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The Command of Your Intelligent Heart Updated ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

The Command of Your Intelligent Heart
by Margo Renay Sullivan
originally posted on July 12, 2012

For my True Heart view, every moment is magical ~ even the so called challenges. Now of course my week-end filled with delightful wonders may be your week...{grins} and it has been in many scenes from this human film. hmmm? We've just gotten a bit stuck on those so called Saints of Heaven? hmmm? Indeed!

The truth is that creating on this earth plane is considered the Pinacle of All of Creation. The School of Angelic Masters based on Expansive Creativity and Improvasational movements on multiple timelines. One choice and experienced by one being is a ripple of new potentials anew for every single soul.

True Masters and Magicians of the Violet Realms are gentle and subtle without dramatics.  It is about feelings over emotions. Imagination beyond structures. Male and Female energies in Balance and dancing without resistence. Try It...with enjoyment. Full multi-Dimensional enjoyment of creation ~ unless you consciously choose an emotional experience~and you truly may have. Only Your Soul Presence Knows For Sure.

It is called the particles of Quantum Creation...often referred to as Adamantine particles by Our Greater Selves. These particles, simply put, are commanded by our Heart Signature that constitute and co-create our physical existence.

These particles of Creation are manivested with many more attributes as we know them than just Light (the human definition). Far beyond the mind's eye...there are profound frequencials and harmonics and colours dynamics in this realm to reference a few of your mind's daliances. These elements move with potentials in expression in all forms...and each are authentic. oui? oui.

You are Creator of all of your multi-dimensional experiences ~ consciously or unconsciously ~ by agreement. You assume a more fresh, active and conscious participatory role in your human expression when you raise your own veil of limitations and clear your pallet so to speak. You begin to discover who you truly are...often called the divinity of YOU.

In this present moment on the Earth stage, all denser 'rocks of beliefs and thoughts from old timelines are being cleared from the landscape to allow for new rivers of flowing particles and upgraded experiences... true expansion and evolution in its finest hours.With Energetic Hugs...for your Heart Space as It begins to ignite.

With respect and honor for all of your choices
from the Intellligent True Heart.
~ Margo Renay Sullivan ~ 


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