Sunday, October 21, 2012

Featured Visionary Artist ~ Autumn Skye Morrison


Beginning with a blank white canvas...

we witness a painting blossom, evolve, and come to life.

Painting time spans from 3 hour to 5 day events, and sometimes is finished later at home in the studio.

Her Vision Of Art: In this shifting and challenging Time, I feel a deep stirring, a potent blossoming of creativity. It is all around us, gaining momentum and strength; in our own lives, in those of our family and community, and in the collective experience. It is our divine duty to create and share inspiration, especially at this time of change. As we honor our own personal creativity, we contribute vitally to the whole. We inspire those around us to celebrate, we empower them to create, we manifest visual mirrors to the light, divinity, and potential of each viewer.


As in any art form, as we release judgment, silence our mind, breathe deep into the process, and find bliss in each step; we realize that we are boundlessly assisted in our authentic and heart-centered expression. We step out of the way. We realize that the Art is not born of us, but through us, and in this understanding we are humbled, yet profoundly empowered. Each creation is an offering: a positive reflection of ourselves and humanity, a celebration of evolving consciousness, an opportunity for healing and deepening, a vision of a bright future and Now.
~ Autumn Skye Morrison~

the seer

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Repost: Ordinary Miracle ~ by Sarah McLachlan ~ Comments by Margo Renay Sullivan


push pause on the music box before playing video.

It's not that usual when everything is beautiful
It's just another ordinary miracle today

The sky knows when its time to snow
You don't need to teach a seed to grow
It's just another ordinary miracle today

Life is like a gift they say
Wrapped up for you everyday
Open up and find a way
To give some of your own

Isn't it remarkable?
Like every time a raindrop falls
It's just another ordinary miracle today

Birds in winter have their fling
And always make it home by spring
It's just another ordinary miracle today

When you wake up everyday
Please don't throw your dreams away
Hold them close to your heart
Cause we are all a part
Of the ordinary miracle

Ordinary miracle
Do you want to see a miracle?

It seems so exceptional
That things just work out after all
It's just another ordinary miracle today

The sun comes up and shines so bright
It disappears again at night
It's just another ordinary miracle today

Ooohh Oooohh

It's just another ordinary miracle today


We Are The Ordinary Miracles
Written by Margo Renay Sullivan
January 2010

When The Heart Opens...
Everything That No Longer Belongs
In Your Heart Consciousness
Comes Spilling and Bursting Out...
Those Old Sounds
That Just Leave You Weary.

At First, It Is Like An Open Darn Wound.
What The (BLANK) ~ Will It Ever Heal?
The Minds Say...SCREW IT.
Wounded Forever.
Done Deal.

An Ordinary Miracle Peeks Out
From the Stage Curtain! ~
The Veil You Call It.
And For Some Delightful Reason...
It Feels Like That ole' Magic Alchemy
Has Returned.
You See. It Never Left. Not Really.
You Let Go and Your True Being Appeared.


What Do You Really See?
For We ARE The Ordinary Miracles...
That Are Now Revealing
How Truly Truly Extra~Ordinary
And Creative Beings We All Are.


Deep Gratitude and Playful Inspiration from the Unconditional Loving Energies of Quantum Masters (aka) Sananda, Michael, Adamus, and Kuthumi...ohhh, and ME.~♥~ Heart to Heart enjoy!...merci!

Creative Commons License by Margo Renay (Sullivan) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

'Stella...Stella...Stella' ~ Amazing Eight Year Old Stella Ehrhart Dresses up as historical Figure Every Day

Georgia O Keefe ~ Princess Grace ~ Suu Hyi

Eight-year-old Stella Ehrhart of Ohama, Neb., pulls her daily outfit inspirations straight from the history books. From Georgia O'Keeffe to Billie Holiday and Helen Keller, Ehrhart has dressed up as an important historical figure each and every day of second and third grade. Her parents support and encourage her creativity.

Omaha Third-Grader Dresses Up as Historical Figure Every Day
By Eliza Murphy
ABC News Blogs ~ October 17, 2012

It's certainly not unusual for little girls to enjoy playing dress up, but one third-grader in Omaha, Neb., is taking the hobby to a whole new level.

Helen Keller
 Stella Ehrhart may be only 8 years old, but she sure knows her history. Every day she goes to class at Dundee Elementary School dressed as someone, usually a woman, of historical significance.

"I'm not sure where she came up with it. It was the second day of second grade. She had an awesome teacher at the public school here, and after the second day, she just decided that tomorrow she was going to dress as someone different," Kevin Ehrhart, her father, told

He continued, "It's been so fun to see where she's going with it. She wasn't doing it to take focus away from anyone. She's just doing it to be creative."

Stella has dressed up as everyone from political activists to Hollywood stars. Billie Holiday, Grace Kelly, Queen Elizabeth and her father's favorite, Joan Baez, are just a few of the women who have made the cut.

Billie Holiday
 It's no surprise where she gets her creativity, however. Both of her parents are heavily involved in the theater community around Omaha.

"I'm just so proud of how creative she is. I work at the Children's Theater here in Omaha, so out of necessity I've taken her into my acting classes. She's been in acting classes with me since a young age," Ehrhart said.

"It's just fun to see her creativity bloom. As a father it's just fun to share that with her."

Ehrhart is an actor, director and teacher at the local Rose Theater, where Stella has appeared with him on stage. She actually has a big debut tonight, playing the role of Rhoda Penmark from "The Bad Seed" alongside a close family friend, Laura Marr, the artistic director of Circle Theater.

Jane Goodall
 Marr also had a hand in inspiring Stella to dress up as these elaborate historical figures. She gave her the book "100 Most Important Women of 20 th Century" and now Stella uses it to carefully research which woman she wants to portray the next day.

"The nice thing is, she dresses as that historical figure from what she already has. We don't have to run out and buy a whole bunch of clothes. It's like, 'What would Queen Elizabeth want to wear from my closet today?'" Ehrhart said.

The only time Stella doesn't wear her historical outfits is on the first day of a new grade, because it's family tradition for her grandpa to take her shopping for a new "back to school" outfit. The first day of second grade she wore a T-shirt and leggings, but the very next day she was author Laura Ingalls Wilder.

"I don't know if we're that different, but I have always tried to follow up on what they seem to be interested in. If it comes from their own initiative, they're going to put a lot more energy into it," Ehrhart said. "Just listen and pay homage to those ideas the kids are having. Its' amazing to see how the smallest idea just grows and grows into a more solid and complete experience."

Evis Costello

Today, Stella was Oprah. But when this school year ends, so will her two-year tradition of dressing as important woman figures.

"A group of her friends decided they were going to design a new uniform to wear, so every day they're going to wear the uniform," Ehrhart explained.

Hermoine Granger