Saturday, June 22, 2013

YOU ARE The Entire Sparkle of Creation ~ Created by Margo Renay Sullivan

YOU ARE The Entire Sparkle of Creation
~ © Margo Renay Sullivan~ January, 2010.

YOU ARE The Fire of Choice.
YOU ARE The Air of Nature.
YOU ARE the Water Of Life.
YOU ARE The Earthly Blossom.
YOU ARE The Shine of The Suns

YOU ARE The Glow of The Moons.
YOU ARE The Parent and The Child.
YOU ARE The Voice of Inspiration.
YOU ARE The Dance of Intuition.

YOU ARE The Multi-Dimensional Fashion Statement.
YOU ARE The Worth and The Wealth.
YOU ARE The Stillness and The Sound.
YOU ARE The Round Circles and Geometric Points.

YOU ARE The Entire Heart Beat of Love~Joy~Freedom.

The Unified Consciousness Has No Year in Time...
Heaven Is Sharing Ripples and Waves of Love
In Profound Honor and Respect
For All Of Your Authentic Sovereignty.

YOU ARE The Non-Linear and The Linear Expression.

YOU ARE The Entire Sparkle of Creation and ITS Creator.
For YOU ARE God Also...
With Love At Your Command.
And Grand Mastery Potentials in every breath.


A quantum ~♥~ heart note: ~ margo.renay.sullivan~ , November 2010. Copyright © 2008-2010 by Margo Renay Sullivan. All Rights Reserved. Unless Otherwise Noted.