Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Q Heart ~ Golden Flame of Wisdom ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

The Q Heart ~ Heart Virtues Three ~ Golden Flame. 33 Goddess Lane ~
 For the Love of Creation™ ~ Margo Renay Sullivan ~ Q Curator. 

The Heart Virtues flow throughout our experiences and creations in all realms. Its passion without force yet the power is far far beyond the physical. The Virtuous Heart represents the greater yet simple Essence or gnost. These feelings move from our truth ~ and reflect our whole dynamic expression. It reflects through our whole field or body of consciousness. It is never limited in scope and potential. 

The Virtuous Heart is beyond any human understanding and yet its felt in what is often called the Heart or Christ Consciousness ~ and it expresses through our divinity or knowing. Once reveled...such true Divine desires simply to Embody ~ Express ~ Experience and Expand its reflections. ~

In this shifting times, Consciousness is expanding in all human beings. Consciousness is the entire state of being and who we are. It is the Creator within us and the choices embraced. WE are not victims of our past nor our we victims of our experiences. WE are the artist and the visionary of our embodiment. WE are the love of our Presence. Our Consciousness embraces the wisdom that is realized in each and every expression.

Love is trust. Trust is unconditional love. Trust is not an excuse to hide from thyself nor a shame blame game that repeats itself to know itself. That game is completed as the Wisdom rises and a new realization moves in.  KNOW THYSELF. LOVE THYSELF. BE THYSELF. 

Margo Renay Sullivan

Heart Consciousness Collection Series.


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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Gaelic Green Sparkles of The Goddess Energy ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

The Q Elements ~ Gaelic Green Sparkles ~ Design Six. 
For The Love of Creation™ Design Gallery ~ 
Margo Renay Sullivan ~ Q Curator.

The Gaelic Green Sparkles Design is inspired 

by the Gaelic Goddesses and Deva of the Seasons. 

The Presence dares to use inner knowing to 

engage in Nature and the Heart Consciousness. 

The Gaelic traditions engage lively dance and music 

that activates the feminine imagination.

It is flowing as violet and silver facets and grounding itself 

with green and chartreuse sparks of the active masculine. 

It cannot be SEEN to respond. 

To respond, you must feel the unseen.  

It cannot be SEEN to respond. 

To respond, you must feel the unseen..

through your heart.

For the seen and the unseen is created 

by our Consciousness ~ The Passion. 

And its an unseen energy yet very active 

and very present in every choice 

and every experience.

The design of the Elements 

of our whole Quantum DNA ~ 

and our Individuality in Expression 

is seen by the 'unseen' with loving Eyes. 

Begin to see as your Presence does...

through unconditional loving eyes and the unseen 

will be seen. 


♥ Margo Renay Sullivan

Payments and Donations are accepted via PAYPAL.
Payment to:
Margo Renay Sullivan,
For The Love of Creation