Creative Confidant Journal

33 Goddess Lane
A Safe and Sacred Space of Creation

~ by Margo Renay Sullivan~
Heart Inspired Expressions
of The Divine Presence.

Welcome to this Inner Safe and Sacred Space.
Spinning. Evolving.
Fields of Golden Potentials.
Balanced in Passion For Life.
Share in the Inspirations.
Be the New Energy Artists and Curators.

~ ♥♥♥ ~

 The Creative Confidant Journal

The Cells of Change
© Margo Renay Sullivan 2008

Potentials Do Change...
Limitations Disolve 
To Meet The Sharing Of Expressions
With Integrity.

Those Indigos and God~Goddesses
That are Truly Moving Mountains...
Are patient With Their Soul's
Guidance and Integration.

To Become the Golden 'Cells' of Change~
In Accordance With The Natural Inner Process.
For Love can Never Be Held or contained.
Simply Expressed and Experienced.

Je Suis Qui Je Suis. Je Susi Amour. Et Ainsi Etes Vous.

True Creational Art ~ With Your Presence 
© Margo Renay Sullivan 2008

The Sacred Heart of Creation ~
Expressing in Balance and Sovereignty.
'The Life Force Balance'
of the Masculine and Feminine Energy Within.

In progress of Integration.
Shifting from Love of Power to Love of Empowerment.
Compressing Inspirations into Manifestations.

Je suis.
Margo Renay Sullivan ~ MargoSullivan™ 

Our Visual and Sensual Literacy Lesson
as Divine Presence
The Return of The Divine Feminine
©Margo Renay Sullivan 2008

Feminine Energies of Creativity…
Birth of an Idea…and Heartfelt Cooperation
expressed in nature and the arts,
are not ‘gender’ based—They are Energy Based.

Each Being has the potential and the actual Energy
of the Feminine and the Masculine
working in Complete and Sovereign alignment
at the highest levels.

Thus, striving to practice these energies
in a Quantum Field where they are
in flow yet fluid by design…
changing and moving and adjusting
without conflict or resistance…
it is the new Visual and Sensual Literacy Lesson.

It is the truth behind the Miracle
of Being in Love
with Creative Presence…
So Simply Love.

Margo Renay Sullivan ~ MargoSullivan™ 

The Master of Love as Mentoring
©Margo Renay Sullivan 2008
Shower the People You Love
With Love.
And that Includes YOU.
All of YOU.

For The Greatest of Masters
Are The Ones that Do Not Tell You
How To Do Something.
They Show You ~
by Being.
They Show Great Patience ~
by Listening.
They Share ~
by Experiencing.
They Choose Potentials~
by Expanding.

With Immense Love...

Honor and Grand Smiles... 

Keep Showering Love and Breath for the Choices!

Je Suis qui Je Suis. 
Je Suis Amour. Et Ainsi Êtes Vous. 
via Margo Renay Sullivan.

Why the White Peacock?
©Margo Renay Sullivan 2009

The White Peacock serves as a symbol
or mode of The 'Holographic White Balancing'
of its Wide Spectrum of Colorful Expressions
and Experiences on Earth.

White and Black in the Color Pallet
have contained all Colours and Rays
as chosen and can contain and reflect them.

The Greater Truth of My Choice
lies within the Vast Experienced Spectrum
of all Consciousness Colours
and its many 'Pearls of Wisdom'...
often called the 'Wise Owl Eyes'.
Enfolded and NOW consciously
unfolding within...
eternally in love with Life.

The Inner Christ-aligned Diamond Spins {crystalline diamonds}
Within All Potentials.

I am Margo Renay Sullivan. MargoSullivan™

If They Could Love
© Margo Renay (Sullivan) February 1998

If they could sip
one ounce from the cup of passion
from which we drink
it would quench their thirst
for understanding love.

If they could view
one moment of the vibrant rainbow
from which we radiate
it would satisfy their longing
for understanding beauty.

If they could wear
one piece of the unique cloth
from the collection of our merged souls
it would tender their desire
for simulating patterns.

If they could savor
one spark of the intense energy
from the power of our blended flesh
it would inflame their hunger

for generous sensuality.
If they could capture
one drop of the flowing pools
to which we have returned to flourish
it would soothe the aches and settle the restlessness
of past and future.

If they could…as we have.
The unseen promise is…
We will.

Original by Margo Renay Sullivan.

Fresh Eyes
© Margo Renay Sullivan 2009

'It Takes Far More Energy

To Maintain A Mask

Of Righteous Knowing

Than a Joyful Expression of Wisdom

and a Masterful Creator's Fresh Eyes.'

A Little Inspiration
© Margo Renay Sullivan, 1994 

your enthusiasm moves me
to a world with millions of words… 
serious words, emotional words, descriptive words,
fun words, other people’s words, words to laugh or cry over.

your stories move me to a world filled with color…

exciting color, blinding color, raging color,

changing color, soothing color, refreshing color,

protective color, peaceful color.

your presence moves me
to a world all should wish for…
wishes for tenderness, wishes for passion,
wishes for laughter, wishes for sensual expression,
wishes for spiritual guidance, wishes for the future.

your love provides me with a world of inspiration…
and a new world to share.

originated July 1994 by Margo Renay (copyrighted)

Bella's ISIS Choice
©Margo Renay Sullivan 2009

The Wisdom
Behind Bella Isis' Trauma
Is the conscious choice to release the drama.
Now silenced into the dark void.

Patiently waiting.
While the outer drama imbues.
The balanced I AM Presence
has quietly and gently filled the void.
With real peace.

And 'BELLA' now sings...


For Love Is Her Command
©Margo Renay Sullivan, 2007 
April 11, 2007

In celebration of the birth of my beaute' Niece 
Shaela Ruth Sullivan. 
The new Goddess From the Heart of Love.
With no expectation....except love.

The Beauty of Shaela
Moving into the world
A bubble of joy and wisdom
fills her eyes…
awake to her simplicity.

She contains the Command of Love
Filling her parents’ hearts
with the wonder of life…
awake to her miracle.

The magnificent Breath of Potentials
She speaks to all
Without words…
awake to her presence.

For Love is her Command
And life is now her pallet
For new creations…
Awake to her heartbeat of peace.

Heart Consciousness in Action:

THANK YOU my Beautiful Brother And Sister 
for Birthing Shaela and Her Multi-Dimensional
Pallet of Conscious JOY ~ 
A Dancer, 
A Swimmer, 
A Soccer Player,
A Gymnast, 
A Su Chef, 
A Left Handed Artiste...
All by the Age of Three. 

She has announced to Family now.
"I AM a big big girl..."  and she IS. 
From the Starlight Multiverses.

The Child's Heart Within
A ♥Heart Consciousness Note To My Presence
©Margo Renay Sullivan, 2009

The Child's heart within looks up
For its Mastery From Heaven
And copies another.

The Innocent Heart knows.
It is Love and Loved Unconditionally.
It Creates Heaven's Loving Expression
Just by its Fresh Eyes of Inspiration.
Expressed. Expanded.

New Bubbles of Creation
©Margo Renay Sullivan, 2008

There is always Light Energy surrounding You...
No matter where You are.

So allow the Abundance.

Shift with the new Bubbles of Creation. 

They are YOU.


Infinite Eyes of The Dove
©Margo Renay Sullivan, 2010

Passionate Expressions...

Artistic Impressions.

Eternal Flights...

Inner Lights. 

Loving Shadow Dances...
Practical Romances. 

God/Goddess is Creatively Active as 
Light ~ Colour ~ Sound ~ Harmonics ~ Fluidity. 

Frequencial. Sequential.


Always in motion. 
Even when stilled...
At the beaute' of Life. ~♥~

The Freedom Of Quantum Creations
©Margo Renay Sullivan, 2009

One Pink Rose.

One Inner Delight
One Quantum Stage

Of New Energy Consciousness.

Multiple Divine Journeys Now Experienced as One
The Law of Unity and One Passionate Flow...

From the Fountains of The High Heart...

The Divine Human Angels set their Creations


'The Time Travelers'
Outside of Time/Space Continuum
©Margo Renay Sullivan, 2009

With honor. Wtih respect.

With smiles and laughter in our Hearts.

Listen for the Peaceful Music of the Heart
And Leap into Life...all of it.

It is all love energies in Rainbow Vibrations.

Just Choose it to be.

And So Are You.

Je Suis Qui Je Suis
Je Suis Amour.
Et Ainsi Êtes Vous.