Thursday, April 28, 2016

Welcome to Freedom of the Goddess in 2016! ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

Welcome to Freedom of the Goddess in 2016!
33 Goddess Lane ~
A Safe and Sacred Space for Creation
Margo Renay Sullivan ~ Curator.

A Safe and Sacred Space. 

Spinning. Evolving. 

Fields of Golden Potentials.

Balanced in Sovereignty. 

Blended with Colorful Passion. 

Filled with Heart Consciousness. 

Living Beauty.

Featuring The New Expressions of Divine Humans:

The Creators. 
The Innovators. 

The Artists and Curators. 

The Adventurers. 

The Musicians.

The Shakespearean Poets and Players. 

The Alchemists.

Share In The Inspiration.

Expand The Imagination.

InVision A New Creation.

Be the Voice of Daring.

As the I AM Presence.

Welcome to Freedom of the Goddess 2016!
I AM ~ The Divine Human

Margo Renay Sullivan

Freedom of the Goddess in 2016! 
It is the advent of using those Soul Driven Virtues 
often envisioned as the Goddess Energy. 
It is commenced with honoring the feminine facets of our Being. 
The expression of Imagination and Inspiration 
ignited by the Artist is the key to the Doorways of the Goddess! 
Enter the Safe and Sacred Space of Creation.
Expanded domains are accessed through this balance! 

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