Monday, August 10, 2015

The White Peacock of Balance and Pearls of Wisdom~ via Margo Renay


Copyright © Margo Renay Sullivan 2009

The White Peacock serves as a symbol or mode of The 'Holographic White ~ Balancing' of its Wide Spectrum of Colorful Expressions and Experiences on Earth. White and Black in the Color Pallet have contained all Colors and Rays as chosen and can contain and reflect them.

The Greater Truth of My Choice lies within the Vast Experienced Spectrum of all conscious colors and its many 'Pearls of Wisdom'...often called the 'Wise Owl Eyes'...enfolded and NOW consciously unfolding within...eternally in Love with Life.

The Inner Chrystalline Diamond WithIN All Potentials~ It exists within our Quantum State of Being ~ and awaits the Call from its Sovereign Master. YOU!

image by Nu Mar