Thursday, December 12, 2013

Updated: The Key Substance of Creation by Sananda ~ Yeshua ~ transmitted via Margo Renay Sullivan

The Key Substance of Creation 
by Sananda/Yeshua
Transcribed by Margo Renay Sullivan
January 2009 

A Heart Consciousness Note ~ Margo Renay Sullivan:
This is a reposting of a flowing expression of the Shining One that speaks to our hearts as we release the conditions of our created limitations and invite the Full Sovereignty of our Being into this Reality. Your Cosmic Presence must integrate ALL of your Expressions and Know Itself as Love. In the Human Expression this profound creative life energy is felt as LOVE.

The Sananda Energy exquisitely and simply explains the true command of Adamantine or God particles that can only be received through your High Heart Signature. Without Words or High Seas Drama, you will discover WHO YOU TRULY ARE from within...Follow Your Soul is calling in the Quantum Realms for Your Integrity and Inner Love and Laughter to integrate and join you in this creative adventure.



Photon Energy, Love Particles, New Quantum Energy, Adamantine Particles or God Particles, Light/Love Particles are the substance of Creation of all Omniverses. These energies or particles are commanded by LOVE ~ the Love That You Are.

All Beings and all Creation is composed at various forms of such Light Energy. Very simply put, Your 'Consciousness' directs such creations through your 'human heart", the gateway of your Divine Heart and Divine Mind. The Intent of Your Greater Being guides and creates in this manner.

The human or physical form is designed as the microcosm of this macrocosm ~ And Your Breath calls forth these creative particles to flow freely to express and expand Creation. When you smile, when you laugh, when you Breath Deeply, this allows for a greater amount of these energies to flow to and through YOU. Even when you touch or hug each other, it is an exchange of these energies~light energies or LOVE.

Blocks of 'old energy' or 'old expressions' and very importantly, energetic Fearful memories of limiting experiences and structures of the mind restrict the ease and flow of these creative particles. That is the reason for the current 'clearing' on all Levels of Creation that you are feeling and experiencing/witnessing.

Deeply embedded so called images or videos in All of your Consciousness Levels continue to re-play the Soul's Fears, Judgments and Mental Intimidation in very dramatic fashion and often times, between the lines of your vibration patterns ~ the subtle static you can't quite clear off the screen...

This subtle static tends to restrict or limit the amount of pure energy particles you can flow through all of your bodies and your 'DNA', Seen and Unseen.

However, with the tremendous infusion of Photon or Adamantine Particles now bathing the Earth, these embedded images and the subtle static are being Cleared so you can Create Anew. It is a natural natural process if you step away from your mind and restrictive structures devised by your 'little self' (with a small 's') to power control the remote. Be open to easy access to new downloads.

Listen to Your Own Soul Voice. Really Listen. Ask to Hear Your Own Light Being that YOU are and it will respond. You Are your Own Master. You are Your Own Grandest Tour Guide For Your Journey and IT is now speaking. Just Breath Deeply and Listen.

Choice is the Freedom of the Masters of Light 
and Love is the Only Power that Commands All Things.

I lovingly offer, as another perspective, materials from The Kryon Energies, if you so choose. The Kryon, Inner-Dimensional Master of Energy Magnetics, is also an important Quantum Messenger of the Quantum Sciences surrounding the Omniverses ~ and the Conscious Being known to all as Gaia.
Margo Renay Sullivan ~ 

Christ Consciousness Series


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for your support of this Platform ~ 
33 Goddess Lane and For The Love of Creation. 
I accept and honor fully your gifts of exchange and support.

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Transmitted and Inspired by Margo Renay Sullivan ~ January 2009. by Margo Renay (Sullivan) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Nature of Creation Now ~ 33 Goddess Lane ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

33 Goddess Lane is designed for New Creations 
and for the experience of true Sovereignty 
and Creativity in Life Designs.
It is a facet of my Presence 
and the expansion of Imagination into Matter. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Q Heart Life Design ~ A Fresh View by Margo Renay Sullivan

The Q Heart ~ Life Design

For The Love of Creation™ Design Gallery 
~ 33 Goddess Lane ~ 
Margo Renay Sullivan.

Presence creates the Energy 
To Inspire our Human Life Design.
The Artist and The Innovator 
Allows Sensuality to prevail.
It is Simply Elegant. 
It is Simply Exquisite.
It is Divine. 
It is Creativity 
at its finest expression.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Living In Balance as New Energy 'Alia' ~ via Jeane R. Pothier ~ November 10, 2009

Living in Balance ~ New Energy 'Alia'
Jeane R. Pothier 
New Energy Living Blog
November 10, 2009
Reposted October 10, 2013

"...But if you – the Master – choose that the energies serve  you in balance, in expansion, and in knowingness and wisdom,  they will do so. You are the Master. All energies will serve you. There is nothing wrong with having things serve you. The Master understands that energies – whether it is other people, whether it is the angels, no matter what it is – are choosing this form of service. It is their way of learning, their way of becoming.

The Master allows it. It doesn’t make the Master any grander, any better; it just means the Master has come to understand how energy works."

"...When you truly embody the energy of the Master within you, you will find that things happen faster and easier. You don’t have to struggle. You don’t have to just survive; you can now live.

When you are living fully, openly, as a New Energy Human, then you become a teacher to others naturally. You become the Standard. In a sense, you are now serving them but from a place as a standard, not on your hands and knees, not begging, not in an inferior position. 

You are serving them in their higher consciousness needs. So the Master is also a servant, but a New Energy-type of servant. …” ~ Tobias, A Standard Technology Lesson Five ~

Alia: Alia is the private and sacred practice of loving yourself, free of judgment and agenda and expectation. I do Alia at least once every two weeks and sometimes every week. This practice is what heals the Sexual Energy Virus and believe me, it works.

And when you are no longer living your life at what feels like the whims of this virus, you will know what I mean! 

Alia is the energy of BE-coming… not coming ;-) in a sexual way. It is a sacred time and for me I always remember such times in the Temples of Isis (Atlantis)* and practicing this as a ceremony of myself and recognition of my own divinity.

*Alia was practiced within the Temple of Beaute' as part of the Temple of Isis. This practice comes from the Sexual Energy School and the Crimson Materials.

Excerpt BLOG Source: * Copy freely and share. However, we ask that you share this message in its entirety and give proper credit to it's facilitator. Please write for permission before posting this on any other website. © Copyright. Jeane R. Pothier. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If They Could Love ~ Margo Renay Sullivan {A New Way to Love}

If They Could Love
© Margo Renay (Sullivan) February 1998

If they could sip
one ounce from the cup of passion
from which we drink
it would quench their thirst
for understanding love.

If they could view
one moment of the vibrant rainbow
from which we radiate
it would satisfy their longing
for understanding beauty.

If they could wear
one piece of the unique cloth
from the collection of our merged souls
it would tender their desire
for simulating patterns.

If they could savor
one spark of the intense energy
from the power of our blended flesh
it would inflame their hunger

for generous sensuality.
If they could capture
one drop of the flowing pools
to which we have returned to flourish
it would soothe the aches and settle the restlessness
of past and future.

If they could…as we have.
The unseen promise is…
We will.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bella's Isis Choice ~ Margo Renay Sullivan ~ The Creative Confidant Journal

Bella's ISIS Choice
©Margo Renay Sullivan 2009

The Wisdom 
Behind Bella Isis' Trauma 
Is the conscious choice to release the drama. 
Now silenced into the dark void. 

Patiently waiting. 

While the outer drama embues,
The balanced I AM Presence 
has quietly and gently filled the void. 
With real peace.

And 'BELLA' now sings...




Saturday, June 22, 2013

YOU ARE The Entire Sparkle of Creation ~ Created by Margo Renay Sullivan

YOU ARE The Entire Sparkle of Creation
~ © Margo Renay Sullivan~ January, 2010.

YOU ARE The Fire of Choice.
YOU ARE The Air of Nature.
YOU ARE the Water Of Life.
YOU ARE The Earthly Blossom.
YOU ARE The Shine of The Suns

YOU ARE The Glow of The Moons.
YOU ARE The Parent and The Child.
YOU ARE The Voice of Inspiration.
YOU ARE The Dance of Intuition.

YOU ARE The Multi-Dimensional Fashion Statement.
YOU ARE The Worth and The Wealth.
YOU ARE The Stillness and The Sound.
YOU ARE The Round Circles and Geometric Points.

YOU ARE The Entire Heart Beat of Love~Joy~Freedom.

The Unified Consciousness Has No Year in Time...
Heaven Is Sharing Ripples and Waves of Love
In Profound Honor and Respect
For All Of Your Authentic Sovereignty.

YOU ARE The Non-Linear and The Linear Expression.

YOU ARE The Entire Sparkle of Creation and ITS Creator.
For YOU ARE God Also...
With Love At Your Command.
And Grand Mastery Potentials in every breath.


A quantum ~♥~ heart note: ~ margo.renay.sullivan~ , November 2010. Copyright © 2008-2010 by Margo Renay Sullivan. All Rights Reserved. Unless Otherwise Noted.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Round Table of Sharing by Conscious Design ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

A Heart Consciousness Note ~ Margo Renay Sullivan
Original Post 11~2009.

From the Round Table of Sharing...

Re-Member Grand Creators.

Consider Another Loving Perspective.

Sometimes the Spherical or Round Table
of True Sharing is Underneath
The Appearing Design...

And At Times, 
The Appearance of a Round Table
Still Holds A Limited or 
Four Sided Controlled Reality
To Be Released...
by Conscious Choice.

Is The Heart's Energy 
Not Spherical in Movement?
Are The Seeds of the Billions 
of Flower Petals Always Ripe
For Blossoming?

Remain Patient.

The True Masters or Leaders 
are Very Very Very Very Patient
With Those of Extreme Judgement...

Stay Centered.
Don't Let Those Boots of Yours 
Get Too Muddy...

I Speak from an Experience of Such... 
With Immense Love 
For Our Multi-Dimensional walks. 


Creative Commons License

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Nature of Angelics and Light ~ The Metatron via Margo Renay Sullivan and Tyberonn

Spiritual Celebrities ~ The Archangel Presence

The Archangel Presence is more than a Spiritual Celebrity that sends messages to humans. Archangel Presence or Consciousness is far beyond what humans deem as Guardians or Fluffy Wings...The Essence is a shining energy that carries a million cells plus of potentials and instant procurement of energy. 

In particular, The Metatronic Energy is simple yet profoundly complex in design...with a million spinning fields all in action. To imagine this amount of frequencies or energy flowing...see a thousand movies running all at once in a theater complex and you are the manager. Imagine it. That is the daily experiences of an Archangel...and the evolved Angelic Form builders. ~ Margo Renay Sullivan.

Angels As Place Holders of Physics

You think of Angels as nurturing guardians, messengers of 'God'. We are that and more. Most of you will agree Angels are 'Beings of Light'. In the latter definition you encompass a Truth that is vastly more far reaching than the initial description. Beings of Light, Angels, are the place holders of the Laws of Physics, conscious in scopes you cannot even imagine.

Angels have a reciprocal nature and aspect in dimensional Light, meaning that
 Angelics exist within the field of antimatter in Fractal Light and fold inward into physical realms in Geometric Light.  In so doing they are core energetic holders that consciously hold the special laws of dimensions intact.' ~

The Metatron via Tyberonn. ~Excerpt The Nature of Angelics and Light.

Note: This multi~dimensional natural perspective is the true wisdom I flow within from beyond beyond. 13:13.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Cells of Change ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

The Cells of Change
© Margo Renay Sullivan 2008

Potentials Do Change...
Limitations Dissolve 
To Meet The Sharing Of Expressions
With Integrity.

Those Indigos and God~Goddesses
That are Truly Moving Mountains...
Are patient With Their Soul's
Guidance and Integration.
To Become the Golden 'Cells' of Change~
In Accordance With The Natural Inner Process.
For Love can Never Be Held or contained.
Simply Expressed and Experienced.

Je Suis Qui Je Suis.
Je Susi Amour.
Et Ainsi Etes Vous.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Heart of Conscious Mastery ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

The Heart of Conscious Mastery
©Margo Renay Sullivan 2008

 Shower the People You Love
With Love.
And that Includes YOU.
All of YOU.

For The Greatest of Masters 

Are The Ones that Do Not Tell You
How To Do Something.
They Show You ~
by Being.
They Show Great Patience ~
by Listening.
They Share ~
by Experiencing.
They Choose Potentials~
by Expanding.

With Immense Love...

Honor and Grand Smiles... 
Keep Showering Love and Breath for the Choices!




Monday, March 4, 2013

The Q Nature ~ via Margo Renay Sullivan

A Heart Consciousness Note {13:13}

Light IS Active Energy. Dark IS Active Energy. Color and tone IS Active Energy. Creation IS the full spectrum of potentials both experienced and not yet experienced. And the multi dimensions exist within Your Consciousness ...including your view of 3D {time and space}. ~ Margo Renay Sullivan
The Q Nature ~ its all Energy as Creation in Expression.