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33 Goddess Lane
A Safe and Sacred Space of Creation

♥Master Curator:
Margo Renay Sullivan
For the Love of Creation™
Creative Consulting Services

Basic Services:

I. Life Designs Mentoring Services:
♥ Mentor ~ Facilitator ~ Energy Conduit 
♥ Sovereignty Consciousness Coach 
♥ Male/Female Energy Balancing 
♥ Inspiring The Inner Intuition ~ Quantum Feelings 
♥ Inspiring The Inner Voice ~ The Inner Artist. 

II. Creativity Management Services:
♥ Creative Coach  Visual Designer Multimedia Creative Producer
♥ Workshop-Event Producer ♥ Content and Program Management
♥ New Energy Marketing ♥ Social Media Designer
Media Collaborations ♥ Writing and Visual Design Services 

Basic Rates:

Hourly Rate ~ 77.
Initial Consultations {range}: 155 ~ 333.
Basic Mentoring Package {range}: 500 ~ 888.
Productions. Projects. Designs:  starting at 2400. +

All Rates in US Dollars.
All Rates are subject to negotiation and can be packaged for each client.

Contact and Proposal Inquires:

Margo Renay Sullivan

Licensing Notes:

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