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Margo Renay Sullivan
For the Love of Creation™
Creative Consulting Services

Creative Project Management Services

Margo Renay Sullivan is available for Creative Projects that endeavor to express a subtle yet stunning level of creative direction and inspiration. 

With over 35 years of experiences in public communications, media arts, technology, and event design/production, She allows the natural Creativity to voice itself with confidence and charisma.  She has served as facilitator for a diversity of clients and public venues and retains an eye for design content coupled with creative potentials. 

One of her honed talents is a natural ability to attract the appropriate team and elements together for the greatest harmony and effective use of energy on behalf of the client. This creates a joyful yet effective experience on each project.

II. Creativity Management Services:
♥ Creative Coach 
 Visual Designer 
♥ Multimedia Creative Producer
♥ Workshop-Event Producer 
♥ Content and Program Management
♥ New Energy Marketing 
♥ Social Media Designer
♥ Media Collaborations 
♥ Writing and Visual Design Services 


Doru said...

Great artwork on this site!

Margo Renay Sullivan said...

Thank YOU Doru. Merci beaucoup!

It is both an act of passion and also inspirations that move from my center. It is evolving at the moment and so this site may experience a natural LOVE UPGRADE in its content and expression. I AM.

I honor you.