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Updated: The Key Substance of Creation by Sananda ~ Yeshua ~ transmitted via Margo Renay Sullivan

The Key Substance of Creation 
by Sananda/Yeshua
Transcribed by Margo Renay Sullivan
January 2009 

A Heart Consciousness Note ~ Margo Renay Sullivan:
This is a reposting of a flowing expression of the Shining One that speaks to our hearts as we release the conditions of our created limitations and invite the Full Sovereignty of our Being into this Reality. Your Cosmic Presence must integrate ALL of your Expressions and Know Itself as Love. In the Human Expression this profound creative life energy is felt as LOVE.

The Sananda Energy exquisitely and simply explains the true command of Adamantine or God particles that can only be received through your High Heart Signature. Without Words or High Seas Drama, you will discover WHO YOU TRULY ARE from within...Follow Your Soul is calling in the Quantum Realms for Your Integrity and Inner Love and Laughter to integrate and join you in this creative adventure.



Photon Energy, Love Particles, New Quantum Energy, Adamantine Particles or God Particles, Light/Love Particles are the substance of Creation of all Omniverses. These energies or particles are commanded by LOVE ~ the Love That You Are.

All Beings and all Creation is composed at various forms of such Light Energy. Very simply put, Your 'Consciousness' directs such creations through your 'human heart", the gateway of your Divine Heart and Divine Mind. The Intent of Your Greater Being guides and creates in this manner.

The human or physical form is designed as the microcosm of this macrocosm ~ And Your Breath calls forth these creative particles to flow freely to express and expand Creation. When you smile, when you laugh, when you Breath Deeply, this allows for a greater amount of these energies to flow to and through YOU. Even when you touch or hug each other, it is an exchange of these energies~light energies or LOVE.

Blocks of 'old energy' or 'old expressions' and very importantly, energetic Fearful memories of limiting experiences and structures of the mind restrict the ease and flow of these creative particles. That is the reason for the current 'clearing' on all Levels of Creation that you are feeling and experiencing/witnessing.

Deeply embedded so called images or videos in All of your Consciousness Levels continue to re-play the Soul's Fears, Judgments and Mental Intimidation in very dramatic fashion and often times, between the lines of your vibration patterns ~ the subtle static you can't quite clear off the screen...

This subtle static tends to restrict or limit the amount of pure energy particles you can flow through all of your bodies and your 'DNA', Seen and Unseen.

However, with the tremendous infusion of Photon or Adamantine Particles now bathing the Earth, these embedded images and the subtle static are being Cleared so you can Create Anew. It is a natural natural process if you step away from your mind and restrictive structures devised by your 'little self' (with a small 's') to power control the remote. Be open to easy access to new downloads.

Listen to Your Own Soul Voice. Really Listen. Ask to Hear Your Own Light Being that YOU are and it will respond. You Are your Own Master. You are Your Own Grandest Tour Guide For Your Journey and IT is now speaking. Just Breath Deeply and Listen.

Choice is the Freedom of the Masters of Light 
and Love is the Only Power that Commands All Things.

I lovingly offer, as another perspective, materials from The Kryon Energies, if you so choose. The Kryon, Inner-Dimensional Master of Energy Magnetics, is also an important Quantum Messenger of the Quantum Sciences surrounding the Omniverses ~ and the Conscious Being known to all as Gaia.
Margo Renay Sullivan ~ 

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