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Q~Style Creative Series: The Fresh Living Presence ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

Francine Turk

The Fresh Living Presence
Q~Style Creative Series 
written by Margo Renay Sullivan

The Fresh Living Presence reflects the new style of embodying our Passions. It is flowing from within and it simply expands through elegance and grace blending with nature. It is neither airy fairy nor is it restrictive. This Quantum energy is the very roots and base of our new palette of creation. 

As we engage in multi faceted creative walks and confidant steps, we create the Spirals and Circles for a dynamic new Platform of Design.  It embraces all of our creative energy in one loving new pattern. 

It is naturally instant and activated through the Innate Body of Consciousness that is creative with every step. The Art of Creation is a Co Creation with our Presence and it’s beyond the words. 

Is it Real? It’s as real as you realize it to be. You truly are its creator. So why not engage it with the highest potentials of consciousness. It’s the Art of Living within your holographic design and experiencing it on a multi faceted level ~ 13:13 and beyond. 

Embody The Sunrise of a New Life.
Express Feminine Imagination as the Day emerges. 
Experience The Subtle Flow of Magic as the Night merges. 
Expand the Wisdom of your Presence by Living beyond each Sunset. 
Embody ~ Express ~ Experience ~ Expand. 

Expanding Jewel. Solar Signature. Cosmic Design. Creative Presence. 
Natural Physics. Graceful Style. I AM.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Q~Style Creative Series: The Diamond Essence by Margo Renay Sullivan

THE DIAMOND ESSENCEQ~Style Creative Series written by Margo Renay Sullivan

The Q~Style Design flowing with the White and Gold Diamond Energy is created in an endless stream of new potentials. It is the advent of a new style of creation that does not force or fire the rock to create it. The diamond continues to fluidly move through our awareness sparkling and glowing.

My particular 'diamond' of many galaxies is vibrant and full of refined colors and tones from beyond. It flows into everything we create. And I call it 'the heaven of many diverse and cultural experiences' and imaginations of our circular spectrum from the heart. This design merges the elegance of crystalline silvers and tender touches in pink, blue, peach and gold of the diamond sparkles now energizing our world.

Allow the cosmic gamma rays to create in concert with you now. Allow the diamond energy to flow through and spark the truth of your Being. It’s now an expanding holographic experience beyond the mind's eye. It’s Consciousness. It’s Creation by Choices. It’s a White Gold Presence moving into play and coming to a theater of your choosing. I AM.

33 Goddess Lane ~
For The Love Of Creation Design Gallery ~

Saturday, October 10, 2015

"The Unfailing Bridge- Universe 101" ~ Sananda/Yeshua via Bradley Rand Smith

image: robert harding
The Unfailing Bridge ~ Universe 101
Margo Renay Sullivan
Original Post: May 2010

A Heart Cosnciousness Note:
This is an excerpt from the consciousness of Sananda/Yeshua reaching out to Bradley Rand Smith, originally a profound yet comedic screenwriter and playwriter of awarding winning materials.  And very very open to Yeshua's story without all of the old mind traps and limitations. Even Bradley questioned his own role in this joyful expression and asked now why would I believe this story?...Then he brushed it aside and continued with what felt right at that moment. I too was overjoyed as I was nudged to read the many versions he and Sananda/Yeshua were unveiling.

Now you may wonder ~ why would a very creative comedy writer be tapped to write this version in this linear timeline. Was he there? I mean really. What kind of holy teaching is this? And Who is this guy name Bradley anyway? 

A truth from my Heart Space: Sananda/Yeshua and all of those who played the ROLES during those times and into their 'future' Selves had HUMOUR. Lots of it. And compassion. Lots of it. And still do.  Humour and smiles and laughter create the breath in human expression. In a nutshell, like a Child, You laugh and giggle and it is a feeling of joy.

It shakes off the energy of fear and brings you into the moment. The NOW as many call it. Even in the most trying moments of changes for Humanity and Gaia. This creates a simple balance of your energetic signature or Soul Song.  And for some creative reason, in those moments, we can hear very clearly our Presence and our Creative Guidance. As Sananda/Yeshua always always whispers, WE are Creative beings. We Are Creators. And Creativity and Love cannot be contained. Nor can the physics/sciences of our quantum spirit be limited in nature.

In this excerpt, Yeshua via Bradley weaves the Conscious Version or a metaphoric lesson ~ Universe 101 ~ as a preface to his own personal experience often distorted and super humanized- as The MightyYeshua Superman. {smiles}.

However, his essence and rememberance did far exceed that time period. I honor him deeply for such a profound human experience of simplicity yet planting the potentials as a being from the Stars.

Try imagining you are cast in a role in a little known off-Broadway play and mounting this play from that small alley theatre into a national and then international tour with many many traveling acting companies.  At first, it takes so much efforting. Now 2,000 winks more and more are cast and agree to join this stage play...and launch its many formats...a creative and expanded version of the original play ensues and evolves.

So as Bradley has, feel the essence of this stage play from the Consciousness of Sananda/ Yeshua gently blended with Your Own Consciousness. And then smile. ~margo renay sullivan~

Excerpt: "Son: A Meditation on the Life & Ideas
Of Yeshua ben Joseph"
by Bradley Rand Smith

Welcome. Thank you for being present to receive me. And most, I’m certain, are expecting a fraud. I’d be cautious as well, if I were you. But when all is said and done, there is only one barometer of truth and that resides in the human heart. Place what you read here, there.

We’ll speak more of this later, but my birth name 2,000-some years ago was Yeshua. Jesus was the Greek translation, and incidentally, pagan in origin, derived from the name of the Greek god, Zeus.

But first let me tell you why I am here at all. I am here to speak to your hearts. It is why you are reading this and not somewhere else. Of all the choices you could have made this day, the fact that you chose to be reading this is simply because you are supposed to be reading this. One of the ideas I hope to extend to you is the possibility that there are no accidents in this Universe.

Remember the periodic table of the elements on the wall of every high school chemistry class? Take the atomic structure of hydrogen. Remove one atom and the structure crumbles. Remove one atom from hydrogen and the sun stops shining. Take one atom out of H20, and there are no oceans. There are no tears.

Yet every element is up there, on that chart, in perfect balance to allow for life on this planet. Just ask a statistician what the odds are of all those seemingly random photons and electrons coming together to create life as we know it. You and me. And if there is intelligence behind something so small, do you think it less likely there is an intelligence active in your life?

My friends, the Source is not anti-science. The Source is science, even the science that seeks to disprove the Source. We are truly explorers. Each of us. Explore. Question. Everything.

So, is what I shall offer you here the truth? Yes. Is it your truth? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Whatever helps you through the murky waters towards Love, is your truth. And that’s as it should be. Like the Universe, truth evolves on a spiral, and just when you think you’re back where you started, you realize you’ve actually progressed to a higher state of awareness. And my friends, the Universe is large enough to embrace a multitude of truths. The choices are yours.

But why not speak to you from a temple or church or mountaintop? Why not the Vatican? The Holy Mount? Frankly, there are not many places that would have me, not like this, not as I truly am, not unlike you. As they have for centuries, they like the idea of me, just not the reality -- And I say that without rancor. Each has served its purpose in the Grand Scheme Of Things.

And truth be told, reading some of the words I am supposed to have said and practices I am supposed to have endorsed, I would not want to spend much time with me either.

By now most of you know that the Source Of All That Is is not an old, Caucasian male sitting on a throne. Nor, in truth, is the Source female. The Source is both, is neither. From the Source comes the two. Comes the polarity. The duality. The male and the female. The dark and the light. Matter and anti-matter.

Upon this stage of creation called Earth, one of the most exquisite pageants, one of the most delightful, one of the most difficult and challenging and profound dramas -- and ofttimes, comedies -- in all of creation is being enacted. I hope to help guide you through some of the plots and subplots of this drama. And during this journey, I will try to shed some light on my past life, so that in turn, we might shed some light on your present lives.I’ll hope to remind us of who we truly are, where we came from, and where we are going.
I also hope to speak of more now than I was able to then. Then, I had to use parables suitable for the time. You now have an additional 2,000 years of information and experience which I can draw upon.

And finally, I may, perhaps, anger some of you reading this. That will be a regret on my part. There’s already enough divisiveness over my life and my death.

Before we get started on my past life, how about a brief introduction to a course I’ll call “Universe 101"?

In deciding to explore Itself, All That Is expressed Itself as a point and that point reached outward in all directions becoming an radiant expanse, like a sphere of seemingly infinite proportion. And like the ongoing divisions of the first cell in the fertilized human egg, the first sacred geometries were created. And within this ‘womb of life,’ was born the space between two points. And polarity was born for the first time. Duality was created.~

And these two points were joined to a third point and a three-dimensional form was created for the first time.

And the beginning of form was created. A way to contain energy and thought, which birthed universes and galaxies and solar systems and planets and atoms, molecules and strands of DNA.

So what is the Trinity? It is the very beginning of creation as we know it. It is the equal balance that allows for the building blocks of structure.

But it is more, much more. It is The 'Father/Mother' Energy -- The Creator; The 'Son/Daughter' Energy -- Creation; and the energy described as the 'Holy Spirit' -- Creation Experienced and Known. It is mother, father, child. It is mind, spirit, body. Idea, intent, expression. It is the beginning, the middle and the end. It is above and below and within.

It is the past, the present and the future.

It is what allows the Whole to be greater than the sum of its parts.

It is how All That Is inhabits form.

Did I not say: “Whenever two or more are gathered, there will I be?”

A note regarding my use of the word “Father:” It was appropriate for the time I lived in.

But consider a possible meaning of “The Father” as The Force Which Projects Energy. “The Mother” That Which Receives Energy. The two cannot exist without the other. One is not above the other.

We are also not what we think we are. We are atoms and molecules and electrons combined to form flesh and bones and blood. Within that we are quarks and sub-particles of energy vibrating at immense speeds. Within that we are Light divided as color and slowed into sound.

Within that we are thought. Divine Thought. The Creator contemplating Itself. Try rubbing your hands together and then shake them out vigorously. Then rub them together again, and then place your two palms opposite each other about six inches. Close your eyes and move one palm in slow circular motions, and you will soon feel energy moving against the opposite palm. What you are feeling is your energy body. Some call it the etheric body. Beyond that is your emotional body. Then your mental body. And then your spiritual body, each a duplicate of the other, each vibrating at ever higher and higher frequencies.

We are not unlike the wooden Russian dolls, one body inside of another, on and on. And if we are just atoms and electrons swirling about, ask yourself why it is that we hold a form at all? Why are we not just a billowing mass of moving energy? We are, quite literally, light slowed down until it coalesces into matter, held in the DNA of the form we recognize as ourselves, by Thought. By a Divine Blueprint, if you will. That already exists in the Mind Of God. And it is perfect.

There is a scientific theory which is a correct statement of how an aspect of the Universe works. It is called non-locality. And it suggests that there is no such thing as distance. That thought is transmitted and received instantaneously, and that it is sent and received by everything everywhere, all at the same time.

Why do I tell this to you? Because it is the scientific truth behind the spiritual truth that we are our brother’s and our sister’s keeper.Our thoughts and our actions effect the whole of creation. My sisters and brothers, we are truly all one.

And we are not separate from all life that exists in the physical and spiritual Universe. The Universe is teaming with life. It is a vast ocean filled with intelligent life, and yes, it visits here quite often. And yes, that contact with our extra-terrestial brothers and sisters is coming, and quite soon.

image: ross lovegrove
Everything in the universe is conscious, to one degree or another.

Animals have intelligence and emotions. They love and desire to be loved. Plants feel pain and understand joy. They ache to be acknowledged and heard. The mineral kingdom is very much aware of its place in the universe. Even the chair you sit on has awareness flowing through it.

Are there angels in the universe? Yes. And they can appear to you in whatever form helps you to truly see them. Are they male and female? No. The angelic realm is yet another dimension of creation. They are the...archetypes of intelligent energetic expression. They are Divine consciousness painted in the widest brush strokes.

There are angels of Wisdom, of Peace, of Mercy, of Knowledge, of Faith, and on and on and on. Above them is the Archangelic Realm, Archangels being the first individuated extension of Creator Consciousness. They are not personal beings, although they are filled with immense love and compassion for all of creation.

They exist only to serve the Source, and in turn, you. And yes, each of you has an angelic guardian presence which attached itself to you when you first separated from the Source. And guess what -- even fairies and elves exist, if, perhaps, not exactly as rendered by the Master Disney.

There is an ancient saying of great wisdom: “As above, so below. As within, so without.” Think on it. You’ll receive great insight into the nature of the universe. be continued.

Source: Son~the Complete Text via Bradley Rand Smith. 2010

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Living Tones of My Presence ~ A Personal Message for Now ~ from AA Michael/Sananda

The Living Tones of My Presence ~ 
Inspiration and Imagination

A Personal Message in 2009 for Now ~  
from AA Michael/Sananda.  

This was a simple message in words with a dynamic and spherical energy pouring into my physical body in 2009. Its a memo reminder to the future me. And it is ringing just as true in this moment of September, 2015. So much of my millions of moments in this world yet not of it included the emergence of a balanced male and female dance until it mattered not. 

Can you feel Our Blending Rays 
spilling through You?

We are sending you immense golden 
and pink rays of love and laughter
to your High Heart!

Be Playful! 
Seek Greater Expressions of Joy! 
Life is not always so Serious!
Sing through your Heart Consciousness!

Remember this in this Moment. 
The time and space period of 2009.

For it will serve you well.

Mastery Includes the Divine Feminine 
moving as an Equal Energy Dance 
to the Divine Masculine. 
Not gender or too much of one or another. 
The suppression of either 
creates an out of balance scale 
that is not Freedom.

This is a vital component of your Chosen Journey 
of So Called Ascension 
in Frequency, Vibration and the evolving of 
New Earth Energies.

Its very Unique to each of your Cosmic Aspects 
and Your Many Human Heartbeats!

Reflect your Profound Dance 
without Separation or Judgement!
Only Expanding Creation. 

Inspired by AA Michael and Yeshua.