Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Passion and the Abundance ~ Can You Create Both? by Margo Renay Sullivan

Artwork : Cate Parr
The Passion and the Abundance

When our Creation is supported by those that share real unconditional love for our gifts and true talents that our inner Self desires to express, it expands in an entrepreneurial way. This release of the OLD limits and doubts is an unbridled heart consciousness filled with balance beyond the act of power and control. It is simple and it serves in love. Now what does it look like? 

Here is one reflective example by Laura Sullivan where she is openly sharing her story with another artist on line. The story: She was seeking her success and true Passion {the music} and as she focused with love and support from her new husband and most important, her own intuition, it unfolded with ease {and a bit of work}.  The grace included the continuing accolades and the worldwide awards.

If we ignore our true Creative Passion for the sake and perceived safety of money and power, our Dream remains in the background, When we allow it, it emerges for any and all of us. And the abundance flows. 

Margo Renay Sullivan


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