Monday, November 9, 2015

Q~Style Creative Series: Creative Confidant in Action ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

The Q~Style Creative ~ Creative Confidant in Action 
Written by Margo Renay Sullivan

The Creative Confidant is our I AM Presence in Embodied Action. The Creative Confidant opens the doorways and walks through in confidence. And the ignited DNA in human form is a conduit of this embodied Essence.

The Creative Confidant is the innate expressed knowing that is our Unique Blueprint and Sovereign Passion. It is a walk that is invisible. And we embody the invisible and allow it to emerge. The Creative Confidant Experience: It’s of its wonder and beauty. It’s of Science and Spirit. It’s of instant and eternal. It’s not man or woman made. It is just man and woman realized and in concert with its own divine.

The Creative Confidant is our Our Soul Presence: Expanding. Visible. Creative. Feeling. Sensuality. Abundant. Giving. Receiving. Imagination. Clarity. Awareness. Consciousness. Unlimited. Alive. Can you feel this kind of Love in your creation of cultural foods, the arts, music, and dance? Why not add it to the taste? 

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