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Healing the Separation Within You ~ The Sophia Energies

Healing the Separation Within You
The Sophia Series - Year 4

Written by Lea Hamann   
May 2010

'Feminine energy doesn’t necessarily mean being female. Both men and women have a feminine part of their soul. This feminine principle helps us to receive abundance, to develop our creations and to live our life in deep trust. In today’s world most humans have a tendency to be imbalanced as they rely much more on their masculine energy. Sophia has emphasized many times how important it is to be connected to the feminine energy in order to enjoy a loving and balanced life'.

We gather here in order to talk about an issue that touches all humans here on this earth. It is an issue that is not particularly easy and not particularly pleasant. And therefore we want to invite you before we begin together to let your breath become soft and to sink deeper into your belly. We invite you to arrive totally here in this Now moment.

You will need all your compassion, all your tenderness, all your patience in order to be with this issue that we want to bring into this space that we share together today.

This space of awakening becomes more and more vibrant. For each day, each week, each month newly awakened humans enter here, join this consciousness of awakening. Each day there are humans who pause and begin to perceive what has always been there but has suddenly moved to the center of their awareness. And this change happens so subtly, almost casually so that many humans don’t realize yet that they truly awakened.

Only as time goes by and they begin to change, to be more loving with themselves and take another path – only then do they start to consider what actually has happened to them. They begin to ask questions and start to search, to search for themselves.

It’s an intense time here on this earth that is in the midst her own awakening, for this awakening is still fairly new, fairly childlike, fairly gentle. It still happens in the background. And although the earth shows by the continual shifts she is going through that a new era arises – it’s still relatively easy to pretend that everything will remain the same.
As soon as you begin to feel you will observe; that the earth feels different than some years ago, that the consciousness of humans feels different and that your own consciousness feels completely different. It’s no longer as it has been. You are in the midst of your awakening. Just as the earth slowly begins to awaken, the consciousness of humans also slowly begins to find a new path.

And within this awakening, within this shift it is important to become aware that you are not as connected to your soul, to your source as you were long ago. When we talk about connectedness we mean this state of oneness where you are totally merged with your soul, so that her love is able to reach you, and the two of you are one.

All humans come from this state, from this oneness. All souls come from this oneness. And as you know, this oneness is not as present today as it once was. If you perceive yourself within this moment you might feel that you are not completely one with your soul. Maybe you are not even one with yourself or with your body, your everyday life or your relationships. Maybe there are many areas within your life where you are not one.
And this discovery is not new. Many talk about the duality that you live in. Many talk about the separation between humans and their soul, between masculine and feminine energy, between up and down, light and heavy, black and white. The fact that you live in a world of duality is not new.

But today we invite you to not only recognize that you aren’t as connected to your soul as you once were, but to feel why this is so. Because it’s easy to accept this as a fact and to feel that it is this way. But an important part of healing is to begin to feel why this break, this separation occurred. Where did this separation come from? What was the cause of leaving this loving closeness with your soul and moving into a new experience, into being alone with yourself?

And we invite you to feel; why did you begin to turn away from your soul, why did you begin to turn away from yourself, your body, your creations. This turning away is what duality actually is. Turning away from what is. Turning away from what you feel, turning away from what is there for you. This is how duality and separation began.

If you like, allow yourself to sense: why did you begin to turn away? Why did you isolate yourself from this paradise, from this blossoming garden? Why did you refuse this much love and appreciation? It wasn’t your soul that expelled you, that drove you away even though that is the story you were told. It’s you who turned away. And you can only return to the oneness of your soul when you perceive the reason, the aspect within you that caused you to leave.

And we invite you today to get to the deepest core of your own avoidance. Not to judge yourself or to go into your mind, but in order to feel something that has become part of your existence for a long, long time and that has become part of your life without you realizing it. Oh, you notice every day the affect of it but you don’t realize why and how this deep separation within you is maintained.

And we invite you to stay with your feeling. It’s not a pleasant feeling. Humans have successfully avoided this, avoided feeling this quality. For it is so much easier to turn away from it. It’s so much easier to escape into duality rather than face this feeling.

Today you are invited to be stronger than ever before and to no longer turn away, to no longer run away, to no longer pretend that your soul abandoned you. Today you are invited to take responsibility once again for yourself and your experience and feel: what led me into duality?

And the answer is very simple and very obvious. We speak of your hatred of yourself. And you are invited today to perceive this self-hatred, the core of duality, the reason you left the oneness of your soul. To no longer act out this aspect of self-hatred but to feel it instead for the very first time.

We want to have a look at this phenomenon of hatred together today. Together we want to talk about what this hatred basically is and what it causes within you. And of course we invite you to find a way to meet even this hatred with love and compassion so that it may heal and a new oneness with your soul may emerge; a mature, grown-up oneness with your soul.

You are invited to let your breath flow. This issue is not an easy one, not a pleasant one. And there are many aspects within you that want to avoid this issue. They would like to fall asleep or get distracted or escape from this energy that unfolds within this space right now. We invite you to be stronger than ever before; not to run away, not to get distracted and not to fall asleep. We invite you to be here within your body, within your life, in the middle of your creation and to perceive this hatred that you can find everywhere.

This hatred is deep within you. It’s the part that you could no longer say Yes to. It’s an aspect of yourself that you couldn’t give love and compassion; the stepchild of yourself, the side of yourself that you turned away from. There, within this area hatred has emerged, rejection has occurred, fear and pain have grown.

When you remember this time of oneness – it was a time when every part of you was touched by the love of your soul. There was not a freckle, not a speck of you that was not nourished and held by this love. Everything was held within this love; everything was cradled and soothed by this love. And this love encouraged you to grow. You were like a tiny seed in the arms of your soul and this love encouraged you to grow, to expand, to discover your true essence.

And we all know what happens when a seed opens up: a new plant, a young sprout appears that shows what was really inside of it, what it really contained. And during these first tender steps where you allowed yourself to open, to grow, to unfold, you continued to breathe in the love of your soul and felt held, loved and supported, and everything within you was allowed to participate in this love, was allowed to continue being one with your soul.

And one day, one day you unfolded a little bit more. These steps we talk about are the growth and development that took place on your soul level. But of course some of you paid a visit here on earth over and over again during this time. It might be that you experienced some of these steps in human form and others perhaps on just a soul level.

And we want to invite you to remember the very first moment when you perceived more of yourself; more of your greatness, more of your power and strength, where you experienced more of yourself than ever before. A part of you enjoyed it. A part of you was very happy to be able to grow and to blossom. But another part of you was frightened; an aspect of you was scared of your own greatness. An aspect of you believed that your soul wouldn’t love you anymore if you really allowed yourself to blossom and all your greatness and power came to the surface. An aspect of you thought that it would make more sense to stay small, to stay small in the arms of your soul and then she would love you.

But your growth couldn’t be stopped. And as hard as you tried to make yourself small over and over again and to return to the love, the care of your soul – your evolution was inevitable.

And this aspect that was scared of your own greatness, where you said No to yourself became bigger and bigger. It was as if you had cast yourself into a shadow, as if you hadn’t allowed yourself to stay completely in the warmth of your soul. As if you hadn’t known that your soul would always love you no matter how much you grow, how big and strong you become.

And so you created this area that we perceive as hatred or fear or pain today. An aspect of you that wasn’t loved anymore, that wasn’t nourished anymore, that wasn’t held by your soul anymore; an aspect of you that turned away from your soul.

Allow yourself to perceive the feelings that surface now. Maybe you feel an area within your body that has turned away from your soul. Maybe you feel an area that’s not warmed by the love of your soul, that’s not vibrant, that’s not in balance. Maybe you feel this hardness, this self-hatred; this absence of love where she is needed so urgently.

And let’s continue talking about this area within yourself, within your life that wasn’t allowed to receive love; that was driven from paradise - into loneliness, suffering and self-hatred. The more you grew, the more you created and experienced, the more this area where no love is allowed grew. This shadow grew in anything you feared, anything that was unwelcome, anything you refused. And so this hatred flourished and created a deep trench within you where energy couldn’t flow as soft and harmoniously as before.

Within this area poverty emerged, loneliness, sickness and pain. All these experiences arose from the absence of the love of your own soul. And it is not your soul that turned away from you or told you that you are too great, too powerful, too strong, too independent.

Your soul is infinitely vast. Your soul is a vast ocean of divine love. And you are a drop of water within this ocean and no matter how much you expand and develop and unfold, you will never be too big for this love that you came from.

We talk about this hatred today, about this reason for duality, because the time has come for you to meet this area in a new way. You are invited to no longer pretend that this self-hatred is normal, that this shadow aspect within yourself is natural. You are invited to feel that you created this dark side yourself. You kept an aspect of yourself apart from the love of your soul; you judged and condemned it. You created this painful part that has been with you your entire life.

And I, Sophia, enter here with an invitation from your soul. Your soul invites you to return to her love. To return to the safety and security and warmth that is here for you. To return doesn’t mean to go back to the past and deny your own experiences and your own development. To return means to allow your soul to love this aspect of you that you haven’t allowed her to love for such a long time. Can you begin to let the love of your soul flow into this deep trench of hatred, pain and fear and observe – observe what happens when the love that has wanted to reach you for eons may finally approach where she is needed most?

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Some areas within you always got a little bit of love; they were allowed to feel a little bit of safety and security. These are the joyful, happy, bright aspects within your life and they too may receive more love as time goes by. But today we invite you to look where this love is needed so urgently. This self-hatred, this No to yourself has left behind a deep wound, a deep trench within you – a trench that affects everything that you are.

This is the area within your body that isn’t allowed to come into balance because there is so much hatred and so much rejection. This is the area within your everyday life that lies in the shadow like a stepchild; where no joy, no light and no love may touch, where you punish and reject yourself. And this is the area where you want to bring New onto this earth yet you reject a part of yourself. Maybe you reject your wisdom, deep within. Maybe you reject your talents, deep within. And maybe you reject your abundance that so dearly wants to come into your life.

And so there are deep trenches in the landscape of your life that are dried out, withered, where eternal darkness and suffering reign. And humans have learned to avoid these areas, to not look at them, to not feel them. For if by chance you catch a glimpse of these areas that you reject so much you will feel your own pain. You will feel the longing of yourself, of this aspect that wants to be loved again, that wants to feel it is also a child of your soul.

Humans have learned to no longer feel their own darkness. They walk cautiously around these areas. They take a different route to make sure they won’t meet this darkness.

Today we invite you to face these aspects within you that you have hated for so long, that you have rejected for so long, that you have fought for so long and abandoned – we invite you to meet these aspects within you. For who else can heal these deep wounds? Who else can revive these barren areas? Who else can soothe this pain? Does it make sense to keep ignoring these aspects? Does it make sense to keep seeking outside of you for the cause of this pain?

No one can inflict as deep a wound within you as you can yourself. No one can keep you as far away from the love of your soul as you can yourself. It is your pain, your hatred, your rejection. And not until you are ready to meet this area lovingly will you be able to feel it. And as soon as you begin to feel this area, to feel the neediness within you; the emptiness, the hunger, the loneliness, you cue your soul, your deepest inner balance, that love is needed there. When you feel your own darkness again, you cue your soul. You tell your soul that her love is needed there again and that this love is welcome within you.

No change can happen if you don’t feel these deep trenches. And this is not pleasant because in the very moment you open yourself to feel, something will find its way back to your attention – something that you had avoided, rejected and suppressed successfully for such a long time. And with your awakening, the love of your soul wants to return to your attention too and touch everything that you are.

But where you reject yourself, where you don’t want to feel yourself, where you don’t want to perceive yourself, it’s impossible for your love to get through. It’s like a closed door, like a barrier that keeps the love of your soul away from a part of yourself.

And today you are invited to consider if this barrier is still of any use in your life. Do you want to continue rejecting these aspects that have been in the shadow for so long – or do you want to begin feeling them, begin meeting them lovingly for the very first time? No longer meeting them as an enemy, as someone who hates themselves, but letting the love of your soul pour into these areas where you haven’t been in such a long time.

This healing that wants to happen and that is an important part of your awakening can only take place when you start feeling again and when you are present. If you don’t feel these rejected aspects they cannot return to the love of your soul. If you continue to avoid and reject these aspects there is no way for this healing to take place.

Feeling these rejected aspects requires all your courage, requires all your power and strength. There will be times when there isn’t space for anything else in your life than being with yourself and feeling these rejected aspects. And there will be times when your body requires all its energy to feel these rejected aspects again, when you are busy all day and night with this healing that wants to happen.

There will also be times, many times when you question why you have let these aspects surface – because involuntarily your thoughts will whisper to you that it’s much easier to continue ignoring these aspects. And when you look around at other people who ignore their aspects, who push parts of themselves into the shadow you will again question why you chose this path; if it makes sense to let so much darkness, so much pain surface.

But breath by breath, as time goes by and these trenches become soft and vibrant again, when the light of your soul may radiate again, when your power, safety and security may dwell again, when the flowers of your garden may blossom again, you will notice that this healing lets everything heal within you, not only the small portion that you like. Everything within you is allowed to heal, everything is allowed to be.

And to allow this healing is the main reason you are here. All the other wonderful things, developing your talents, the New that you bring onto this earth, are only secondary. That doesn’t mean that it’s not important that you enjoy your life. It simply means that your soul wants to heal this separation within you that has now become possible. Your soul wants to touch these neglected areas within you again with her love and her warmth and she invites you to allow yourself this experience.

Even if sometimes you doubt yourself and wonder why so much old hatred is surfacing and why you are so angry at times, and why you don’t have patience for things that were easy in the past. Why you are sometimes confronted with unpleasant feelings that are more challenging than ever before.

It’s not about what you can see on the surface. It’s about feeling this healing that takes place deep within. And what requires more courage: to continue ignoring and hiding away your needy aspects that are starving for the love of your soul? Or does it require more courage to face them, this barren land, this desert within you? 

To perceive them, to feel them, to hear this cry in your desert and welcome these aspects of yourself and allow: you are worthy of being loved also. Even the most difficult aspect of you is worthy of being held in the arms of your soul, of no longer suffering, of no longer being alone. And so again we ask you: which path requires more courage? On which path do you superficially look good – and on which path might you look a bit messy at times?

There will be people that laugh at you and say: why do you go to the trouble of dealing with these unpleasant feelings? Do it as I do. Push these unpleasant things down and lock them away. And the temptation to stray from the path of your soul and to doubt this deepest love within you will be there over and over again. For you live in a world that hates and rejects itself, where human beings hide and deny aspects they don’t like.  They lie to themselves, they lie to their soul. They tell their soul and they tell themselves that there isn’t anything hidden anywhere.

Only when you begin to awaken will you hear this pitiful voice from your dark side that calls out to you from deep within and begs: let me come home. Let me return home; return into this infinite love that doesn’t judge me, that doesn’t hide me away, that doesn’t reject me any longer.

A new beauty will arise from this love. Not only a beauty in your expression but also a beauty in your body – for self-hatred and ugliness are closely linked together. Your appearance and the love of your soul that wants to touch every part of you again are also closely linked.

And so we invite you to say an even deeper Yes to this path of your soul, to trust yourself even deeper yet and allow this healing that wants to happen.

Your soul takes care of you while this healing takes place. She knows that you need all your strength to face this darkness and to lead it back home lovingly. Your soul has already made preparations for this life. She has already laid path; a path of abundance, a path of love to support you.

Do you know why you are truly here and why this healing truly wants to take place in this lifetime? You have had many lives where things were easy, you enjoyed great fortune and achieved a lot externally. Maybe it was that easy because you left a part of you behind that seemed to be inappropriate and stood in the way. And you told this aspect: I will let you come home later. I don’t have time right now. I have to create something New, something great, something important. You aren’t my main concern right now. I will call for you later when everything is done.

But in every lifetime that followed you again had something New to be done, something more important than yourself; a relationship, an invention, a book you wanted to write, a movement that you wanted to lead or support.

And you always fell by the wayside. And that’s exactly why this lifetime feels so different. For in this lifetime you come first and everything that you postponed for eons now knocks at your door reminding you of the promise that you made long, long ago.

You are invited to honor your promise not only here and now but each day anew. And the fruits that ripen out of this promise will have a new sweetness and the creations that arise from this love will have a deeper wisdom and grace. You will soon discover how rewarding it is to walk this new path.

And so today we bring you our energy and our invitation to perceive a part of yourself that you haven’t felt for a very long time. And we invite you to be courageous even when it is unpleasant and to continue walking this path of your soul as she lovingly supports you and every part that belongs to you.

Translated into English by Silvia Striebeck
Edited by Eva Smarda Carney
© 2008, Lea Hamann, K√∂nigstein im Taunus
Please distribute this text freely on a non-commercial basis. Please include the information in its entirety, including this footnote.

About channeling:
Channeling is about receiving energy. It is an invitation for you, dear reader, to open for more of yourself and become more conscious. As you read this text you are most welcome to decide for yourself what feels right for you and what doesn’t. There is no such thing as an absolute truth that is valid for everyone. There are many truths and you may choose the one that resonates with you today. On your path of spiritual awakening this may indeed change. Sophia’s extends her love and support if you wish to receive it, right where you are in this moment - you don’t have to do a thing in return.

About Sophia:
Sophia is a feminine energy supporting the awakening and evolution of humanity with her understanding and wisdom. Her messages are simple and profound. Lea Hamann has been working for some time in her personal and professional life with Sophia’s energy. In 2007 Lea started to channel Sophia publicly. Sophia has accompanied us since then in monthly channels called the Sophia-Series. She assists us in rediscovering the feminine energy of our soul.