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Margo Renay Sullivan

I am an adventurous and entrepreneurial soul sparked by vanguard content and collaborative presentations. I have acquired a storyteller’s fertile landscape and a compassionate sense of humor through live national media production and event marketing roles in professional sports {NBA}, entertainment, and the arts.

What does this entail? I have marketed five guys running up and down the court in their underwear…turned an empty Hollywood parking lot into a replica film set for a 1,000 intimate friends in just seven days…and searched rural Utah for rare African wooden fertility statues dumped in the corner “junk store”.

Yes, my professional life tapestry also includes so-called traditional experiences in live broadcast media production and emerging technologies, corporate communications, business development, arts and attraction marketing, program sponsorship, special event management (50-20,000 attendance), volunteer/intern training and mentoring leadership.

Yet today, my passionate interest is simply to create avant-garde programs that serve a new model formed through new creative mediums and community stakeholders—programs that attract the Voice of Daring from our future Innovators—Artists—and Adventurers.

Life Locations:

Denver, CO USA 
Los Angeles, CA USA 
New York, NY USA 
Northern NJ, NJ USA 
San Francisco, CA USA 
Temporary visits to 41 states of USA; 
Puerto Rico; Canada; Mexico; Northern Europe}

My Joyful Interests:

art and music
film and photography
digital technology
nature and flowers
sensual expressions
fashion and design
water skiing, snow skiing
walking, swimming, bicycling
poetry and writing

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Margo Renay Sullivan


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