Monday, November 2, 2015

Q-Style Creative Series: The Living Tones Of Freedom ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

Q~Style Creative Series 
written by Margo Renay Sullivan

33 Goddess Lane is designed as a Sovereign Approach to Life using Imagination, Creativity, and the Circle or Sphere Energy of our Presence/I AM. Our Presence as Circles, Spheres, and Diamond Facets move in Crystalline physics and design.  

I honor the human choices with dignity and immense grace combined 
with the tones of living. No story is better or more important than another. That is what we can now honor about ourselves who have opened the doors to Freedom ~ true Freedom. The irony is that so often we recreate the old doorways and old creaking floors and ceilings as a comfort zone. 

Comfort Zone? I ask my own self each morning: Why are you choosing to create this limited form of a living and breathing potential when your new freedom awaits? Why engage the minimum? Simplicity is not minimal. Simplicity is maximizing the clearest flow into the easiest tools of creation as The Divine Solution. And so it is. I enlist my Passion and I embrace my
Heart. And the allowing begins.  

It is The Freedom to Voice in a Daring Note of Clarity as the Instruments of Changes. All who walk in such dignity and grace draw the same to their hearts. What tone are your sharing? What tone of life are your receiving? What tone does your wings embrace?

Margo Renay Sullivan 
For The Love of Creation Design Gallery

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