healed. Surely more than what your 'briddled' mind tells you. RUN WILD. LET GO and allow your INSPIRATION to hold the reins.

So Take a Moment and Answer:
What Inspires YOU?

What Inspires Your Soul?
Margo Renay Sullivan~ September 2010
Simply put, my Consciousness is Inspired and motivated by Artists and Musicians as the pulse and passion is the truth of my Sovereignty and Freedom. It is part of my own elemental quote the Masters. Harmonics or Balance achieved within your entire body of Consciousness is vital to Creation and Expansion.

So many strive to dress and impress others in cloaks of so called selfless service...only to discover an empty heart full of unfulfilled dreams and angry feelings towards new Energy  concepts. It is about discernment and listening and fine tuning the feelings. From my expanding view, the potential balance must be really Exercised! ~ Enjoyed! ~  Embraced! fully now.

When you keep staring at the 'old mirror' of your choices or looking for the answer outside of Yourself ~ Your Presence stares too ~ with You. Through You.  And waits with patience.

The Creator within the aware You wants to create new now.  So What IS THE STUMBLING BLOCK? Too much over analysis of your galactic/angelic history and past human limiting choices will block the increased frequencies...or so I have recently noticed. Stop judging those choices. View the choices as YOUR old professor ~ a very wise wise ONE too. Try to remember that you have played many many dramatic and improvisational roles on the Universal and Celestial Stage.

What suprises my Presence the most in this moment IS the fear to really express and try something that feels good and is natural...a natural vision and gift that you carry within your grand treasure may be humour... it may be engineering... it may be music or dance or may be food sciences. or a million other gifts. Take a breath and listen. So What Inspires YOUR SOUL...DIVINE HUMAN?


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The New Earth Diamonds. An Encounter With Angelics. ~ Margo Renay

 The New Earth Diamonds.
An Encounter.
Five Photos That Radiate Angelic Access
and Multi-Dimensional Consciousness
Co-Created by Margo Renay Sullivan
July 1, 2010 ~ (7.1.2010)

The Prelude~

I AM Consciously Creating With The Family Presence of the ArcAngels affectionaly called 'The A Team' as a Prelude to Heaven On Earth ~ Clear and Vibrant Energy. I will share The Simplicity We So Often Miss and Doubt. I have experienced this High Definition Experience with Rainbows of such Depth and Pure Love Often. Yet Now, it is truly truly such a profound JOY...and to see MY OWN Colours in The Diamond Prisms In the SKY is AMAZING.

The Little Miracle ~
The Monsoon Season began in Tucson, Arizona USA with a fresh and clear rain. I felt a nudge within to jump in the car and take a short drive where I play my music and create. In this beaute' moment, I felt Michael and Sananda and the whole team embracing with IMMENSE LOVE.

I have experienced THESE COLOURS here in Tucson. I said, "I AM THAT I AM. I need a material picture of this realm." And instantly, I drove by a man taking pictures...I simply asked him if he could send them to me...and he said,"Of will see them in about an hour."

My JOY cannot be expressed beyond the ENERGY IN THESE photos. See What Speaks to YOU! Here is their ESSENCE. Somewhere Over the Rainbows is RIGHT HERE in your Heart. I was speaking outloud IN JOY and singing 'SMILE' and listening to the horns of Chris Botti and Steve Perry. And, Yes, I did receive them within an hour. The silent ONE honored his Sovereign Promise with Integrity and a Colourful Wink. I am smiling.

Photo Credits: Alan Mansker, Tucson Arizona, 7~1~10

The Inner Visionary Wink
from my Inclusive Heart.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Fresh Eyes Approach ~ Quantum Style Living ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

 The Fresh Eyes Approach ~
Quantum Style Living
©Margo Renay Sullivan ~ January 2009
A Special Heart Consciousness Note:

Dear Angelic Friends and Cosmic Ones ~ I AM a Creator. And Yes, I know how so many Souls feel at this moment. No theory. How it Feels.  I AM re~posting this blog and heart consciousness note created January 12, 2009 Linear Time, as a reminder of the perspective only a few short years ago.

At last, these experiences are more evident now to greater numbers of human beings and are shaking our old paradigms in all directions. When you can 'review' or 'measure' by viewing the expectations at that 'Unseen' moment...and then 'See' the pioneer creation that has evolved through expansional energy, you begin to 'feel' the quantum or new energy at play.

It is not vibrational in nature nor can it be measured as we have in our 'past'. R.O.E. Investment (Return on Energy Investment) functions without expectations. Let me give you a practical example. I recently stopped to put fuel in my car. I paid $10.00 (US$) as I quietly laughed and teased about the 'Crimson Circle Shoud' with my Angelic Friends and Masters through feelings.

I had no expectations. The Gas Pump noted 5.397 gallons (USA). However, my car gas guage showed over 10 gallons. Of course, I burst into laughter. It was an immediate sense of JOY. No airy fairy stuff. Just an example.

The moment you allow an expectation based on inbalance or dis~empowerment, the energies will serve you in that particular rhythmn. For YOU are the 'Creator In Expression' ~ Pretending To Be Or Pretending Not To Be. That is the real and only Question to be answered by You.

Know In Your Heart as I do that the Grand Grand Conscious Master Love Creators surround us in loving Inspiration. With integrity, laughter, and admiration from the Sovereign Angelic Energies of Metatron, Sananda, Michael, Gabriel, Kuthumi, Adamus SG, Merlin, Isis, Sophia, Miriam-Eshua, Nada, Mare , Pallena, and an endless Parade of Others and MOST IMPORTANT ~YOU! ~aka Margo Renay Sullivan~

The Fresh Eyes Approach ~ Quantum Style Living
Created and Written by
Margo Renay Sullivan
Originally Posted January 2009

Dear Grand Grand Souls of The Angelic Arc Family ~This excerpt from Cecila Fenn's Site is one of the most beautiful and exquisite descriptions of Consciousness ~Soul Presence merging with the human form right now.

Here is an extract from a letter from Tim in the USA via StarchildGlobal:

"Thanks for your posts lately. There indeed for me has been a heightening of the awareness of the holographic nature of this reality. And the new energies are... I don't really even know how to describe them. I've been feeling more and more consistently enveloped by this love and deep peace. Of course the times when it's not there feel all the more harsh and grating... like stepping out of a car onto the freeway at 100kmh or something and the ground feels more jagged and the impact greater... but those moments of that peace and of that love are so amazing. Like I said I just don't even have the words for it.........

The other day I was sitting in a restaurant and there was an eastern tapestry with Buddha on it and he just started talking to me. I felt myself lifted into this plane that was very very bright with lots of colors and more distinct shapes, lots of circles and orbs with bright golds and pinks and yellows... just beautiful vibrant colors and he began to say that I was entering into a new phase of my spiritual development and moving into an energy that I've never felt before. It was a couple three days ago or so and it's stayed with me fairly consistently.

The only way I can describe the energy is solar. Like before I would find a desire in myself and send the signal and then it would show up... like a magnetic signature but this new energy feels like being inside the sun. I feel a desire and instead of pulling something to me "out there" it rises up from within me and greets me within myself. And I feel as if I'm surrounded by this beautiful rose and gold light, like a cloud or bubble and yet it goes with me and moves with me, supports me. Not to mention that I've been sleeping up to 14 hours a night, just wrecked all the time lots of zappy-ness etc... and yet it all feels good somehow."

Patience is required in adjusting as The Soul Presence works in unison with the Human Consciousness as is New to both. Now imagine moving from 'vibrational' energy to expansive~expanding Quantum New Energy. PHEW! is Right!

Newborn Innocent Perception

As a newborn of innocent perception, the entirety needs to patiently learn how to feel and create within new energies. Now imagine those new energies are so new it has never been experienced before. We are birthing an all new energy, not a modified or higher or better model ~ A new model of Light ~ Quantum Energies in the physical worlds. We must perceive each and every moment with fresh eyes ~ new eyes from the heart.

When we see through fresh eyes ~ these energies can emerge and take form through your Soul Presence within you. The Soul Presence and the Human are learning to work in unison (or as your human consciousness sees it ~ trying to). All of your Creations of your Soul on all Cosmic Levels are birthing this new energy as well.

Fresh Eyes Approach To Innocent Perception

Practice using your intuitive fresh eyes on very simple simple perceptions and daily interactions.

As a current example, 'old energy' eyes sees no action...silence from The Leaders. And the unknown creates a scene of what has been known in each of our experiences ~ high seas drama.

"The Leaders are arrested and in chaos...probably abandoned the sinking ship...left us to drift on without a clue...and no one knows what to do or how to solve the "problems".

We must chuckle at our silly silly human selves as we imagine the worst of the worst. This is a feeling that all have experienced in some lifetime or at some point within the cosmos or even in this lifetime.

And the rest of humanity's consciousness is feeling the same or even more dramatic ~ Help! Save Us! Come Fix Us! Tell us what to do!

Fresh Eyes takes a Deep Deep Breath...maybe even two or three, ehh? And then listens. First, that dominating voice or voices step forward and pulls up those old energy stories. Take another breath and listen again. No knee jerk reactions.

Breath again and Your Soul Presence (who loves you very much) enters the stage-and immediately sees with fresh eyes the vast opportunities and come share and practice by example.

To begin in this small community of consciousness avatars, to actually be the example  ~ actively and interactively to create together in a whole new energy. Not defined by one age, culture, race, politics, gender, star system, or universe-for in truth, we are defined by all of them as we have experienced all of them.

Small steps at first? Perhaps. A Dress Rehearsal? Perhaps. An Example? No Doubt or Question.

The Maturity of Innocent Perception~Quantum Style

Innocent Perception~Quantum style surrounds you. Every moment you are surrounded by millions of opportunities and choices instantly that are lit up or enlightened by your light particles (also known as adamantine particles). Now imagine an Ocean without waves and yet it moves. We can't drown in this ocean. Unless of course, we drown in our collective passions as we begin to really birth such unparalleled and unbound Source Energies on this New Earth.

Keep It Simple. Practice inviting your Soul Presence to Create With You and To Channel With You! Feel and See this New Unison with Innocent Perception and Fresh Eyes. You See, that is what WE are lovingly experiencing and practicing in this community. Why not practice as Master Creators?...Sovereign and Yet One. No Compromises.

Right Now? Right Now.

I AM sending Waves of Immense Energy Commanded With Love, Smiles, Laughter and Golden Divine natural Quantum New Energy design and most importantly, consciously by choice.

The One ~ Also Known As Margo Renay
For The Love of Creation Design

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our New Visual and Sensual Literacy Lesson ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

Artwork image by Zi.

Saturday, November 1, 2008
Our Visual and Sensual Literacy Lesson
Created and Written by Margo Renay Sullivan~ 

The Sacred Heart of Creation is Expressing in Balance and Sovereignty. This Powerful Balance of the Masculine/Feminine Energy IS in Progress. How You May Ask?

It is moving Within every Being at Various So Called Frequencies, Movements and Natural Harmonic Acceptance. Observe the Appearances of Chaos.

This Balance IS moving from Love of Power to Love of Com-Passion through Conscious Feelings expressed through Unconditional Love of Self.

Alexandra Ezhno Photography

Feminine Energies of Creativity…Birth of an Idea…and Heartfelt Cooperation expressed in nature and the arts, are not ‘gender’ based—They are Energy Based.

Alexandra Ezhno Photography

Each Being has the potential and the actual Energy of the Feminine and the Masculine working in Complete and Sovereign alignment at the highest levels.

Thus, striving to practice these energies in a Quantum Field where they are in flow yet fluid by design…changing and moving and adjusting without conflict or resistance…it is the new Visual and Sensual Literacy Lesson.

It is the truth behind the Miracle of Being in Love with Creational Presence…So Simply Love.

Alexandra Ezhno Photography


Friday, June 1, 2012

Metatron On Channeling ~ Transmitted via Reniyah Wolf

A message from Metatron
Channeled by Reniyah Wolf
Sunday, 24 April, 2005 ~
Portland, Oregon USA

A Heart Consciousness Note: I am reposting this timeless message from The Metatron as an appropriate reminder about the various messages and energetic transmissions that are received and shared moment by moment. Your own inner heart and guidance will create specific symbols, tones, feelings, and resonance that gently aligns with your inner vibrations as you expand your consciousness.
~Margo Renay Sullivan~


My Beloved Ones, I greet you this day in eternal joy! I give this message to you through Reniyah in order to address the subject of channelings. I know you will pay attention because this is a channeling from Metatron.

Stop and think about that for a moment, Beloved Ones, about the fact that you will pay more attention to a channeling than you would to a communication written by another human. Why is that? How is a channeled message different than any other email or list posting that you receive in your inbox? In truth, my Dear Ones, most channelings are not different at all. They are simply a communication. It is a communication that is coming through a human transmitter….much in the same way that your wireless internet works, or your radio and television.

We who send our messages through humans via channeling are operating at a different frequency band than the fellow who could send you an email from somewhere on planet Earth. While we are able to influence your computer technologies to a degree, we cannot transmit directly into your plane over the loud speaker, nor should we. You live in a plane of free will, and the booming voice from the heavens would interfere with that, and in general cause a mass panic. That is, of course, not our objective. Thus we communicate through humans who have the capability to tune into our frequency.

Now, in the higher frequency energies of your planet, many more of you have extended your antennae to receive such communications. Many more occupants of other dimensions/frequency bands are also able to transmit to you.

Let us say that there is a glut on the market of channeled communications. Beloved Ones, perhaps you did not know this, but the ability to channel is not necessarily indicative of higher spiritual evolution, or higher frequency in the human transmitter.

The ability to send and receive telepathic communication is a natural skill and ability among the more highly evolved embodied cultures of your universe. This ability has been largely occluded in humanity for a very long time. Now, as you continue on in your planetary ascension, it is being restored to many of you.

Just as well, many more denizens of other dimensions are able to send you messages. The receiving of channeled messages was, as you know, an important part of your growth and evolution. That which was hidden from you about your origins and history was made known to you as a part of the Divine Unfolding of humanity.

For you, humanity as a whole, to evolve to the next frequency band meant that the secrets had to be revealed. That which had been hidden from you had to be brought forth. It was your job, you who serve the Light, to receive that information, and to place it in your planetary consciousness for all humans, present and future generations, to know.

So here we are, your Earth year 2005, and the doors have been thrust open. Humanity’s antennae have been boosted. There is a huge amount of information coming through on the telepathic radio waves. Is it all information that you should place a high value on? Most certainly it is not. You do not believe everything you read in your newspapers and magazines, do you? Consciousness from all over the dimensions can transmit to you now, because of that open door and increased reception, and they are. You would do well to consider the channelings that you read in the same light as you would an email, a letter or any other communication from within the Earth Plane.

You must remove the belief systems and view what actually is. The belief that a channeling is a superior communication to be more highly regarded than human communication is simply a belief. This belief is rooted in duality and the illusion of separation. In truth, as each one of you is a part of the One Consciousness, so every communication is also a part of the One consciousness.

A channeling, as a communication, as information imparted, is the same as the communications that originate from the minds of embodied humanity. The only truth is that which you know to be true from within your own heart.

As you are reading your email from other humans, your email lists and so on each day, you will have a feeling about each one. "Yes, I agree, I like this, it resonates with me. No, I don’t agree, I don’t like this. Now if the email contains a channeling, many of you will immediately treat this email differently, with reverence. You will read it carefully, and your mind will go to work trying to understand more thoroughly that which is being said. Each one of you will come to your own conclusions about what the channeling means, and believe those conclusions are truth.

Do you see the difference here, my Beloved Ones? Rather than reading the channeled communication and discerning whether it has truth for you or not, Many of you adopt the contents of channeling as truth, simply because of its source. Many of you would cut down considerably on the time you spend reading each day if you were to approach these channelings from the viewpoint of “How do I feel about this, is there anything in it that is meaningful for me, personally?”

We have already discussed channeling as communication. Now we shall discuss channeling as energy, as light polarization. There are a few channeled consciousnesses and their human transmitters that are well known and very beloved to you. Their messages have struck a deep resonance within your being that feels like truth. You do not have to think about the messages; struggle to understand what is being said. They simply hit you in the heart, bypassing the mental processes, and you expand.

Why is this? How are these channelings different than the many others that circulate? The most of the channelings are forms of telepathic communication, as we have discussed. There are some humans who have come to the Earth plane to serve, not only as messengers, but as higher light filters for consciousness that operates from the higher dimensions, such as myself.

These human transmitters are required to go much beyond the stage of being able to receive telepathic communications. They have agreed, and are prepared, in embodiment, to merge energies with higher consciousness and to be a filter to bring that higher frequency energy into the Earth plane. As we have discussed on previous occasions, there are cosmic laws of physics which preclude dramatic and instantaneous frequency transformations within your plane by those of us in higher planes.

The higher frequencies must be polarized, or filtered, stepped down, and enter into the Earth plane through human, embodied consciousness. Those humans who transmit the channelings which appeal directly to your heart, have merged energies with a particular higher consciousness in order to bring you that consciousness’s energy as well as the words.

This is the phenomena that some of you know as encoding. It is quite a step beyond telepathic transmission of information. No energy merge is required to simply channel information from a consciousness outside your plane. The information will not, cannot, come through at a higher frequency than that of the transmitter. Unless an energy merge has occurred between higher consciousness and the human transmitter, the frequency will be very similar to that of any ordinary communication passed from human to human.

In the channelings such as those you are given through Reniyah, and others scattered around your planet, you are receiving the unified energy of the source and the transmitter together, as a form of polarized light. As such, these channelings are more about the energy, the frequency, than they are about the actual information imparted.The channelings that contain encoding, or merged energy of source-transmitter, are very few in comparison to the many channelings being transmitted on Earth each day.

Our objective has been to create an alchemical container in which the ascension of Earth and her life forms is occurring. This is very much like a chemist who creates a formula in his flask, or the gourmet chef preparing a special recipe. Every ingredient is of extreme importance. Every slight change of ingredient will alter the final result.

Our objective in our group work is to create the highest possible frequencies of sound vibration in our alchemical container. It is within these frequencies that your own personal alchemical transformation will be maximized.

You are the Light, the Love, the Divine Humans, my Beloved Ones. There is nothing more important in this now than your own personal transformation, your frequency alignment with Divine Humanity.

To this end, it will serve you to be particular about the quality of ingredients that go into the alchemical container. You did not come here to the Earth plane to place power outside of yourselves and into the hands of anyone in the cosmos capable of transmitting a telepathic message. You were called here in order to learn and practice drawing from your own wellspring of inspiration; to go forth and share the energy of that inspiration with the whole of humanity.

I do not necessarily suggest that you stop reading your channelings, but ask you to look beyond the belief system that a channeling is a better, more truthful communication than any other kind. I would ask that you read your channelings with the same discernment that you read your daily newspaper or magazine.

I would encourage you to ask yourselves, with whatever you read, to ask yourself “How does this feel to me?” rather than “What do I think about it?” Do you see the difference, Beloved Ones?

By asking yourself how you feel, you are calling up your own inner vision of truth, be it the same one expressed in a channeling, or not. When you think, accept information as truth, you are simply engaging the processes of the mind. You are giving power over to a channeled communication to dictate your truth to you.

Now perhaps you will see a little more clearly, why I ask you to read your channelings,  and all other information, with your heart rather than your mind. Feel the frequency of what you read. Take a high interest in what you put into your own alchemical container. That which you are placing in your own alchemical container will be that which you place, also, in the larger alchemical container of your planetary transformation.

This is not to say, of course, that there is anything wrong with any particular channeling, or any other information that you receive. It is all sourced in the One. However, there is that communication which will serve you in your purpose on the Earth, and that which will not.

Beloved Ones, you are having an extraordinary experience as consciousness embodied on the Earth plane as it continues its unprecedented evolution. You are the way-showers for all the rest of humanity to follow after you. It does not serve you to make the same choices as the majority of humans, who allow the voices of others to dictate what is true. The very purpose for your embodiment here can be summarized by your ability to remember your true nature, and to embody that true nature on Earth.

You have the absolute ability to determine what serves you, and the rest of humanity, and what does not. Trust your feeling perceptions, rather than the belief systems of your mind. Only by this will you come into your own power, and avoid being drawn into the same duality of the mind that has kept the human race bound in the lower frequencies of fear.

I AM Metatron
I AM With You Always

©The Love and Empowerment Foundation, 2006, All Rights Reserved. May be forwarded as long as no portion of the content is altered or deleted and this notice is included, along with our site link:


Reniyah Wolf is a clairvoyant-clairaudient-clairsentient, channel, spiritual counselor ~ minister, healer and graphic artist. She is a native of the Pacific Northwest USA, and has resided in Portland, Oregon for the last 23 years.

A lifelong spiritual traveler, she came under the mentorship of Archangel Michael in 1993. He charged her with bringing Love and Empowerment into this world. Since that time, Reniyah has taught and counseled others about how to live in Love and be fully empowered while living an Earth life.

For the past three years, she has been instructed in multi~dimensional energetic healing techniques by the Archangel Metatron. She is now bringing forth Rainbow Energy Alchemy under his guidance and creating encoded digital art.