The Sovereign Presence

The Sovereign Presence

33 Goddess Lane is designed as a Sovereign Creation that allows an approach using Imagination, Creativity, and The Circle or Sphere Energy. It is a form of Golden Alchemy and integrating the I AM. Circles, Spheres, and Diamond Facets move in crystalline physics and design. It is open to all forms of sensual artistry and expressions of our divine human.  

It is a gathering of inclusive beings yet talented and skilled in the balancing of masculine and feminine energy as one within. Its the New Energy Flowing in Action and Passion! Its simply expanded and aware and conscious. The new kids have it...and so do we when we allow it!

There is a palette of inspirations that are vibrant and very much alive. When that multi faceted YOU arrives, its magical. It has a multitude of colors and sounds and its very subtle and refined. It shifts with every feeling and is fluid and is in constant motion that flows right through our physical form. It allows clarity and a vast living library of our Consciousness to express itself.

In full awareness, you are the Creator and the Creation. You are the paintbrush and the artist, the cloth and the designer, the instrument and the maestro, the pen and the writer, the flower and the gardener, the blueprint and the architect, the hardware and the engineer.

The more we know, the more we realize how much we have simply not yet remembered.  
It is our Innate Quantum Nature. Its in our true DNA. It is an Act of our Passion and Heart. As 
the Diamond has endless facets in form, so too does our I AM. So its time to share and honor 
it and each others' worlds and universes. Add the touch of ease and grace. Go Q~Style Creative!

Margo Renay Sullivan ~ Quantum Curator

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