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Margo Renay Sullivan
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Clairvoyant Mentoring Services

What is My Specialty? 

I am a facilitator and mentor of New Energy potentials; Self Love and Self Empowerment, Male/Female Aspect Balances, and Confidence in your True Voice. I suggest tools in a Safe and Sacred Space to tap into your own creativity and allowing your consciousness to open up to the flow of your natural and powerful energies. 

I simply facilitate and clarify your own energy messages from your Consciousness. I tend to work with very subtle energies and inspirations and yes, I have and do interface with the so called Masters...yet I insist that there is a Master present in You. 

It is practicing here and now 'how to hear your own Voice'Often times, your body is trying to speak to you about boundaries and empowerment and learning how to hear your own Voice and moving beyond your energetic or cellular memories is vital in these fast moving shifts now Present on Earth. 

It can be the most challenging and yet its the easiest thing to love ourselves and see the beauty in our Choices and Experiences.

Here are some of the Key Elements to Open New Potentials:
Self Empowerment. 
Boundaries and Choices. 
Conscious Feelings. 
Letting Go of Your Story.
Self Clarity. 
Self Compassion. 
Knowing your Own Heart Signature.
Trust and Allowing.

 Life Designs Mentoring Services:
♥ Mentor ~ Facilitator ~ Energy Conduit 
♥ Sovereignty Consciousness Coach 
♥ Male/Female Energy Balancing 
♥ Inspiring The Inner Intuition ~ Quantum Feelings 
♥ Inspiring The Inner Voice ~ The Inner Artist. 

Themed Presentations ~ Productions {Group}:
   ♥ Be A Creative Confidant Series 
♥ Fresh Eyes Creator Series
 Take Ownership of Your Creative Journey ~ 
22 Points of Sovereignty

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