Thursday, April 28, 2016

Welcome to Freedom of the Goddess in 2016! ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

Welcome to Freedom of the Goddess in 2016!
33 Goddess Lane ~
A Safe and Sacred Space for Creation
Margo Renay Sullivan ~ Curator.

A Safe and Sacred Space. 

Spinning. Evolving. 

Fields of Golden Potentials.

Balanced in Sovereignty. 

Blended with Colorful Passion. 

Filled with Heart Consciousness. 

Living Beauty.

Featuring The New Expressions of Divine Humans:

The Creators. 
The Innovators. 

The Artists and Curators. 

The Adventurers. 

The Musicians.

The Shakespearean Poets and Players. 

The Alchemists.

Share In The Inspiration.

Expand The Imagination.

InVision A New Creation.

Be the Voice of Daring.

As the I AM Presence.

Welcome to Freedom of the Goddess 2016!
I AM ~ The Divine Human

Margo Renay Sullivan

Freedom of the Goddess in 2016! 
It is the advent of using those Soul Driven Virtues 
often envisioned as the Goddess Energy. 
It is commenced with honoring the feminine facets of our Being. 
The expression of Imagination and Inspiration 
ignited by the Artist is the key to the Doorways of the Goddess! 
Enter the Safe and Sacred Space of Creation.
Expanded domains are accessed through this balance! 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The True Nature of a Love Command ~ Jeshua and the Camel'

'The True Nature of a Love Command ~ 
Jeshua and the Camel'
Jeshua ben joseph via Judith Coates.

Preface by Margo Renay ~ 

I have always loved this story and its very Essence and its Core meanings. Those you know as masters and experienced travelers through the stars are often placed on large pedestals and known only for their wisdom and magic. Yet how did they arrive at that wisdom and honoring? 

They began to realize that each and every one of those experiences became the library of wisdom. And they understand that which we know as our consciousness loves all kinds of diversity. The more diversity of experiences, the greater the revered status or elder. 

Why are they any different than you or I? 

In truth, they are not. The truth is that they all had experiences in this world and other worlds of the stars that allowed leaps of growth and unknown outcomes through the experiences. None of them appeared one day in human form and were sudden masters.When we are embodied in human form, it is the acceptance of our creations and the allowing of new answers and truths that creates the vast library of our Soul. 

It allows the knowing and understanding by our experience of so many different roles and in fact all forms, that the truth comes forward...the truth that all is ONE or ATONE... yet choice and preference expands the ONE.

Listen to Jeshua tell this simple yet powerful story about relationships with his he adventured to India for studies {where the love of a woman began}. It is quite relevant today as we shift all kinds of relationships including with the Earth, with the animal kingdom, and with other humans. It creates frustrations just as Jeshua learned as we learn to  communicate beyond the stubborn human need to dominate and control. We allow our personal 'camels' to show us...and what a gift from the camel. And the heart knows...with love, always. 

Midnight Camel by Angela Sullivan

An Excerpt transmitted by Jeshua ben joseph 
via Judith Coates
known as his Essene Rabbi and Mentor.

'So at the age of sixteen I joined a caravan going to what is now called India to study with masters there. This was where I had my first learning of a camel and my first true understanding of the communication of Oneness, because that camel would not allow me to ride, would not bend down for me to get onto him. I was tall of stature. I was six feet tall, perhaps a bit more than that, and robust; not quite as robust as my cousin John, but I had a good physique.

But this camel would not allow me to ride upon him. He would not come down. I tugged; no answer; he would not come down. I tried pushing from the rear. That does not work; you do not need to try that. I tried pleading, cajoling. I tried talking to the other camel masters in the caravan, “How do I get this camel to come down so that I can get up on it?” I even asked if they had a ladder to climb up there. If he was not going to come down for me, then maybe I had to climb up. And they laughed at me, of course.

I found that the answer was in Oneness of communication. When I was able to communicate on an equal basis where I was not commanding him—as he felt I was—to come down for me, when I explained that I would very much like to ride sitting on top of him and there were places we needed to go together, we could do this as One—no longer commanding, no longer demanding—then the camel said, “Oh, so that’s what you want. Oh, okay,” and down he came so I could get on his back.

We had a very good relationship after that, after I came down off of my high attitude and could meet him and see what a master the camel was and is. All of your animals are that way. You reach the point where you have Oneness of communication, and things work much better at that place'.