Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Fresh Eyes Approach Series: Young and Old Souls On Earth ~ A Shared Conversation ~ via Margo Renay Sullivan

A Heart Consciousness Note ~ 
I am sharing four comments that I engaged and interacted with an inspiring young Human on a social community site a few years ago. He was asking a few questions of this world as he explored it and is learning how to trust himself and his own perspectives.  Those young men and women that are expanding their awareness and opening there hearts in the current time frame may benefit from this timeless chat. I shared these four simple points with a smile and a very natural and loving exchange as a conversation about the changing worlds at the moment. And we both learned more about ourselves too. ~margo renay sullivan~ 

Four Common Current Conversations:
(1) What is The New Reality Paradigm?
(2) Is Your Linear Age Important?
(3) What About Expressing Your True Feelings or Even Fears?
(4) What About Saving The World?

(1) The New Reality Paradigm:
The Kyron Link Speaking about the New Reality Paradigm, from SLC Utah, feb 12, 2011: The Kryon via Lee Carroll speaks to 'old' lightworkers' and old souls about the New Paradigm and How the 'Young' are changing this paradigm via Social networks and the Internet. Very important message. s/download_SLC_11.html
Kryon - Lee Carroll Both channellings from the seminar in Salt Lake City on February 12th are now available on the free audio page. Theme for the day was "The New Paradigm of Reality."

(2) Your Linear Age:
'I am not buying it. At all. You are not a victim. It is about choice and how you view it. Age is just a linear experience or expression. You may be 20 linear years and yet be 20 million plus years in experiences on this earth combined with multiple expressions through the universe. So Try this view on. 

I am 20 years old and an old soul in a young body. I have less baggage to worry about. I have a fresh outlook in these changing moments. I remember who I am. I listen to my HEART space. See the difference? You are honoring yourself and others that are part of your consciousness or soul. Not questioning or doubting at all. You become open to new adventures. And then, you open others to release their old baggage and old old stuck fears and create WITH matter what the age or any other dynamic.

Many old souls and masters are arriving and now speaking out or expressing miracles ~ some even under the age of 16. Get ready to create with them. I AM.

(3) Express Your Feelings with Confidence:
You have every right to speak out and express Your feelings in blogs or in other forms. Period. And others in these huge shifting times will often question and attempt to distract you or engage YOUR MIND. Infact, right now more human beings (even those with great experiences) may appear 'lost' or 'drunk' or even 'high' all the time as the mind's old thought forms, memories and fears are being transformed in a quantum and increased frequency.

We all collectively have chose this. In the human example, we are moving from a colour TV with basic channels (frequencies and tones) to a high definition channel with thousands of new potentials or new reality shows. (cosmic humour)

To remain centered and still express yourself, you have to constantly adjust and fine tune and not take it so personal. That is the tough part. Truly. Especially one based in the Heart. I know it quite well. And so do you.

Here is an example for YOU: It is like being on a stage and performing and your blog or expression is your monologue or music. And suddenly, you hear heckling and tomatoes thrown at you. So you keep going and the challenges are louder. What to do? There is no right or wrong. That is when you pause.

That is when you take a deep breath and really pause. So they throw the tomatoes. Step off the stage. Let them yell and scream. (are they part of you? or not) Now it does not mean you need to stand there and TAKE IT. Unless you choose to. 

That is the old Martyr role or Greek Tragedy Role. Its no longer necessary to call the hecklers evil or ugly or throw the tomatoes back at them. Now, if you are on stage and you invite questions or dialogue with the audience or they sing along, even if it is a bit challenging, it can also be A GREAT EXPERIENCE. Start viewing your role as an experience and evolving into trusting YOU. I AM simply challenging you to be YOU.

(4) Saving the World:
Here is a simple quote with love expressed fully ~
'If you attempt to save the world, then the world will surely end up saving you. If you walk in the world, and express who you truly are without doubt or confusion, then the world comes to you.'


In truth, Humanity as a Collective Voice has chosen to evolve its body of consciousness. Thus, saving an old reality or polarized/separated world no longer serves the greatest evolution of humanity. However, each various Soul Expression may be completing various 'experiences and beliefs' at various rates of awareness and acquiring new wisdom. So all must be honored for their participation. 

Margo Renay Sullivan
March 2011
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