Monday, November 23, 2015

Q~Style Creative Series: The Pearl Spectrum ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

Q~Style Creative Series
Written by Margo Renay Sullivan

The Pearl Spectrum symbolizes the flowing wisdom of all hues and colors naturally flowing through us as we allow it. The Pearl Spectrum is a version of the white spectrum of the rainbow unfiltered. It’s the balance and the beginning.
The Pearl Spectrum is inclusive of the black or yet unknown potential. It’s quite divine as it engages in ultra violet tones and unseen sub atomic particles at the highest levels of our awareness. It is inclusive and it accepts endless arrays into its pearls of wisdom and peaceful cooperation.

This spectrum is the balance of our ever changing emergence and is now an expanding holographic experience beyond the mind's eye moment by moment. It’s Consciousness. It’s Creation by Choices. It’s the rainbow in full natural balance moving into play. Yet is begins with a clean palette of platinum and pearl Essence as its fabric of design.

I AM. ~ Margo Renay Sullivan ~ 

Yulia Brodskaya

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