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Heart Consciousness Series: The Real Experience of Loving Yourself ~ All of yourself via Margo Renay Sullivan

The Real Experience of Loving Yourself ~
All of Yourself
Written by Margo Renay Sullivan, 
August 2015

How does it feel when you truly love yourself? 
Does it bring you joy? 
Does it dissolve the drama and release the doubts? 
Does it bring you clarity? 
Does it open up new possibilities? 
Does it help to balance your health and well being? 

These are the questions from the heart that will assist in your own clarity. You and I can experience the new domain or new realms in the present emergence. You want to know the secret every enlightened master discovered while here on Earth? Self Love. 

The experience of Self Love creates so many potentials to also service others. Without our Soul Presence in Love at its very Core, the Illusion remains intact and fully active. The layers on such a stage must not be judged. However, I have chosen to simply realize it and allow it to emerge in an expanded view. This view allows us to discern and create a different path or portal.

It’s the attachment to the old illusions of grandeur and war within self that bring the greatest struggles between the human and the Divine. Any thought that would interfere with that feeling of ease and grace in action is and never was your truth. Or mine. It is that simple…If you allow it to be. The greater the creation within a round table or circle design, the greater the unlimited control and profound ease.

This is also the truth and wisdom beyond the King Arthur's Round Table ~ the knowing that all are creators and all serve in equal measure. Allow this organic true feeling of the Heart ~ Our Heart Space ~ into all realms and spaces. That is the Abundance. That is the Freedom. And that is the Light Quotient of Emergence. The feeling is the same as birthing a child. That child is now emerging as a mature human being. We are the child and the mature adult now emerging within one body to walk hand in hand into a huge unknown.

To imagine is to create it.
To manifest is to allow its physics to emerge.
To in passion life force is to endow it 
with life force ~ true organic life.

And finally,
To realize we embody all of our Creations within Creation.
And by knowing it, we let it realize itself as Creation.
It is by far the greatest gift in return. 


Created by Margo Renay Sullivan.
Inspired by AA Michael, Sananda~Yeshua, and Saint Germain.

Monday, September 14, 2015

WORD! SELF LOVE: The Advanced Book of Love ~ via Margo Renay Sullivan

The Advanced Book of Love ~ 
via Margo Renay Sullivan


May I add only one word that describes the feeling behind Compassion: Trust in your I AM Presence ~ The Soul Presence.

In my experiences, it’s the simple acceptance of compassion as trust and it’s not empathy. Empathy allows you to experience it with the other. Compassion allows you to see it from both the experience and the eyes of the Soul. It is inclusive and not exclusive. 
COMPASSION is the feeling self love brings and delivers like an instant text from your Soul.

Many 'spiritual' groups of all levels of experiences and heart consciousness continue to repeat these words: SELF LOVE. 

Yet do they share how they THINK it should feel? Are there true examples of how it actively and really feels to the divine and the human? And do they follow with how it really feels in just a few words?  Or are they using lots and lots of dialogue and rules to engage? This is the human mind over active in the simplicity of the divine.

Do they show you and then move beyond the words and into the actual feeling of it. And to express it clearly, do they repeat common words of compassion only or the knowing and the feeling of compassion in their presence.

Lots of energy is created with just one word. And yet too many dilute the energy of Compassion with the emotions of "it has to be more than, it has to be valuable, and it has to be better than" or even ' I can help you' as the emotional energy behind these words of self love and compassion. 
That still is empathy and it’s the first step yet not the Soul steps. 

At certain moments, I have too. It’s a part of the maturing of the Soul and its wisdom. Its time to choose wise words filled with trust.


Sounds obvious to many and easy...IS IT? Not really. It can be. I implore you and invite you to be gentle yet expressive with others and ourselves. This story of 'Slam and Slice and Dice, Blame and Shame and Drama Trauma, Right and Wrong, I am God and You are Not' is often the way that we expose and explain it to Ourselves. I own it too. Yet it’s just a story. It’s an Act and also Acting Out.

The wise ones know. And they know what to say to prompt it and to help let it go. I am not speaking of in tolerance or abhorrent behavior or even darn limiting judgment that I see rolling off every spiritual group leader and Kings and Queens of Rainbows and only Love Rules Mind trips. I am speaking of Soul Love and Feeling the I AM. It’s is often a true deep conscious breathe away. It’s not clique or cool and yet its felt that way and embraced in grace and ease. It’s the choice and intention to embrace it that is the invitation to the I AM. And that choice never is withdrawn.

The I AM is also always present in frequency and dynamic colors and tones. It’s even more than love and its expressions. It’s beyond the experience of gender or limits and fears. It’s an indescribable sensuality that is always expanding. By choice. It’s the choice of a new colorful and expanding experience that creates it. A thousand and one potentials keeps on thriving and flowing through our Soul.


Some still need to feel empowered and accepting of their own power. That comes first and foremost. That may come with expression of your Voice or demanding life changes or even creating in a whole new crazy way to break into the empowerment dancing! Let me repeat it clearly. That comes first. And there are those that are the Standards to ignite it in others. They know who they are. Period.

You cannot pretend to be a 'powerless being' working with refined energy without first feeling empowered by your own I AM AND YOUR SOUL. That connection even on faith comes first.

Ask to begin each and every day. Ask how to increase your own personal and cosmic self love. I have and I do every day. I suggest that it’s not always easy to remember and it does call for practice and choosing. It’s very present. 

Can you feel it? Can you see it? Can you taste it? Can you express it? Can you imagine it? Can you expand it? Can you laugh with your Soul? Can you share and collaborate AS your Soul? Can you not judge your Soul Guidance? I can and I am...step by step.

Old words and yet a very new meaning: Self Love. Trust and Compassion. Soul Love. Empowerment. Its a Whole Creation. 


A brief conversation featuring the Spiritual Celebrities Sananda ~ Yeshua, AA Michael, and Saint Germain. 

We begin with my grand mentors and friends AA Michael and the Grand One Sananda ~ Yeshua as they continue to whisper and often shout out through the heart:

"It is allowing another facet or part of our heart ~ a different experience. And It’s not all wrong and its not all acceptable either. It is here and now.   Wake up please dear one and smell the Coffee. Expect the unexpected on this day. We trust you and your I AM. 

We love you from beyond the human understanding. We advise and co-create with you. And yes, you can! Your patience is allowing what you imagined to bloom and land with ease into your vast chalice ~ filled with golden coins and the diamonds of all colors that you are. We never left. We are always present here and now. So be it." 



And finally, the beloved and realized Violet One enters Stage Left as 'the adored and beloved' Saint Germain of Sovereign Domain. He begins with a caution for those that
insist on quoting his many facets, {grins} as he suggests here and now.

"It’s a different 'A' for allowing ~ that is what the AND means for now. It can all exist without separation. 

Many are now stepping into conscious and loving mastery. Here me well my friends. Many are engaging Mastery ~ 2.5 billion human beings are listening and working with their SOUL and will reach the 33mhtz body consciousness frequency and much higher very shortly. 

They will move from assisting others and now walk hand in hand with their Soul and design the examples in physical awareness and physical artistry. These Souls are healed and advancing the Standards of Creation in vision and in dynamic fashion.

Those who allow it and let go move on to creating with such expanding tones and colors and amazing innovations, many will flock in droves. And some will simply run in mass away from such creations as the energy is overwhelming at first. You ask why?
Well, those that run and shame or blame so to speak are still in those throes and waves of awakening to their own self love story. Honor them and the story. It’s a grand play not even Shakespeare could have created. Ah, wait a minute…And yet I did.

So may I suggest you center and then open all doors and all microphones and release what should be and allow what is. Allow the courtship of the Soul and the Human to begin in all corners of this amazing sphere of existence. For all is well in all of Creation. And so are you." 


Transmitted by Margo Renay Sullivan, September 14, 2015. All rights reserved.

What is Sovereign Love On Earth? ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

What is Sovereign Love Expressed on Earth?
created and written by
©Margo Renay Sullivan, January 2011.

It is about balancing and grounding
the inner tones, codes and harmonics
that compose your personal attuned design.

Anything that is blocking its flowing energy
must be alchemized in release and transformed
for a 'vertical' expanded flow of beautiful energy.

This energy is known to us as love and
emerges from within to move constant and freely.
Unconditionally and without limitation.

Sovereign does not mean ALONE.
It means the fullness of Your Being
or Godself Presence from multiple perspectives.

Simply put,
It is active and participates in your expression and experiences.
It partners within your multi-dimensional creations.
It is your unique divinity or ethereal make up.
It is dancing in unison with your organic body structures
and flows through your unseen DNA particles or sparks .

The true Soul Presence
loves to be LOVE and recognized fully...
within your amazing and Creative Energy Field.

It is both observant of itself
and consciousness of its potentials.
It is the amazing miracle of our I AM Presence
recognized throughout the Omni-verse as Love. 
It's Physics and Compassionate Consciousness
In action.

Engage your own Soul Presence
in Self Love and as Love ~
And you will remember...The Creator within.



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The I AM Whispers in The Shifting Moments ~ by Margo Renay Sullivan

The I AM Whispers in The Shifting Moments ~ 
by Margo Renay Sullivan
September, 2015

Harmony and Balance simply create an acceptance and release of those tones that you have discerned to be no longer serving or in alignment ~ and that discernment is not complex. It is your PRESENCE that knows and knocks on the proverbial doorways..and whispers from the highest realms

The Heart Pulse: ITS TIME TO LET IT GO....
The Heart Vibrates: ALLOW Divine to Human. 
The Heart Collaborates: RELEASE and Increase Within.
The Diamond Heart Sings: REALIZE. I AM. LETS CREATE Divine to Human....

Artwork by: Nadezda Sokolova.
Inspirations and Words: Margo Renay Sullivan.

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Golden Threads of the New Creation ~ via Margo Renay Sullivan

Artwork by Primal Painter of New Energy ~ Laurie Bain.

The Golden Threads of the New Creation ~ 
via Margo Renay Sullivan

'The dance that creates the new patterns and golden threads of dimensions is created and woven by our very own Creative Consciousness. Begin by allowing the imagination and connections and actually speaking out loud with the flowers and trees. 

They hear you and they listen....See the environment as an extension of your family...for it is. And those threads will emerge. The Golden Threads are refined rays and spirals that simply and naturally weave the forms of our new creations by intention. Its formed not only in golden suns now reflects the wholeness of our Essence including the Frequencies of Platinum and Silver....its the truth of powered without force. 

Energy is commanded with the highest intentions and ease from your heart space. Its amplified by the expanded beats and bands of crystalline and consciousness as one. And so we begin. I AM LOVE AND SO ARE YOU. ~ Margo Renay Sullivan ~
 heart emoticon

Painting Credit: Artwork by Primal Painter of New Energy ~ Laurie Bain.