Monday, November 16, 2015

Q~Style Creative Series: Living Art In Presence ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

Q~Style Creative Series
Written by Margo Renay Sullivan

The Living Art exists in every element and feeling we can imagine. Our Presence marvels at 
the flow of Creation and moves through every particle and every facet. The sub atomic particles move invisibly at your subtle call in concert with your Presence/ I AM.

Passion is its microphone and Desire is its camera. It is alive and present in every living artwork. The Art of Creation is a Co Creation with our Presence and it’s beyond the words. Is it Real? It’s as real as you realize it to be. You truly are its creator.

So why not engage it with the highest potentials of consciousness. It’s the Art of Living within your holographic design and experiencing it on a multi-faceted level. 13:13 and beyond. 

♥ I AM
Artwork by Marthe.

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